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Demography 3/2020

Issue 3/2020


Table of Contents (15 Articles)


Young Adulthood Relationships in an Era of Uncertainty: A Case for Cohabitation
Wendy D. Manning


Intentionally or Ambivalently Risking a Short Interpregnancy Interval: Reproductive-Readiness Factors in Women’s Postpartum Non-Use of Contraception
Michael S. Rendall, Eowna Young Harrison, Mónica L. Caudillo


Live Births and Fertility Amid the Zika Epidemic in Brazil
Letícia J. Marteleto, Gilvan Guedes, Raquel Z. Coutinho, Abigail Weitzman

Open Access 19-05-2020

The Examination of Diffusion Effects on Modern Contraceptive Use in Nigeria
David K. Guilkey, Veronica Escamilla, Lisa M. Calhoun, Ilene S. Speizer

Open Access 26-05-2020

Abortion Reporting in the United States: An Assessment of Three National Fertility Surveys
Laura Lindberg, Kathryn Kost, Isaac Maddow-Zimet, Sheila Desai, Mia Zolna


Son Preference and Fertility Decisions: Evidence From Spatiotemporal Variation in Korea
Seik Kim, Sam-Ho Lee

Open Access 05-05-2020

When Did the Health Gradient Emerge? Social Class and Adult Mortality in Southern Sweden, 1813–2015
Tommy Bengtsson, Martin Dribe, Jonas Helgertz


Understanding Trends in the Concentration of Infant Mortality Among Disadvantaged White and Black Mothers in the United States, 1983–2013: A Decomposition Analysis
Wen Fan, Liying Luo

Open Access 23-04-2020

The Long-Term Costs of Family Trajectories: Women’s Later-Life Employment and Earnings Across Europe
Joanne S. Muller, Nicole Hiekel, Aart C. Liefbroer

Open Access 22-06-2020

Cohort Trends in the Association Between Sibship Size and Educational Attainment in 26 Low-Fertility Countries
Seongsoo Choi, Riley Taiji, Manting Chen, Christiaan Monden


Gender Segregation, Occupational Sorting, and Growth of Wage Disparities Between Women
Felix Busch

Open Access 04-05-2020

Self-selection of Asylum Seekers: Evidence From Germany
Lucas Guichard


Does Information Change Attitudes Toward Immigrants?
Alexis Grigorieff, Christopher Roth, Diego Ubfal

Open Access 04-05-2020

From Malthusian Disequilibrium to the Post-Malthusian Era: The Evolution of the Preventive and Positive Checks in Germany, 1730–1870
Ulrich Pfister, Georg Fertig

Open Access 09-06-2020

A Bayesian Reconstruction of a Historical Population in Finland, 1647–1850
Miikka Voutilainen, Jouni Helske, Harri Högmander

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