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Computer Supported Cooperative Work (CSCW)

Computer Supported Cooperative Work (CSCW) 4-6/2013

Issue 4-6/2013

CSCW: The First Quarter Century

Table of Contents ( 8 Articles )

01-08-2013 | Issue 4-6/2013

Constructing CSCW: The First Quarter Century

Kjeld Schmidt, Liam Bannon

01-08-2013 | Issue 4-6/2013

Reflections on 25 Years of Ethnography in CSCW

Jeanette Blomberg, Helena Karasti

01-08-2013 | Issue 4-6/2013

Supporting Effortless Coordination: 25 Years of Awareness Research

Tom Gross

01-08-2013 | Issue 4-6/2013

Computational Coordination Mechanisms: A tale of a struggle for flexibility

Federico Cabitza, Carla Simone

01-08-2013 | Issue 4-6/2013

Sharing Knowledge and Expertise: The CSCW View of Knowledge Management

Mark S. Ackerman, Juri Dachtera, Volkmar Pipek, Volker Wulf

01-08-2013 | Issue 4-6/2013

From Artefacts to Infrastructures

Eric Monteiro, Neil Pollock, Ole Hanseth, Robin Williams

01-08-2013 | Issue 4-6/2013

A Review of 25 Years of CSCW Research in Healthcare: Contributions, Challenges and Future Agendas

Geraldine Fitzpatrick, Gunnar Ellingsen

01-08-2013 | Issue 4-6/2013

Supporting Scientific Collaboration: Methods, Tools and Concepts

Marina Jirotka, Charlotte P. Lee, Gary M. Olson

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