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09-11-2017 | Companies + Institutions | News | Article

Volkswagen, Google to Perform Joint Research on Quantum Computers

Sven Eisenkrämer

Volkswagen is expanding its efforts in pioneering quantum computer technology. The car maker and Google are planning to develop algorithms for these specialist computers jointly. 

VW is expanding its research in the area of quantum computers. At the Web Summit technology conference in Lisbon, VW’s CIO Martin Hofmann announced that VW and internet concern Google will be collaborating on algorithms that can work with quantum computers in future in order to perform highly complex calculations. 

Both companies will together investigate the use of quantum computers in future, with the aim of expanding their specialist knowledge and carrying out practically oriented research, according to VW. A team from the Volkswagen Information Technology Centers (IT Labs) in San Francisco and Munich is working with Google experts on a universal quantum computer from Google. This computer’s architecture is suitable for many experimental computing operations.

Simulations for traffic optimisation, batteries and materials

VW IT is aiming to make progress in three development areas with Google’s quantum computer. The specialists intend to develop traffic optimisation further, simulate material structures for high-performance electric-vehicle batteries and new materials, as well as work with new methods of machine learning on artificial intelligence.

Only in Spring 2017, Volkswagen had announced a collaboration with a Canadian company, D-Wave, to investigate D-Wave’s type of quantum computer. VW’s cooperation with Google is therefore a step towards significantly expanding VW’s research in the field of quantum computing.

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