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Cluster Computing

Cluster Computing 2/2016

Issue 2/2016

Special Issue: The big data research and development in Cluster Computing; Big Data in Cloud, Collaborative and Human-Centered Computing; Advances in High Performance Computing and its Applications; ICCAC 2015; Convergence Systems for Human Computing

Table of Contents ( 33 Articles )

01-06-2016 | Issue 2/2016

Kani: a QoS-aware hypervisor-level scheduler for cloud computing environments

Esmail Asyabi, Azadeh Azhdari, Mostafa Dehsangi, Michel Gokan Khan, Mohsen Sharifi, Sayed Vahid Azhari

01-06-2016 | Issue 2/2016

PGTrust: a decentralized free-riding prevention model for DG systems

Heithem Abbes, Thouraya Louati

01-06-2016 | Issue 2/2016

Operational cost-aware resource provisioning for continuous write applications in cloud-of-clouds

Zeng Zeng, Tram Truong-Huu, Bharadwaj Veeravalli, Chen-Khong Tham

01-06-2016 | Issue 2/2016

Power-aware Bag-of-Tasks scheduling on heterogeneous platforms

George Terzopoulos, Helen D. Karatza

01-06-2016 | Issue 2/2016

A simple and efficient approach for reducing TCP timeouts due to lack of duplicate acknowledgments in data center networks

Prasanthi Sreekumari, Jae-il Jung, Meejeong Lee

01-06-2016 | Issue 2/2016

A limited-trust capacity model for mitigating threats of internal malicious services in cloud computing

Yichuan Wang, Santosh Chandrasekhar, Mukesh Singhal, Jianfeng Ma

01-06-2016 | Issue 2/2016

LPC: A local power controller using the frequency scheduling approach for virtualized servers

Fawaz AL-Hazemi, Dong-Ki Kang, Seong-Hwan Kim, Yuyang Peng, S. H. Shah Newaz, Chan-Hyun Youn

01-06-2016 | Issue 2/2016

Energy aware scheduling of deadline-constrained tasks in cloud computing

Tarandeep Kaur, Inderveer Chana

01-06-2016 | Issue 2/2016

RETRACTED ARTICLE: The model for improving big data sub-image retrieval performance using scalable vocabulary tree based on predictive clustering

Quan-Dong Feng, Miao Xu, Xin Zhang

01-06-2016 | Issue 2/2016

A replicas placement approach of component services for service-based cloud application

Jiaxuan Wu, Bin Zhang, Lei Yang, Peng Wang, Changsheng Zhang

01-06-2016 | Issue 2/2016

Big forensic data reduction: digital forensic images and electronic evidence

Darren Quick, Kim-Kwang Raymond Choo

01-06-2016 | Issue 2/2016

Ultra-short-term wind speed prediction based on multi-scale predictability analysis

Jie Wan, Guorui Ren, Jinfu Liu, Qinghua Hu, Daren Yu

01-06-2016 | Issue 2/2016

Research on spatial and temporal characteristics of drought based on GIS using Remote Sensing Big Data

Xinhui Xu, Fei Xie, Xingyu Zhou

01-06-2016 | Issue 2/2016

Two game-based solution concepts for a two-agent scheduling problem

Bing Zhao, Yanhong Gu, Yuan Ruan, Quanle Chen

01-06-2016 | Issue 2/2016

Research on a cluster system for binary data frames of wireless sensor network

Jie Zheng

01-06-2016 | Issue 2/2016

Link the remote sensing big data to the image features via wavelet transformation

Lizhe Wang, Weijing Song, Peng Liu

01-06-2016 | Issue 2/2016

Secure outsourcing of modular exponentiations in cloud and cluster computing

Jun Ye, Zheng Xu, Yong Ding

01-06-2016 | Issue 2/2016

CogTime_RMF: regularized matrix factorization with drifting cognition degree for collaborative filtering

JieMin Chen, Feiyi Tang, Jing Xiao, JianGuo Li, Jing He, Yong Tang

01-06-2016 | Issue 2/2016

A fast approach to identify trending articles in hot topics from XML based big bibliographic datasets

K. P. Swaraj, D. Manjula

01-06-2016 | Issue 2/2016

Scheduling data analytics work with performance guarantees: queuing and machine learning models in synergy

Ji Xue, Feng Yan, Alma Riska, Evgenia Smirni

01-06-2016 | Issue 2/2016

Towards operator-less data centers through data-driven, predictive, proactive autonomics

Alina Sîrbu, Ozalp Babaoglu

01-06-2016 | Issue 2/2016

Idempotent distributed counters using a forgetful bloom filter

Rajath Subramanyam, Indranil Gupta, Luke M. Leslie, Wenting Wang

01-06-2016 | Issue 2/2016 Open Access

OptiSpot: minimizing application deployment cost using spot cloud resources

Daniel J. Dubois, Giuliano Casale

01-06-2016 | Issue 2/2016

The integrated management method of heterogeneous WIPS sensors

Hyun Mi Jung, Yong Hwan Jung, Jang Won Choi

01-06-2016 | Issue 2/2016

An evaluation-committee recommendation system for national R&D projects using social network analysis

Hanjo Jeong, Yong-Ki Kim, Jaesoo Kim

01-06-2016 | Issue 2/2016

Evaluation of image reconstruction according to changing physical parameter

Min-Cheol Jeon, Man-Seok Han, Jae-Uk Jang, Yong-Kyun Kim, Sun-Youl Seo, Gab-Jung Kim, Chang-Gyu Kim

01-06-2016 | Issue 2/2016

Photo quality enhancement by relocating subjects

Kyuman Jeong, Han-Jin Cho

01-06-2016 | Issue 2/2016

Implementation of smartphone-based color temperature and wavelength control LED lighting system

Seung-Mi Moon, Sook-Youn Kwon, Jae-Hyun Lim

01-06-2016 | Issue 2/2016

Life style improvement mobile service for high risk chronic disease based on PHR platform

Hoill Jung, Kyungyong Chung

01-06-2016 | Issue 2/2016

A method of unsupervised machine learning based on self-organizing map for BCI

Jung-Soo Han, Gui-Jung Kim

01-06-2016 | Issue 2/2016

Teachers’ views on the use of robots and cloud services in education for sustainable development

Ill-Woo Park, Jeonghye Han

01-06-2016 | Issue 2/2016

Cloud computing for ubiquitous computing on M2M and IoT environment mobile application

DongBum Seo, You-Boo Jeon, Song-Hee Lee, Keun-Ho Lee

01-06-2016 | Erratum | Issue 2/2016

Erratum to: Factors affecting the continuous use of cloud service: focused on security risks

Seong-Taek Park, Eun-Mi Park, Joung-Hae Seo, Guozhong Li

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