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19-10-2020 | Research Article

Study of EEG microstates in Parkinson’s disease: a potential biomarker?

The spontaneous activity of the brain is dynamic even at rest and the deviation from this normal pattern of dynamics can lead to different pathological states. EEG microstate analysis of resting-state neuronal activity in Parkinson’s disease (PD) …

13-10-2020 | Research Article

Speech signal analysis of alzheimer’s diseases in farsi using auditory model system

In recent years, extensive studies have been conducted on the diagnosis of Alzheimer's disease (AD) using the non-invasive speech signal recognition method. In this study, Farsi speech signals were analyzed using the auditory model system (AMS) in …

12-10-2020 | Research Article

Geometrical features of lips using the properties of parabola for recognizing facial expression

Various real-time applications such as Human–Computer Interactions, Psychometric analysis, etc. use facial expressions as one of the important parameters. The researchers have used Action Units (AU) of the face as feature points and its …

12-10-2020 | Research Article

An automatic EEG-based sleep staging system with introducing NAoSP and NAoGP as new metrics for sleep staging systems

Different biological signals are recorded in sleep labs during sleep for the diagnosis and treatment of human sleep problems. Classification of sleep stages with electroencephalography (EEG) is preferred to other biological signals due to its …

07-10-2020 | Research Article

Recognition of cognitive load with a stacking network ensemble of denoising autoencoders and abstracted neurophysiological features

The safety of human–machine systems can be indirectly evaluated based on operator’s cognitive load levels at each temporal instant. However, relevant features of cognitive states are hidden behind in multiple sources of cortical neural responses.

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