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Cybernetics and Systems Analysis

Cybernetics and Systems Analysis 1/2015

Issue 1/2015

Table of Contents ( 19 Articles )

01-01-2015 | Issue 1/2015

Dear Readers of Our journal!

01-01-2015 | CYBERNETICS | Issue 1/2015

Generating Symbolic Traces in the Insertion Modeling System

A. A. Letichevsky, O. O. Letychevskyi, V. S. Peschanenko, A. À. Huba

01-01-2015 | Issue 1/2015

Teams of Global Equilibrium Search Algorithms for Solving the Weighted Maximum Cut Problem in Parallel

V. P. Shylo, F. Glover, I. V. Sergienko

01-01-2015 | Issue 1/2015

Information Technology for the Analysis of Mimic Expressions of Human Emotional States

Iu. G. Kryvonos, Iu. V. Krak, O. V. Barmak, A. S. Ternov, V. O. Kuznetsov

01-01-2015 | Issue 1/2015

Fuzzy Object-Oriented Dynamic Networks. I

D. A. Terletskyi, A. I. Provotar

01-01-2015 | SYSTEMS ANALYSIS | Issue 1/2015

Using Em-Algorithm for Gene Classification

I. V. Sergienko, A. M. Gupal, A. V. Ostrovskiy

01-01-2015 | Issue 1/2015

A Two-Cyclic Queuing System

I. N. Kovalenko

01-01-2015 | Issue 1/2015

Behavior of the Second Moment of the Solution to the Autonomous Stochastic Linear Partial Differential Equation with Random Parameters in the Right-Hand Side

V. S. Koroliuk, I. V. Yurchenko, V. K. Yasynskyy

01-01-2015 | Issue 1/2015

Ellipsoidal and Interval Estimation of State Vectors for Families of Linear and Nonlinear Discrete-Time Dynamic Systems1

V. M. Kuntsevich, V. V. Volosov

01-01-2015 | Issue 1/2015

Big Solar Spiral of Stirring Up Global Systemic Conflicts

M. Z. Zgurovsky, V. V. Yasinsky

01-01-2015 | Issue 1/2015

Mathematical Modeling of Distributed Catastrophic and Terrorist Risks1

O. O. Haivoronskyy, Yu. M. Ermoliev, P. S. Knopov, V. I. Norkin

01-01-2015 | Issue 1/2015

Robust Physiological Mappings: From Non-Invasive to Invasive

M. N. Syed, P. G. Georgiev, P. M. Pardalos

01-01-2015 | Issue 1/2015

Modeling of Wave Propagation in Degenerate Hyperbolic Systems

I. T. Selezov, Iu. G. Kryvonos

01-01-2015 | Issue 1/2015

Dialectic Correlation of Information and Telecommunication Technologies Manifested Through the IT-ICT Category

M. Iu. Ilchenko, L. A. Urywsky

01-01-2015 | Issue 1/2015

Systems Analysis of Robust Strategic Decisions to Plan Secure Food, Energy, and Water Provision Based on the Stochastic Globiom Model

T. Yu. Ermolieva, Yu. M. Ermoliev, P. Havlik, A. Mosnier, D. Leclere, F. Kraksner, N. Khabarov, M. Obersteiner

01-01-2015 | Issue 1/2015

Mathematical Modeling of the Dynamics of a Nonequilibrium Diffusion Process on the Basis of Integro-Differentiation of Fractional Order

V. M. Bulavatsky, A. V. Gladky

01-01-2015 | Software–Hardware Systems | Issue 1/2015

Software Tools for Automation of Parallel Programming on the Basis of Algebra of Algorithms

F. I. Andon, A. E. Doroshenko, A. G. Beketov, V. A. Iovchev, E. A. Yatsenko

01-01-2015 | Issue 1/2015

Current State of the Multisets Theory from the Essential Viewpoint

V. N. Red’ko, D. B. Bui, Y. A. Grishko


Reconstruction of a Word from a Finite Set of its Subwords Under the Unit Shift Hypothesis. II. Reconstruction with Forbidden Words

Yu. G. Smetanin, M. V. Ulyanov

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