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Cognitive Neurodynamics 2/2022
Cognitive Neurodynamics

Issue 2/2022


Table of Contents (18 Articles)

17-09-2021 | Research Article

Self, Me and I in the repertoire of spontaneously occurring altered states of Selfhood: eight neurophenomenological case study reports
Andrew A. Fingelkurts, Alexander A. Fingelkurts, Tarja Kallio-Tamminen

08-09-2021 | Research Article

Multimodal cortico-cortical associations induced by fear and sensory conditioning in the guinea pig
Gennosuke Tasaka, Yoshinori Ide, Minoru Tsukada, Takeshi Aihara

11-09-2021 | Research Article

Performance prediction in a visuo-motor task: the contribution of EEG analysis
Fabrizio Vecchio, Francesca Alù, Alessandro Orticoni, Francesca Miraglia, Elda Judica, Maria Cotelli, Paolo Maria Rossini

12-09-2021 | Research Article

Analysis of complexity and dynamic functional connectivity based on resting-state EEG in early Parkinson’s disease patients with mild cognitive impairment
Guosheng Yi, Liufang Wang, Chunguang Chu, Chen Liu, Xiaodong Zhu, Xiao Shen, Zhen Li, Fei Wang, Manyi Yang, Jiang Wang

13-09-2021 | Research Article

EEG-based brain functional connectivity representation using amplitude locking value for fatigue-driving recognition
Ronglin Zheng, Zhongmin Wang, Yan He, Jie Zhang

31-08-2021 | Research Article

Preparatory delta phase response is correlated with naturalistic speech comprehension performance
Jiawei Li, Bo Hong, Guido Nolte, Andreas K. Engel, Dan Zhang

16-09-2021 | Research Article

Dynamic causal modeling of evoked responses during emergency braking: an ERP study
Yasaman Sabahi, Seyed Kamaledin Setarehdan, Ali Motie Nasrabadi

17-09-2021 | Research Article

Categorizing objects from MEG signals using EEGNet
Ran Shi, Yanyu Zhao, Zhiyuan Cao, Chunyu Liu, Yi Kang, Jiacai Zhang

28-09-2021 | Research Article

A novel classification method for EEG-based motor imagery with narrow band spatial filters and deep convolutional neural network
Senwei Xu, Li Zhu, Wanzeng Kong, Yong Peng, Hua Hu, Jianting Cao

04-10-2021 | Research Article

Aberrant dynamic functional connectivity features within default mode network in patients with autism spectrum disorder: evidence from dynamical conditional correlation
Huibin Jia, Xiangci Wu, Enguo Wang

15-09-2021 | Research Article

Modeling plasticity during epileptogenesis by long short term memory neural networks
Marzieh Shahpari, Morteza Hajji, Javad Mirnajafi-Zadeh, Peyman Setoodeh

18-09-2021 | Research Article

A dynamics model of neuron-astrocyte network accounting for febrile seizures
Mengmeng Du, Jiajia Li, Wu Ying, Yuguo Yu

22-09-2021 | Research Article

On disturbance rejection control of the epileptiform spikes
Wei Wei, Zhiyuan Zhang, Nan Chen, Min Zuo, Tao Yu

22-09-2021 | Research Article

Machine learning model for predicting Major Depressive Disorder using RNA-Seq data: optimization of classification approach
Pragya Verma, Madhvi Shakya

24-08-2021 | Research Article

Dynamics of -piecewise pseudo almost periodic solutions of neutral-type inertial neural networks models: existence and attractiveness
Khalil Ezzinbi, Fritz Mbounja Béssémè

09-10-2021 | Research Article

The neural dynamics associated with lexicality effect in reading single Chinese words, pseudo-words and non-words
Fei Gao, Jianqin Wang, Chenggang Wu, Meng-yun Wang, Juan Zhang, Zhen Yuan

Open Access 15-09-2021 | Research Article

Cognition enhancing abilities of vitamin D, epalrestat and their combination in diabetic rats with and without scopolamine induced amnesia
Utkarsha D. Kulkarni, Meena Kumari Kamalkishore, Amberkar Mohanbabu Vittalrao, Praveen Kumar Siraganahalli Eshwaraiah

07-09-2021 | Brief Communication

Medial prefrontal cortex stimulation disrupts observational learning in Barnes maze in rats
Motoki Yamada, Yoshio Sakurai

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