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About this book

Discover how to create a simple game environment in Blender 3D, from modeling and texturing game assets, to placing them in a scene. You’ll export and import game assets as well as look at open-source game engines that will work with your game assets. Creating Game Environments in Blender 3D introduces the power of Blender 3D when creating a low poly game environment.

The book starts by discussing the basics of game terminology, such as knowing the difference between low poly and high poly assets and the types of game you’re likely to work on. You’ll also take a brief look at Blender's background and installation. The following chapters talk about the process for creating a simple game environment. This is discussed in detail along with a sample project. These chapters discuss the common tools for starting a game environment and the methods for enhancing your game environment, such as color fundamentals. The final chapter shows how you can export the game assets you created in Blender, how you can import game assets in Blender, and how to evaluate the different game engines available.

This book shows you the exciting side of creating a game environment while showing the power of Blender. After reading it, you will feel confident about creating a game environment.

What You Will Learn

Use Blender to create low poly game environments Work with the common Blender tools for game environment design and development Discover how to use Blender features in depth Compare the Eevee and Cycles game engines

Who This Book Is For

Game environment artists who want to use Blender 3D to create a game environment. Some previous exposure to game design and development would be helpful, but not required.

Table of Contents


Chapter 1. Getting Started

Good day, dear readers! Welcome to Chapter 1 of my book, which is about getting started in Creating Game Environment in Blender 3D.
Ezra Thess Mendoza Guevarra

Chapter 2. Let’s Create!

Good day, dear readers! Now we’re here at Chapter 2 of our book. This chapter covers the topics related to Modeling tools and features of Blender. I’ll also be discussing a bit about some basic stuff for beginners of Blender so they can follow along without difficulty.
Ezra Thess Mendoza Guevarra

Chapter 3. Color It!

Good day, my dear readers! We’re now at Chapter 3.
Ezra Thess Mendoza Guevarra

Chapter 4. Texture It!

Good day, dear readers! Are you still having fun? Now we’re in Chapter 4 of the book. Here we’ll create our own textures to apply to 3D objects in the game environment. This chapter will finish with a sample project, where you can combine your skills from Chapter 3 with the skills you learn in this chapter.
Ezra Thess Mendoza Guevarra

Chapter 5. The Finale

We’re now in the final chapter of our book. Are you still having fun? I hope you are.
Ezra Thess Mendoza Guevarra


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