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CPSS Power Electronics Series

CPSS Power Electronics Series
6 Volumes | 2018 - 2020


This series comprises advanced textbooks, research monographs, professional books, and reference works covering different aspects of power electronics, such as Variable Frequency Power Supply, DC Power Supply, Magnetic Technology, New Energy Power Conversion, Electromagnetic Compatibility as well as Wireless Power Transfer Technology and Equipment. The series features leading Chinese scholars and researchers and publishes authored books as well as edited compilations. It aims to provide critical reviews of important subjects in the field, publish new discoveries and significant progress that has been made in development of applications and the advancement of principles, theories and designs, and report cutting-edge research and relevant technologies. The CPSS Power Electronics series has an editorial board with members from the China Power Supply Society and a consulting editor from Springer.

Readership: Research scientists in universities, research institutions and the industry, graduate students, and senior undergraduates.

All books of the series CPSS Power Electronics Series

2020 | Book

New Topologies and Modulation Schemes for Soft-Switching Isolated DC–DC Converters

This book presents a series of new topologies and modulation schemes for soft-switching in isolated DC–DC converters. Providing detailed analyses and design procedures for converters used in a broad range of applications, it offers a wealth of …

2019 | Book

High-Frequency Isolated Bidirectional Dual Active Bridge DC–DC Converters with Wide Voltage Gain

Written by experts, this book is based on recent research findings in high-frequency isolated bidirectional DC-DC converters with wide voltage range. It presents advanced power control methods and new isolated bidirectional DC-DC topologies to …

2019 | Book

m-Mode SVPWM Technique for Power Converters

This book presents a novel control method for power converters, referred to as m-mode control. It provides an overview of traditional control methods for inverters – e.g. PWM and SVPWM – and the theory of the m-mode control method, while also …

2019 | Book

Equivalent-Small-Parameter Analysis of DC/DC Switched-Mode Converter

This book focuses on the applications of Equivalent-Small-Parameter Method (ESPM) in solving the steady-state periodic solutions, as well as stability analysis, of kinds of open-loop or closed-loop operated DC/DC converters, such as PWM …

2019 | Book

Control of Series-Parallel Conversion Systems

Series-parallel conversion systems, in which multiple standardized converter modules are connected in series or parallel at the input and output sides, to meet the demands of various applications. This book focuses on the control strategies for …

2018 | Book

Control Techniques for LCL-Type Grid-Connected Inverters

This book focuses on control techniques for LCL-type grid-connected inverters to improve system stability, control performance and suppression ability of grid current harmonics. Combining a detailed theoretical analysis with design examples and …