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Cognitive Neurodynamics 6/2022
Cognitive Neurodynamics

Issue 6/2022


Table of Contents (19 Articles)

07-03-2022 | Research Article

Extraction of discriminative features from EEG signals of dyslexic children; before and after the treatment
Anahita Oliaee, Maryam Mohebbi, Sepehr Shirani, Reza Rostami

19-03-2022 | Research Article

Conflicts influence affects: an FMRI study of emotional effects in a conflict task
Tingting Guo, Fenqi Wang, Ningning Cao, Huanhuan Liu

31-03-2022 | Research Article

Perceived danger associated with a property modulates cross category generalization
Peipeng Liang, Vinod Goel, Ke Jiang

10-04-2022 | Research Article

BCI system with lower-limb robot improves rehabilitation in spinal cord injury patients through short-term training: a pilot study
Zhengzhe Cui, Yongqiang Li, Sisi Huang, Xixi Wu, Xiangxiang Fu, Fei Liu, Xiaojiao Wan, Xue Wang, Yuting Zhang, Huaide Qiu, Fang Chen, Peijin Yang, Shiqiang Zhu, Jianan Li, Weidong Chen

25-02-2022 | Research Article

Modelling the relationships between EEG signals, movement kinematics and outcome in soccer kicking
Luiz H. Palucci Vieira, Christopher Carling, João Pedro da Silva, Felipe B. Santinelli, Paula F. Polastri, Paulo R. P. Santiago, Fabio A. Barbieri

01-04-2022 | Research Article

Neurofeedback training for children with ADHD using individual beta rhythm
Zhang Hao, Chen He, Yuan Ziqian, Liao Haotian, Li Xiaoli

Open Access 15-02-2022 | Research Article

Machine learning models effectively distinguish attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder using event-related potentials
Elham Ghasemi, Mansour Ebrahimi, Esmaeil Ebrahimie

23-02-2022 | Research Article

Shared surname enhances our preference to famous people: multimodal EEG evidence
Siyu Zhu, Jiemin Yang, Hong Li, Jiajin Yuan

09-02-2022 | Research Article

Neurodegenerative diseases-Caps: a capsule network based early screening system for the classification of neurodegenerative diseases
Kirti Raj Bhatele, Anand Jha, Kavish Kapoor, Devanshu Tiwari

08-02-2022 | Research Article

Modeling visual aesthetic perception: bridges between computed texture features and perceived beauty qualities in semantic experiments
Jianli Liu, Leigen Liu

09-02-2022 | Research Article

Spike Sorting of Non-Stationary Data in Successive Intervals Based on Dirichlet Process Mixtures
Foozie Foroozmehr, Behzad Nazari, Saeed Sadri, Reyhaneh Rikhtehgaran

17-03-2022 | Correction

Correction to: Spike Sorting of Non-Stationary Data in Successive Intervals Based on Dirichlet Process Mixtures
Foozie Foroozmehr, Behzad Nazari, Saeed Sadri, Reyhaneh Rikhtehgaran

28-02-2022 | Research Article

Transcerebral information coordination in directional hippocampus-prefrontal cortex network during working memory based on bimodal neural electrical signals
Wei Zhang, Lei Guo, Dongzhao Liu

24-03-2022 | Research Article

Disynaptic effect of hilar cells on pattern separation in a spiking neural network of hippocampal dentate gyrus
Sang-Yoon Kim, Woochang Lim

15-02-2022 | Research Article

The adjustment mechanism of the spike and wave discharges in thalamic neurons: a simulation analysis
Bing Hu, Zhizhi Wang, Minbo Xu, Dongmei Zhang, Dingjiang Wang

28-02-2022 | Research Article

Large coefficient of variation of inter-spike intervals induced by noise current in the resonate-and-fire model neuron
P. R. Protachevicz, C. A. Bonin, K. C. Iarosz, I. L. Caldas, A. M. Batista

17-03-2022 | Research Article

Finite-time and fixed-time stabilization of multiple memristive neural networks with nonlinear coupling
Chao Yang, Yicheng Liu, Lihong Huang

15-04-2022 | Research Article

Complex spiking neural networks with synaptic time-delay based on anti-interference function
Lei Guo, Sijia Zhang, Youxi Wu, Guizhi Xu

01-04-2022 | Research Article

Geometric characterization of dynamical structure for neural firing activities induced by inhibitory pulse
Junjie Wang, Jieqiong Xu, Jianmei Wu, Qixiang Xu

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