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Groundwater extraction among overlapping generations: a differential game approach

Groundwater is a common resource that has been wasted for years. Today, we pay the consequences of such inappropriate exploitation and we are aware that it is necessary to realize policies in order to guarantee the use of this resource for future …


Relations between coherence conditions and row orders in pairwise comparison matrices

Coherence of preferences has been a long standing issue in decision analysis. This paper focuses on preferences expressed by means of pairwise comparison matrices. In particular, by following the idea proposed in previous papers concerning the …


Incoherence measures and relations between coherence conditions for pairwise comparisons

Coherence of preferences, and the measurement of its violation, has been a long-standing issue in decision analysis. This paper continues the inquiry into coherence conditions for pairwise comparisons following a distance-based approach, in which …


A net present value approach to health insurance choice

In light of increasing health expenditure and following an economic crisis, the ADSE system (a health insurance system exclusive for the Portuguese civil servants) introduced a new policy where members were allowed to leave the system, and also …


Underestimation functions for a rank-two partitioning method

Low-rank problems are nothing but nonlinear minimization problems over polyhedrons where a linear transformation of the variables provides an objective function which actually depends on very few variables. These problems are often used in …

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