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Constitutional Political Economy

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10-02-2021 | Original Paper Open Access

The political economy of euro area sovereign debt restructuring

The establishment of a sovereign debt restructuring mechanism (SDRM) is one of the important issues in the academic debate on a viable constitution for the European Monetary Union (EMU). Yet the topic seems to be taboo in official reform …

02-02-2021 | Original Paper


Here is a full statement of the theory of political parties as long coalitions, ones organized and elected to stick together on all or most legislative votes. The incentive to form, join, and elect them comes from the external cost of …

29-11-2020 | Original Paper Open Access

Welfare without rent seeking? Buchanan’s demogrant proposal and the possibility of a constitutional welfare state

In a number of works, James M. Buchanan set out a proposal for a ‘demogrant’—a form of universal basic income that applied the principles of generality and non discrimination to the tax and the transfer sides of the scheme and was to be …

17-11-2020 | Book Review

Peter Bernholz’s: Totalitarianism, terrorism and supreme values: history and theory (Springer, 2017)

Springer International Publishing, Cham, Switzerland, 2017, xii+160, €109.99

28-10-2020 | Original Paper Open Access

Power in office: presidents, governments, and parliaments in the institutional design of contemporary democracies

The institutional design of democratic regimes has attracted much attention from a legal and political perspective, because it affects the actual distribution of power among political actors and the effectiveness of their decisions. The article …

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Constitutional Political Economy is a forum for research in the broad field of constitutional analysis. Its grounding discipline is economics, but, the systematic study of institutions requires consideration of economic, political, legal, and philosophical movitations, rules, and effects. As a consequence, the journal is interdisciplinary and includes research from a variety of perspectives.

Constitutional analysis is the main focuses of the journal, but it also includes research on public policy, legal institutions, norms, and methodological issues.

The journal is published quarterly by Springer Verlag. Issues normally include 5 or 6 high quality papers on constitutional political economy, public choice, political theory, methodology, and law and economics.

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