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07-02-2018 | Companies + Institutions | News | Article

Continental and Nvidia Develop AI for Self-Driving Cars

Patrick Schäfer

Continental and Nvidia have announced the joint development of artificial intelligence for self-driving vehicles, with a planned market introduction in 2021 for Level 3 driving functionality. 

In special development teams, the partners intend to develop AI computer systems based on the Nvidia Drive platform, which will enable automated Level 2 functions though to full self-driving capabilities at Level 5. The Nvidia platform, including the operating system and software for automated vehicles, is to be combined with Continental’s sensor technologies such as radar, camera and high-resolution 3D lidar. 

The functions for highly automated driving should include 360-degree perception, automatic lane changing and the ability to merge into traffic. The system is also designed to integrate HD maps that will allow the vehicle to locate itself and provide map updates.

AI should make autonomous driving possible

"The vehicle of the future will be a sensing, planning and acting computer on wheels. The complexity of autonomous driving requires nothing less than the full computational horsepower of an AI supercomputer", says Continental CEO Dr. Elmar Degenhart. With a performance of 30 TOPS (trillion operations per second), Nvidia Drive Xavier ensures processing of the resulting data for automated driving and provides deep learning. Deep neural nets are expected to sense surroundings, understand the environment, localise the vehicle on an HD map, predict the behaviour and position of other objects, as well as compute vehicle dynamics and a safe path forward.

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