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10-10-2021 | Regular Paper

Identification of trustworthy cloud services: solution approaches and research directions to build an automated cloud broker

There are several public cloud service providers (CSPs) across the globe supplying a variety of application, platform, middleware, database, and infrastructure services. The brewing challenge before any cloud user is how to be sure about the …

08-10-2021 | Regular Paper

Deep neural network learning for power limited heterogeneous system with workload classification

Heterogeneous systems providing diverse computational capabilities have unlocked a new pathway in multicore processors. The versatility in applications and their ever-increasing performance demands have brought a paradigm shift to the …

08-10-2021 | Regular Paper Open Access

Consensus in anonymous asynchronous systems with crash-recovery and omission failures

In anonymous distributed systems, processes are indistinguishable because they have no identity and execute the same algorithm. Currently, anonymous systems are receiving a lot of attention mainly because they preserve privacy, which is an …

05-10-2021 | Regular Paper

Mining location based social networks to understand the citizen’s check-in patterns

Analyzing and understanding the movement patterns of the citizen’s with in a city, plays an important role in urban and transportation planning. Though many recent research papers focused on mining LBSN services data and performed in-depth …

28-09-2021 | Regular Paper

An improved grasshopper optimization algorithm based on dynamic dual elite learning and sinusoidal mutation

Grasshopper optimization algorithm (GOA) is a meta-heuristic algorithm for solving optimization problems by modeling the biological habit and social behavior of grasshopper swarms in nature. Compared with other optimization algorithms, GOA still …

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Subjects include
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- green computing
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- business process computing
- software evolution and mining
- architectural concepts for systems
- network science, social networks, collective intelligence

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