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Data Science and Engineering

Data Science and Engineering 3/2017

Issue 3/2017

HPC-enabled Modelling for Big Data Problems in Life, Socio-Economical and Physical Sciences

Table of Contents ( 6 Articles )

01-09-2017 | Issue 3/2017 Open Access

Data-Intensive Modelling and Simulation in Life Sciences and Socio-economical and Physical Sciences

Contributions from the Coordinated Work in cHiPSet, the COST Action on High-Performance Modelling and Simulation for Big Data Applications
Andrea Bracciali, Elisabeth Larsson

06-09-2017 | Issue 3/2017 Open Access

Trust-based Modelling of Multi-criteria Crowdsourced Data

Fátima Leal, Benedita Malheiro, Horacio González-Vélez, Juan Carlos Burguillo

24-10-2017 | Issue 3/2017 Open Access

Tracking Time Evolving Data Streams for Short-Term Traffic Forecasting

Amr Abdullatif, Francesco Masulli, Stefano Rovetta

12-08-2017 | Issue 3/2017 Open Access

Using GUHA Data Mining Method in Analyzing Road Traffic Accidents Occurred in the Years 2004–2008 in Finland

Esko Turunen

16-11-2017 | Issue 3/2017 Open Access

Robust Cross-Platform Workflows: How Technical and Scientific Communities Collaborate to Develop, Test and Share Best Practices for Data Analysis

Steffen Möller, Stuart W. Prescott, Lars Wirzenius, Petter Reinholdtsen, Brad Chapman, Pjotr Prins, Stian Soiland-Reyes, Fabian Klötzl, Andrea Bagnacani, Matúš Kalaš, Andreas Tille, Michael R. Crusoe

23-10-2017 | Issue 3/2017 Open Access

A Review of Scalable Bioinformatics Pipelines

Bjørn Fjukstad, Lars Ailo Bongo

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