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Cognitive Computation

Cognitive Computation 4/2012

Issue 4/2012

Cognitive and Emotional Information Processing

Table of Contents ( 14 Articles )

01-12-2012 | Issue 4/2012

Cognitive and Emotional Information Processing for Human–Machine Interaction

Stefano Squartini, Björn Schuller, Amir Hussain

01-12-2012 | Issue 4/2012

Real-Time Activity Detection in a Multi-Talker Reverberated Environment

Emanuele Principi, Rudy Rotili, Martin Wöllmer, Florian Eyben, Stefano Squartini, Björn Schuller

01-12-2012 | Issue 4/2012

Speaker-Characterized Emotion Recognition using Online and Iterative Speaker Adaptation

Jae-Bok Kim, Jeong-Sik Park, Yung-Hwan Oh

01-12-2012 | Issue 4/2012

Supervised Learning and Codebook Optimization for Bag-of-Words Models

Mingyuan Jiu, Christian Wolf, Christophe Garcia, Atilla Baskurt

01-12-2012 | Issue 4/2012

Sentence-Level Emotion and Valence Tagging

Dipankar Das, Sivaji Bandyopadhyay

01-12-2012 | Issue 4/2012

Affect Sensing Using Linguistic, Semantic and Cognitive Cues in Multi-threaded Improvisational Dialogue

Li Zhang, John Barnden

01-12-2012 | Issue 4/2012

Blame the Opponent! Effects of Multimodal Discrediting Moves in Public Debates

Francesca D’Errico, Isabella Poggi

01-12-2012 | Issue 4/2012

Sentic Album: Content-, Concept-, and Context-Based Online Personal Photo Management System

Erik Cambria, Amir Hussain

01-12-2012 | Issue 4/2012

A Collaborative Video Annotation System Based on Semantic Web Technologies

Marco Grassi, Christian Morbidoni, Michele Nucci

01-12-2012 | Issue 4/2012

Optimal Path Computation for Autonomous Aerial Vehicles

R. Samar, W. A. Kamal

01-12-2012 | Issue 4/2012

Multi-Robot Exploration in Wireless Environments

Anshika Pal, Ritu Tiwari, Anupam Shukla

01-12-2012 | Issue 4/2012

Fault Self-repairing Flight Control of a Small Helicopter via Fuzzy Feedforward and Quantum Control Techniques

Fuyang Chen, Bin Jiang, Gang Tao

01-12-2012 | Issue 4/2012

Physiological LQR Design for Postural Control Coordination of Sit-to-Stand Movement

Asif Mahmood Mughal, Kamran Iqbal

01-12-2012 | Issue 4/2012

Comments on Aur’s “From Neuroelectrodynamics to Thinking Machines”

Jaime Gomez-Ramirez

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