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Cognitive Neurodynamics 1/2022
Cognitive Neurodynamics

Issue 1/2022


Table of Contents (15 Articles)

Open Access 25-07-2021 | Review Paper

An introduction to thermodynamic integration and application to dynamic causal models
Eduardo A. Aponte, Yu Yao, Sudhir Raman, Stefan Frässle, Jakob Heinzle, Will D. Penny, Klaas E. Stephan

14-06-2021 | Research Article

A survey of brain network analysis by electroencephalographic signals
Cuihua Luo, Fali Li, Peiyang Li, Chanlin Yi, Chunbo Li, Qin Tao, Xiabing Zhang, Yajing Si, Dezhong Yao, Gang Yin, Pengyun Song, Huazhang Wang, Peng Xu

16-07-2021 | Research Article

The time-locked neurodynamics of semantic processing in autism spectrum disorder: an EEG study
Azilee Curl, Emily L. Coderre

17-04-2021 | Research Article

Hybrid classification model for eye state detection using electroencephalogram signals
Shwet Ketu, Pramod Kumar Mishra

19-07-2021 | Research Article

Functional neuronal networks reveal emotional processing differences in children with ADHD
Sheida Ansari Nasab, Shirin Panahi, Farnaz Ghassemi, Sajad Jafari, Karthikeyan Rajagopal, Dibakar Ghosh, Matjaž Perc

04-08-2021 | Research Article

The interplay between respectfulness and lexical-semantic in reading Chinese: evidence from ERPs
Liyan Ji, Lin Cai

Open Access 30-07-2021 | Research Article

Non-additive activity modulation during a decision making task involving tactic selection
Wilhelm Braun, Yoshiya Matsuzaka, Hajime Mushiake, Georg Northoff, André Longtin

09-08-2021 | Research Article

A new biological central pattern generator model and its relationship with the motor units
Qiang Lu, Xiaoyan Wang, Juan Tian

10-08-2021 | Research Article

A computational examination of the two-streams hypothesis: which pathway needs a longer memory?
Abolfazl Alipour, John M. Beggs, Joshua W. Brown, Thomas W. James

16-08-2021 | Research Article

How glutamatergic synapse loss affects the firing rhythm of DG-CA3 model related with Alzheimer’s disease
Han Dong, XiaoLi Yang, ZhongKui Sun

18-08-2021 | Research Article

Astrocytic modulation on neuronal electric mode selection induced by magnetic field effect
Zhixuan Yuan, Peihua Feng, Yongchen Fan, Yangyang Yu, Ying Wu

21-07-2021 | Research Article

Finite-/fixed-time synchronization for Cohen–Grossberg neural networks with discontinuous or continuous activations via periodically switching control
Hao Pu, Fengjun Li

30-06-2021 | Research Article

Chimera states and cluster solutions in Hindmarsh-Rose neural networks with state resetting process
Yi Yang, Changcheng Xiang, Xiangguang Dai, Xianxiu Zhang, Liyuan Qi, Bingli Zhu, Tao Dong

26-07-2021 | Research Article

Long-term predictions of current confirmed and dead cases of COVID-19 in China by the non-autonomous delayed epidemic models
Lijun Pei, Mengyu Zhang

29-07-2021 | Research Article

Identifying COVID-19 by using spectral analysis of cough recordings: a distinctive classification study
Negin Melek Manshouri

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