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Continuum Mechanics and Thermodynamics

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13-02-2019 | Original Article

Homogenized strain gradient remodeling model for trabecular bone microstructures

Constitutive models for bone remodeling are established from micromechanical analyses at the scale of individual trabeculae defining the representative unit cell (RUC), accounting for both first- and second-order deformation gradients. On the …

09-02-2019 | Original Article

Microstructural observations supporting thermography measurements for short glass fibre thermoplastic composites under fatigue loading

This paper combines the infrared thermography and the computed laminography techniques to better understand the mechanisms of damage under fatigue for a short fibre-reinforced thermoplastic material. Depending on the experimental technique used …

09-02-2019 | Original Article

Resolving Knudsen layer by high-order moment expansion

We model the Knudsen layer in Kramers’ problem by the linearized high-order hyperbolic moment system. Thanks to the hyperbolicity of the moment system, its boundary conditions are properly reduced from the kinetic boundary condition. For the …

04-02-2019 | Original Article

Modelling the curing process in particle-filled electro-active polymers with a dispersion anisotropy

Even for a moderate actuation, a large electric voltage requirement hinders the application of electro-active polymers (EAPs) in many areas. Hence, among other mechanisms, the actuation enhancement in EAPs is performed via inclusions of …

21-01-2019 | Original Article

On 3D theory of acoustic metamaterials with a triple-periodic system of interior obstacles

The paper is devoted to a semi-analytical method, to develop analytical expressions for the wave field and the scattering parameters—the reflection and transmission coefficients, when a longitudinal plane wave falls on the system of a finite …

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Continuum Mechanics and Thermodynamics is an interdisciplinary journal exploring new ideas in continuum and quasi-continuum modeling of systems with a large number of degrees of freedom and sufficient complexity to require thermodynamic closure.

Major emphasis is placed on papers seeking to bridge the gap between discrete and continuum approaches as well as micro and macro scales, by means of homogenization, statistical averaging, and other mathematical tools aimed at the judicial elimination of small time and length scales. In particular, the journal focuses on simultaneous descriptions of complex systems at several disparate scales. Papers presenting and explaining new experimental findings are highly encouraged. Lastly, the journal publishes numerical studies that build our understanding of the physical nature of phenomena.

In addition to research papers, the journal features invited review articles, short communications, and "comment-and-reply" on published papers.

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