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Cognitive Computation

Cognitive Computation 5/2019

Issue 5/2019

Table of Contents ( 12 Articles )

17-07-2019 | Issue 5/2019

Research Progress on Semi-Supervised Clustering

Yue Qin, Shifei Ding, Lijuan Wang, Yanru Wang

17-07-2019 | Issue 5/2019

Bidirectional Cognitive Computing Model for Uncertain Concepts

Changlin Xu, Guoyin Wang

23-07-2019 | Issue 5/2019

Multi-target Interactive Neural Network for Automated Segmentation of the Hippocampus in Magnetic Resonance Imaging

Beibei Hou, Guixia Kang, Ningbo Zhang, Kui Liu

13-06-2019 | Issue 5/2019

Improving the Recall Performance of a Brain Mimetic Microcircuit Model

Vassilis Cutsuridis

16-07-2019 | Issue 5/2019

Cognitive Insights into Sentic Spaces Using Principal Paths

Edoardo Ragusa, Paolo Gastaldo, Rodolfo Zunino, Marco Jacopo Ferrarotti, Walter Rocchia, Sergio Decherchi

24-07-2019 | Issue 5/2019 Open Access

Biological Neuron Coding Inspired Binary Word Embeddings

Yuwei Wang, Yi Zeng, Jianbo Tang, Bo Xu

07-06-2019 | Issue 5/2019

Diversity-Based Random Forests with Sample Weight Learning

Chun Yang, Xu-Cheng Yin

10-06-2019 | Issue 5/2019

Joint Sparse Regularization for Dictionary Learning

Jianyu Miao, Heling Cao, Xiao-Bo Jin, Rongrong Ma, Xuan Fei, Lingfeng Niu

10-06-2019 | Issue 5/2019

Word Spotting in Background Music: a Behavioural Study

Letizia Marchegiani, Xenofon Fafoutis

18-07-2019 | Issue 5/2019

Rank-Based Gravitational Search Algorithm: a Novel Nature-Inspired Optimization Algorithm for Wireless Sensor Networks Clustering

Sepehr Ebrahimi Mood, Mohammad Masoud Javidi

03-06-2019 | Issue 5/2019

A Novel Decision-Making Method Based on Probabilistic Linguistic Information

Peide Liu, Ying Li

04-07-2019 | Issue 5/2019

Extensions of Intuitionistic Fuzzy Geometric Interaction Operators and Their Application to Cognitive Microcredit Origination

Lin Zhang, Yingdong He

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