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Cognitive Neurodynamics 3/2022
Cognitive Neurodynamics

Issue 3/2022


Table of Contents (16 Articles)

10-11-2021 | Research Article

Diurnal rhythm regulates the frequency of carbachol-induced beta oscillation via inhibitory neural system in rat hippocampus
Masaya Shigemoto, Hiroki Nakatsuka, Yoshitaka Ohtubo, Kiyohisa Natsume

02-11-2021 | Research Article

Estimating brain effective connectivity from EEG signals of patients with autism disorder and healthy individuals by reducing volume conduction effect
Fatemeh Salehi, Mehrad Jaloli, Robert Coben, Ali Motie Nasrabadi

02-12-2021 | Research Article

Sensorimotor rhythm neurofeedback training relieves anxiety in healthy people
Shuang Liu, Xinyu Hao, Xiaoya Liu, Yuchen He, Ludan Zhang, Xingwei An, Xizi Song, Dong Ming

26-10-2021 | Research Article

Innovative Poincare’s plot asymmetry descriptors for EEG emotion recognition
Atefeh Goshvarpour, Ateke Goshvarpour

12-11-2021 | Research Article

Investigation of electroencephalography variations of mental workload in the exposure of the psychoacoustic in both male and female groups
Marzieh Sadeghian, Zahra Mohammadi, Seyed Mahdi Mousavi

Open Access 02-11-2021 | Research Article

Can ambient odors influence the recognition of emotional words? A behavioral and event-related potentials study
Danyang Li, Xiaochun Wang

Open Access 07-11-2021 | Research Article

Activation-Inhibition dynamics of the oscillatory bursts of the human EEG during resting state. The macroscopic temporal range of few seconds
Carlos M. Gómez, Brenda Y. Angulo-Ruíz, Vanesa Muñoz, Elena I. Rodriguez-Martínez

05-11-2021 | Research Article

Assessing residual motor function in patients with disorders of consciousness by brain network properties of task-state EEG
Lipeng Zhang, Rui Zhang, Yongkun Guo, Dexiao Zhao, Shizheng Li, Mingming Chen, Li Shi, Dezhong Yao, Jinfeng Gao, Xinjun Wang, Yuxia Hu

16-10-2021 | Research Article

Continuous theta-burst stimulation modulates resting-state EEG microstates in healthy subjects
Shuang Qiu, Shengpei Wang, Weiwei Peng, Weibo Yi, Chuncheng Zhang, Jing Zhang, Huiguang He

Open Access 09-11-2021 | Research Article

A dose- and time-dependent effect of oxythiamine on cell growth inhibition in non-small cell lung cancer
Lin Bai, Hui-li Zhu

23-10-2021 | Research Article

Population and individual firing behaviors in sparsely synchronized rhythms in the hippocampal dentate gyrus
Sang-Yoon Kim, Woochang Lim

16-10-2021 | Research Article

Model-based optogenetic stimulation to regulate beta oscillations in Parkinsonian neural networks
Ying Yu, Fang Han, Qishao Wang, Qingyun Wang

03-11-2021 | Research Article

Autonomous learning of nonlocal stochastic neuron dynamics
Tyler E. Maltba, Hongli Zhao, Daniel M. Tartakovsky

01-11-2021 | Research Article

Effects of magnetic fields on stochastic resonance in Hodgkin-Huxley neuronal network driven by Gaussian noise and non-Gaussian noise
Huilan Yang, Guizhi Xu, Hongbin Wang

17-01-2022 | Research Article

Nonlinear relationship between CAN current and influx underpins synergistic action of muscarinic and NMDA receptors on bursts induction in midbrain dopaminergic neurons
Mengjiao Chen, Fangqing Liu, Longying Wen, Xia Hu

03-11-2021 | Research Article

Discrete analogue of impulsive recurrent neural networks with both discrete and finite distributive asynchronous time-varying delays
Songfang Jia, Yanheng Chen

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