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08-08-2018 | Commercial Vehicles | News | Article

Renault Trucks Urban Lab 2 Demonstrates Fuel Saving Potential

Patrick Schäfer

Renault Trucks has optimised a temperature controlled truck in terms of aerodynamics, drive train, tires and connectivity. The Urban Lab 2 now consumes 12.8 percent less fuel in city and regional traffic.

It is equipped with a Valeo micro-hybrid system and travels on low rolling resistance Michelin tires. With the help of Lamberet, the following steps were taken in order to improve the aerodynamics of the truck: evaporators were fitted into the roof of the body, whilst the refrigeration unit was installed in the frame of the vehicle. In addition, the Urban Lab 2 has a rear wing, fold-up PVC textile panels, folding access steps, wheel covers, a roof deflector, spoilers and side deflectors. The wing mirrors were replaced with a camera system.

The fully networked prototype is connected to all traffic systems: the navigation system, developed by BeNomad, provides the driver with a “green wave” if they keep to the suggested speeds. By receiving information from traffic lights, the system can calculate whether it is more efficient to accelerate or brake. 

Optimised truck showcases fuel saving potential

In comparison with the Range D Wide reference vehicle, the Urban Lab 2 truck has achieved a 3.5 litre reduction in fuel consumption and a 9 kg reduction in CO2 emissions over 100 km. This open-road test cycle consists of 12 km in urban environments, 50 km on regional roads and 57 km on motorways.

The EDIT (Efficient Distribution Truck) collaborative project was launched in 2016, involving Renault Trucks and six partners, namely Valeo, Lamberet, Michelin, BeNomad, INSA de Lyon (LamCoS) and IFSTTAR (LICIT). Although the Urban Lab 2 is not designed to be marketed in its current form, the most effective technologies in terms of performance may well be integrated in production vehicles.

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