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10-07-2019 | Research Article

Cluster burst synchronization in a scale-free network of inhibitory bursting neurons

We consider a scale-free network of inhibitory Hindmarsh–Rose (HR) bursting neurons, and make a computational study on coupling-induced cluster burst synchronization by varying the average coupling strength $$J_0$$ J 0 . For sufficiently small …

04-07-2019 | Research Article Open Access

A hybrid model for EEG-based gender recognition

The gender recognition is an important research field to study evidence regarding some personal characteristics in the information and data society. However, some current traditional methods such as vision and sound have been exposed their own …

04-07-2019 | Research Article

Temperature effect on memristive ion channels

Neuron shows distinct dependence of electrical activities on membrane patch temperature, and the mode transition of electrical activity is induced by the patch temperature through modulating the opening and closing rates of ion channels. In this …

28-06-2019 | Research Article

Synchronization control of quaternion-valued memristive neural networks with and without event-triggered scheme

In this paper, the real-valued memristive neural networks (MNNs) are extended to quaternion field, a new class of neural networks named quaternion-valued memristive neural networks (QVMNNs) is then established. The problem of master-slave …

20-06-2019 | Research Article

Automatic self-focused and situation-focused reappraisal of disgusting emotion by implementation intention: an ERP study

Detachment (self-focused) and positive reinterpretation (situation-focused) are two important forms of cognitive reappraisal during emotion regulation. Previous research shows situation-focused reappraisal to be more effective than self-focused …

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