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Stein Variational Gradient Descent with Multiple Kernels

Bayesian inference is an important research area in cognitive computation due to its ability to reason under uncertainty in machine learning. As a representative algorithm, Stein variational gradient descent (SVGD) and its variants have shown …

Open Access 23-11-2022

Spatiotemporal EEG Dynamics of Prospective Memory in Ageing and Mild Cognitive Impairment

Prospective memory (PM, the memory of future intentions) is one of the first complaints of those that develop dementia-related disease. Little is known about the neurophysiology of PM in ageing and those with mild cognitive impairment (MCI). By …


Emotion Analysis of COVID-19 Vaccines Based on a Fuzzy Convolutional Neural Network

COVID-19 created immense global challenges in 2020, and the world will live under its threat indefinitely. Much of the information on social media supported the government in addressing this major public health event. On January 9, to control the …


TEDT: Transformer-Based Encoding–Decoding Translation Network for Multimodal Sentiment Analysis

Multimodal sentiment analysis is a popular and challenging research topic in natural language processing, but the impact of individual modal data in videos on sentiment analysis results can be different. In the temporal dimension, natural language …


A Deep Learning Approach for Robust, Multi-oriented, and Curved Text Detection

Automatic text localization and segmentation in a normal environment with vertical or curved texts are core elements of numerous tasks comprising the identification of vehicles and self-driving cars, and preparing significant information from real …

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