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Computing and Visualization in Science

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29-06-2018 | Original Article Open Access

Homogenized out-of-plane shear response of three-scale fiber-reinforced composites

In the present work we embrace a three scales asymptotic homogenization approach to investigate the effective behavior of hierarchical linear elastic composites reinforced by cylindrical, uniaxially aligned fibers and possessing a periodic …

07-10-2017 | S.I.: ICACNI 2016

Triangular membership function based real-time gesture monitoring system for physical disorder detection

A novel approach to distinguish 25 body gestures enlightening physical disorders in young and elder individuals is explained using the proposed system. Here a well-known human sensing device, Kinect sensor is used which approximates the human body …

05-10-2017 | Special Issue IMG 2016

Multigrid methods for convergent mixed finite difference scheme for Monge–Ampère equation

We propose multigrid methods for convergent mixed finite difference discretization for the two dimensional Monge–Ampère equation. We apply mixed standard 7-point stencil and semi-Lagrangian wide stencil discretization, such that the numerical …

03-10-2017 | Special Issue IMG 2016

A multigrid scheme for solving convection–diffusion-integral optimal control problems

The fast multigrid solution of an optimal control problem governed by a convection–diffusion partial-integro differential equation is investigated. This optimization problem considers a cost functional of tracking type and a constrained …

23-09-2017 | S.I.: ICACNI 2016

Raga identification from Hindustani classical music signal using compositional properties

Classification of music signal is a fundamental step for organized archival of music collection and fast retrieval thereafter. For Indian classical music, raga is the basic melodic framework. Manual identification of raga demands high expertise …

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Devoted to computational sciences, this journal publishes pioneering methods and applications that bring about the solution of complex problems, or even make such solutions possible at all. Since visualization has become an important scientific tool, especially in the analysis of complex situations, it is treated in close connection with the other areas covered by the journal, including:

- mathematical modeling and analysis of model systems

- numerical methods and algorithms

- development of simulation software

- optimization and control

- parallel computing

- visualization and image analysis

- computational physics and chemistry

- structural mechanics

- fluid dynamics

- environmental sciences

- computation in biosciences and medicine

- modeling and computation in engineering.

Computing and Visualization in Science provides the ideal platform for scientists eager to cooperate in solving scientific and technological challenges. It serves as a link between professionals from diverse fields.

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