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Computational Methods in Engineering & the Sciences

Computational Methods in Engineering & the Sciences
1 Volume | 2020


​This Series publishes books on all aspects of computational methods used in engineering and the sciences . With emphasis on simulation through mathematical modelling, the Series accepts high quality content books across different domains of engineering, materials, and other applied sciences. The Series publishes monographs, contributed volumes, professional books, and handbooks, spanning across cutting edge research as well as basics of professional practice. The topics of interest include the development and applications of computational simulations in the broad fields of Solid & Structural Mechanics, Fluid Dynamics, Heat Transfer, Electromagnetics, Multiphysics , Optimization, Stochastics with simulations in and for Structural Health Monitoring, Energy Systems, Aerospace Systems, Machines and Turbines. Climate Prediction, Effects of Earthquakes, Geotechnical Systems, Chemical and Biomolecular Systems , Molecular Biology , Nano and Microfluidics, Materials Science , Nanotechnology, Manufacturing and 3D printing, Artificial Intelligence, Internet-of-Things.

All books of the series Computational Methods in Engineering & the Sciences

2020 | Book

Immersed Boundary Method

Development and Applications

This volume presents the emerging applications of immersed boundary (IB) methods in computational mechanics and complex CFD calculations. It discusses formulations of different IB implementations and also demonstrates applications of these methods …