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Computer Supported Cooperative Work (CSCW)

Computer Supported Cooperative Work (CSCW) 4-6/2017

Issue 4-6/2017

Special Issue: ECSCW 2017: The 15th European Conference on Computer Supported Cooperative Work

Table of Contents ( 18 Articles )

11-07-2017 | Issue 4-6/2017

Introduction to ECSCW 2017

Charlotte P. Lee, Luigina Ciolfi, David Randall

23-06-2017 | Issue 4-6/2017

Exploring the Difficulties African-American Middle School Girls Face Enacting Computational Algorithmic Thinking over three Years while Designing Games for Social Change

Jakita O. Thomas, Yolanda Rankin, Rachelle Minor, Li Sun

24-05-2017 | Issue 4-6/2017

What if it Switched on the Sun? Exploring Creativity in a Brainstorming Session with Children Through a Vygotskyan Perspective

Marianne Kinnula, Tonja Molin-Juustila, Iván Sánchez Milara, Marta Cortes, Jukka Riekki

29-05-2017 | Issue 4-6/2017 Open Access

Repacking ‘Privacy’ for a Networked World

Andy Crabtree, Peter Tolmie, Will Knight

28-05-2017 | Issue 4-6/2017

Authority as an Interactional Achievement: Exploring Deference to Smart Devices in Hospital-Based Resuscitation

Menisha Patel, Mark Hartswood, Helena Webb, Mary Gobbi, Eloise Monger, Marina Jirotka

29-05-2017 | Issue 4-6/2017 Open Access

Augmenting Multi-Party Face-to-Face Interactions Amongst Strangers with User Generated Content

Mikko Kytö, David McGookin

06-06-2017 | Issue 4-6/2017

Becoming a Good Homecare Practitioner: Integrating Many Kinds of Work

Tone Bratteteig, Ingvild Eide

23-06-2017 | Issue 4-6/2017 Open Access

Data Work: How Energy Advisors and Clients Make IoT Data Accountable

Joel E. Fischer, Andy Crabtree, James A. Colley, Tom Rodden, Enrico Costanza

26-05-2017 | Issue 4-6/2017

Interaction and Outcomes in Collaborative Storytelling Systems: a Framework, a Field Study, and a Model

Joaquim Colás, Alan Tapscott, Valeria Righi, Ayman Moghnieh, Josep Blat

24-05-2017 | Issue 4-6/2017

Deliberate Individual Change Framework for Understanding Programming Practices in four Oceanography Groups

Kateryna Kuksenok, Cecilia Aragon, James Fogarty, Charlotte P. Lee, Gina Neff

31-05-2017 | Issue 4-6/2017

Collaborative Exploration and Sensemaking of Big Environmental Sound Data

Tshering Dema, Margot Brereton, Jessica L. Cappadonna, Paul Roe, Anthony Truskinger, Jinglan Zhang

12-06-2017 | Issue 4-6/2017

Working Digital Money into a Cash Economy: The Collaborative Work of Loan Payment

Jacki O’Neill, Anupama Dhareshwar, Srihari H. Muralidhar

16-06-2017 | Issue 4-6/2017

Paper Practices in Institutional Talk: How Financial Advisors Impress their Clients

Mateusz Dolata, Gerhard Schwabe

22-05-2017 | Issue 4-6/2017

One Social Movement, Two Social Media Sites: A Comparative Study of Public Discourses

Yubo Kou, Yong Ming Kow, Xinning Gui, Waikuen Cheng

07-07-2017 | Issue 4-6/2017

An Analysis of the Use of Qualifications on the Amazon Mechanical Turk Online Labor Market

Ianna Sodré, Francisco Brasileiro

30-05-2017 | Issue 4-6/2017

A Case Study of How a Reduction in Explicit Leadership Changed an Online Game Community

Gregor McEwan, Carl Gutwin

27-05-2017 | Issue 4-6/2017 Open Access

Designing in between Local Government and the Public – Using Institutional Analysis in Interventions on Civic Infrastructures

Sebastian Weise, Paul Coulton, Mike Chiasson

12-06-2017 | Issue 4-6/2017

From Facebook to the Neighbourhood: Infrastructuring of Hybrid Community Engagement

Gaia Mosconi, Matthias Korn, Christian Reuter, Peter Tolmie, Maurizio Teli, Volkmar Pipek

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