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Christian Faith Perspectives in Leadership and Business

Christian Faith Perspectives in Leadership and Business
15 Volumes | 2018 - 2020


This book series is designed to integrate Christian faith-based perspectives into the field of leadership and business, widening its influence by taking a deeper look at its foundational roots. It is led by a team of experts from Regent University, recognized by the Coalition of Christian Colleges and Universities as the leader in servant leadership research and the first Christian University to integrate innovation, design thinking, and entrepreneurship courses in its Masters and Doctoral programs. Stemming from Regent’s hallmark values of innovation and Christian faith-based perspectives, the series aims to put forth top-notch scholarship from current faculty, students, and alumni of Regent's School of Business & Leadership, allowing for both scholarly and practical aspects to be addressed while providing robust content and relevant material to readers. Each volume in the series will contribute to filling the void of a scholarly Christian-faith perspective on key aspects of organizational leadership and business such as Business and Innovation, Biblical Perspectives in Business and Leadership, and Servant Leadership. The series takes a unique approach to such broad-based and well-trodden disciplines as leadership, business, innovation, and entrepreneurship, positioning itself as a much-needed resource for students, academics, and leaders rooted in Christian-faith traditions.

All books of the series Christian Faith Perspectives in Leadership and Business

2020 | Book

Leadership Growth Through Crisis

An Investigation of Leader Development During Tumultuous Circumstances

This edited collection uses a biblical lens to explore how to lead effectively and grow in a crisis situation. The chapters examine topics such as communicating through crisis, developing organizations and leaders through crisis, personal crisis …

2020 | Book

Modern Metaphors of Christian Leadership

Exploring Christian Leadership in a Contemporary Organizational Context

This book explores contemporary metaphors of leadership from a biblical or church historical perspective. It seeks to understand the cultural, social, and organizational metaphors from the Bible and the implications for contemporary organizations.

2020 | Book

Biblical Principles for Resilience in Leadership

Theory and Cases

Through sound exegetical methodologies and the current research on organizational leadership, this book uses biblical examples to explore the realities of leadership fatigue. Addressing topics such as stress, crisis, and pressures in leadership …

2020 | Book

Biblical Principles of Crisis Leadership

The Role of Spirituality in Organizational Response

This book explores how spirituality can improve an organization’s ability to respond to a crisis. It presents biblical examples of leading during a crisis to show how faith can be relied upon to lead during crisis situations. Further, it presents …

2020 | Book

Organizational Metaphors

Faith as Key to Functional Organizations

This edited volume expands on Morgan's organizational metaphors through the lens of faith to illuminate organizational function. Part I uses metaphor to illustrate dysfunctional organizations, including the impact of dysfunction upon …

2020 | Book

Leadership Philosophy in the Fiction of C.S. Lewis

This book aims to develop a philosophy of leadership from the fiction of C.S. Lewis. Using such works as The Chronicles of Narnia, The Cosmic Trilogy, and Till We Have Faces, the author focuses on the benefits of fiction for leadership philosophy …

2020 | Book

True Leadership

Leadership Styles and the Kenotic Relationship

This edited collection addresses several forms of moral leadership within the context of kenosis, bringing together both secular and biblical perspectives on the role of morality and self-sacrifice in effective leadership theory and practice. The …

2019 | Book

Biblical Leadership Development

Principles for Developing Organizational Leaders at Every Level

This book examines the principles and procedures implemented by Moses for developing leaders. Using Exodus 18 as the basis, the author explores how leadership skills are best developed in small group settings. The author then delves into …

2019 | Book

Biblical Principles of Being an Employee in Contemporary Organizations

This book focuses on how employees should work and follow in contemporary organizations. It begins with the call from Col 3:22-24 for employees to treat work as worship to God and to conduct their work to the best of their ability (Prov 22:29). It …

2018 | Book

Biblical Principles of Hiring and Developing Employees

This book begins with the scriptural support for person-organization fit and person-job fit. The book then examines scriptural support for the four-Cs of people’s work-fit: Calling, Competence, Confidence, and Character. Finally, the book uses …

2018 | Book

Evaluating Employee Performance through Christian Virtues

In this book the authors create a statistically validated scale measuring the display of each of the nine fruit of the spirit in employees. The authors will discuss how biblical values are applicable to contemporary organizational leadership and …

2018 | Book

Biblical Theology for Ethical Leadership

Leaders from Beginning to End

This book argues that ethical leadership without a theological foundation is lacking a firm foundation. It begins with a critical assessment of ethical leadership as a leadership theory, showing how ethics and theology became separated, creating …

2018 | Book

Bold Followership

A Biblical Cure for Organizational Toxicity

This book uses biblical writings to examine how to build wise and moral boardroom boldness to mitigate executive ethical mishaps. The author uses the story of King David to explore the possible perplexities followers experience when their leaders …

2018 | Book

Biblical Principles of Leading and Managing Employees

This book examines the scriptural concepts that apply to leading and managing people. It begins with a chapter that contrasts leaders, managers, and administrators and the roles they each play. The book then presents the seven virtues from the …

2018 | Book

Biblical Servant Leadership

An Exploration of Leadership for the Contemporary Context

This book explores the concepts from Scripture for Servant leadership and compare these findings with contemporary models of servant leadership. It is an examination of Christian leadership for the contemporary world in its global and increasing …