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A Lagrangian-based score for assessing the quality of pairwise constraints in semi-supervised clustering

Clustering algorithms help identify homogeneous subgroups from data. In some cases, additional information about the relationship among some subsets of the data exists. When using a semi-supervised clustering algorithm, an expert may provide …

14-09-2021 Open Access

VFC-SMOTE: very fast continuous synthetic minority oversampling for evolving data streams

The world is constantly changing, and so are the massive amount of data produced. However, only a few studies deal with online class imbalance learning that combines the challenges of class-imbalanced data streams and concept drift. In this paper …

07-09-2021 | Guest Editorial

Introduction to the special issue of the ECML PKDD 2021 journal track


CURIE: a cellular automaton for concept drift detection

Data stream mining extracts information from large quantities of data flowing fast and continuously (data streams). They are usually affected by changes in the data distribution, giving rise to a phenomenon referred to as concept drift. Thus …

03-09-2021 Open Access

Implicit consensus clustering from multiple graphs

Dealing with relational learning generally relies on tools modeling relational data. An undirected graph can represent these data with vertices depicting entities and edges describing the relationships between the entities. These relationships can …

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