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19-06-2021 | Production Process | Issue 6/2021 Open Access

Production Engineering 6/2021

Data based model predictive control for ring rolling

Production Engineering > Issue 6/2021
Rémi Lafarge, Sebastian Hütter, Marc Tulke, Thorsten Halle, Alexander Brosius
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Thermomechanical ring rolling is an evolution of the process where deformation and heat treatment are combined to obtain a product with both the desired geometry and hardness or microstructure in a single step. However, the high sensitivity of the process to the initial condition and to various disturbances limits its repeatability and accuracy. In this paper, the authors implement a concept for hardness control of ring rolling in virtual experiments. A concept based on soft sensors and model predictive control is implemented on a digital twin. The operation of the different models needed for this control loop are detailed and the controller itself is illustrated.
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