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03-06-2024 | Companies + Institutions | Editor´s Pick | News

Mercedes-Benz Scraps Electrification Plan

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Combustion engines will remain in the range for longer: Mercedes-Benz is not implementing its plan to fully electrify its model range by 2028.

The car manufacturer Mercedes-Benz has rejected the plan for an exclusively all-electric generation of model series from 2028. The company announced this in response to an inquiry. Accordingly, production is to be flexibly set up for combustion and electric drives. "Handelsblatt" had previously reported on the development stop of a new platform for electric models such as the S-Class. The car manufacturer did not initially comment specifically on the platform. 

However, Mercedes announced that both electric drives and combustion engines are to be produced until the 2030s. “The pace of transformation will be determined by market conditions and the wishes of our customers”, the company said. According to the statement, Mercedes-Benz is continuing to lay the foundations for a carbon-neutral new car fleet in 2039. The car manufacturer expects the global share of electric cars and plug-in hybrids in its new car sales to reach up to 50% in the second half of this decade. 

This is a partly automated translation of this german article by dpa.


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