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13-06-2019 | Companies + Institutions | News | Article

Toyota and Subaru to Share Electric Vehicle Platform

Patrick Schäfer
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Toyota and Subaru will cooperate to develop a platform for electric vehicles. The platform will be used by both brands for saloons and SUVs with purely electric drives.

Toyota Motor Corporation and Subaru Corporation have agreed on jointly developing a platform for battery-powered vehicles. The companies have been collaborating in different areas since 2005, and each plan on using their individual strengths for the development of the new platform. Subaru, for example, has years of experience with all-wheel-drives. Toyota, on the other hand, will contribute its electrification expertise. 

By collaborating, both Toyota and Subaru hope to diversify their technological development. According to the partners, this new collaboration in the field of electric drives marks the beginning of a "new era of collaboration". The new battery-powered platform will be used as a basis for different vehicle types, including C- and D-segment saloons and SUV models. Both brands have already announced compact electric SUVs.

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