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13-04-2019 | Research Article Open Access

Optimal and interactive keyframe selection for motion capture

Motion capture is increasingly used in games and movies, but often requires editing before it can be used, for many reasons. The motion may need to be adjusted to correctly interact with virtual objects or to fix problems that result from mapping …

11-04-2019 | Research Article Open Access

A method for estimating the errors in many-light rendering with supersampling

In many-light rendering, a variety of visual and illumination effects, including anti-aliasing, depth of field, volumetric scattering, and subsurface scattering, are combined to create a number of virtual point lights (VPLs). This is done in order …

30-03-2019 | Research Article Open Access

Livestock detection in aerial images using a fully convolutional network

In order to accurately count the number of animals grazing on grassland, we present a livestock detection algorithm using modified versions of U-net and Google Inception-v4 net. This method works well to detect dense and touching instances. We …

30-03-2019 | Research Article Open Access

No-reference synthetic image quality assessment with convolutional neural network and local image saliency

Depth-image-based rendering (DIBR) is widely used in 3DTV, free-viewpoint video, and interactive 3D graphics applications. Typically, synthetic images generated by DIBR-based systems incorporate various distortions, particularly geometric …

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Computational Visual Media publishes articles that focus on, but are not limited to, the following areas:

• 3D visual media processing

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• Cognition of visual media

• Content security for visual media

• Enhancement and re-rendering of visual media

• Geometric computing for images and video

• Interactive editing of visual media

• Machine learning for visual media

• Social media computing

• Understanding of visual media

• Visual media retrieval

• Visualization and visual analytics

Other interdisciplinary research into visual media that combines aspects of computer graphics, computer vision, image and video processing, geometric computing, and machine learning is also within the journal's scope.

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