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23-10-2020 | Review Article Open Access

Machine learning for digital try-on: Challenges and progress

Digital try-on systems for e-commerce have the potential to change people's lives and provide notable economic benefits. However, their development is limited by practical constraints, such as accurate sizing of the body and realism of …

19-10-2020 | Research Article Open Access

Detecting human—object interaction with multi-level pairwise feature network

Human–object interaction (HOI) detection is crucial for human-centric image understanding which aims to infer ⟨human, action, object⟩ triplets within an image. Recent studies often exploit visual features and the spatial configuration of a …

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About this journal

Computational Visual Media is a peer-reviewed open access journal published under the brand SpringerOpen. It publishes original high-quality research papers and significant review articles on novel ideas, methods, and systems relevant to visual media.

Computational Visual Media publishes articles that focus on, but are not limited to, the following areas:

• 3D visual media processing

• Classification and composition of visual media

• Cognition of visual media

• Content security for visual media

• Enhancement and re-rendering of visual media

• Geometric computing for images and video

• Interactive editing of visual media

• Machine learning for visual media

• Social media computing

• Understanding of visual media

• Visual media retrieval

• Visualization and visual analytics

Other interdisciplinary research into visual media that combines aspects of computer graphics, computer vision, image and video processing, geometric computing, and machine learning is also within the journal's scope.

This is an open access journal, published quarterly by Tsinghua University Press and Springer. The open access fees (article-processing charges) are fully sponsored by Tsinghua University, China. Authors can publish in the journal without any additional charges.

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