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08-01-2019 | Commercial Vehicles | News | Article

European Consortium Aims to Stimulate Use of Trucks Powered by Natural Gas

Patrick Schäfer
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The BioLNG EuroNet consortium hopes to stimulate the use of trucks powered by natural gas. Shell, Disa, Osomo, Scania and Iveco's aims include bringing bio-LNG to the market. 

Partners of the BioLNG EuroNet consortium are aiming to promote liquefied natural gas (LNG) as a fuel for heavy-duty transport. They intend to roll out another 2,000 LNG trucks for the road, set up 39 LNG filling stations and establish a bio-LNG production plant in the Netherlands. These measures should further decarbonise the heavy-duty road transport sector.

The bio-LNG facility is designed to produce 3,000 MT/year of LNG from biomethane recovered from waste. The liquid biofuel is largely free of sulphur and should reduce CO2 emissions by 90 percent, as well as lower NOX and particulate matter emissions. New LNG filling stations will be located every 400 kilometres along major arterial roads from Spain to Poland. "This programme covers filling stations, biofuel production and subsidies, which are all necessary for progressive customers to invest in the trucks despite the extra initial cost," say Jonas Nordh, Director Sustainable Transport Solutions, Scania.

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