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30-12-2020 | Consumables | News | Article

Siemens Energy and Porsche Planning E-Fuel Production

Author: Patrick Schäfer

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Siemens Energy, Porsche and other partners intend to further the development of e-fuels by building the world's first commercial plant for producing synthetic fuel. 

Sports car manufacturer Porsche, Siemens Energy and a number of international companies intend to develop and build the world's first integrated, large-scale commercial synthetic fuel production plant as a pilot project. The plant will be built in Chile and should produce around 130,000 litres of e-fuels by as early as 2022, with capacity increasing to around 55 million litres by 2024 and around 550 million litres by 2026.

Located in Magallanes Province, Chile, the project will use local wind power to produce climate-neutral fuel. "Renewable energy will no longer be produced only where it's needed, but where natural resources like wind and sun are available on a massive scale," says Christian Bruch, CEO of Siemens Energy. Porsche intends to use the synthetic fuel in Porsche Motorsports vehicles, at Porsche Experience Centers and eventually to power its series-production sports cars as well. Other "Haru Oni" project partners include the energy firm AME and the petroleum company ENAP from Chile and the Italian energy company Enel.


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