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Cultural Studies of Science Education

Cultural Studies of Science Education 2/2015

Issue 2/2015

Table of Contents ( 22 Articles )

01-06-2015 | Issue 2/2015

Environmental agency in read-alouds

Alandeom W. Oliveira, Patterson Rogers, Cassie F. Quigley, Denis Samburskiy, Kimberly Barss, Seema Rivera

01-06-2015 | Forum | Issue 2/2015

The many faces of agency

Walter Doyle

01-06-2015 | Forum | Issue 2/2015

Making the implicit explicit: environmental teacher as a “reflective practitioner”

Cláudia Faria

01-06-2015 | Issue 2/2015

The discourse of design-based science classroom activities

Flávio S. Azevedo, Peggy L. Martalock, Tugba Keser

01-06-2015 | Forum | Issue 2/2015

Perezhivanie and classroom discourse: a cultural–historical perspective on “Discourse of design based science classroom activities”

Megan Adams, Sue March

01-06-2015 | Forum | Issue 2/2015

A cultural historical theoretical perspective of discourse and design in the science classroom

Megan Adams

01-06-2015 | Issue 2/2015

Signs of taste for science: a methodology for studying the constitution of interest in the science classroom

P. Anderhag, P.-O. Wickman, K. M. Hamza

01-06-2015 | Forum | Issue 2/2015

Extending methods: using Bourdieu’s field analysis to further investigate taste

Alexandra Schindel Dimick

01-06-2015 | Forum | Issue 2/2015

How can teaching make a difference to students’ interest in science? Including Bourdieuan field analysis

Per Anderhag, Per-Olof Wickman, Karim Mikael Hamza

01-06-2015 | Issue 2/2015

Inside versus outside the science classroom: examining the positionality of two female science teachers at the boundaries of science education

Tang Wee Teo

01-06-2015 | Forum | Issue 2/2015

Exploring the notion of the paradoxical in Tang Wee Teo’s “paradoxical positionality”

Jane L. Lehr

01-06-2015 | Forum | Issue 2/2015

Supporting teachers for race-, class-, and gender-responsive science teaching

Sarah Riggs Stapleton

01-06-2015 | Issue 2/2015

Social issues in nanoscience and nanotechnology master’s degrees: the socio-political stakes of curricular choices

Volny Fages, Virginie Albe

01-06-2015 | Forum | Issue 2/2015

Questioning collectives and agencies: a commentary on curricular choices

Jenny Arnold

01-06-2015 | Forum | Issue 2/2015

STEM policy and science education: scientistic curriculum and sociopolitical silences

Annette Gough

01-06-2015 | Forum | Issue 2/2015

What students and researchers in nanoscience and nanotechnology should know about PUS and STS: a look at Fages and Albe’s viewpoint on social issues in nanoscience and nanotechnology Master’s degrees

Chantal Pouliot

01-06-2015 | Issue 2/2015

Enracinement or the earth, the originary ark, does not move: on the phenomenological (historical and ontogenetic) origin of common and scientific sense and the genetic method of teaching (for) understanding

Wolff-Michael Roth

01-06-2015 | Forum | Issue 2/2015

The sociopolitical importance of genetic, phenomenological approaches to science teaching and learning

Jesse Bazzul

01-06-2015 | Forum | Issue 2/2015

A crisis of meaning: promoting new directions in science education

David Heywood

01-06-2015 | Forum | Issue 2/2015

How can science education foster students’ rooting?

Edvin Østergaard

01-06-2015 | Original Paper | Issue 2/2015

College admissions viewbooks and the grammar of gender, race, and STEM

Nana Osei-Kofi, Lisette E. Torres

01-06-2015 | Review | Issue 2/2015

Okhee Lee, Cory A. Buxton, James A. Banks (ed.), Diversity and equity in science education: research, policy, and practice

Teachers College Press, New York, 2010
Betsy J. Bannier

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