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Designing Sustainability for All

The Design of Sustainable Product-Service Systems Applied to Distributed Economies


About this book

This open access book introduces design for Sustainable Product-Service Systems (S.PSS) and for Sustainable Distributed Economies (S.DE). These are introduced as technical and operative tools for the development of a new generation of designers, responsible and capable of designing environmentally, socially and economically sustainable solutions, accessible to all.

The book provides a comprehensive framework and also practical tools to support the system design for sustainability process. It overviews methodologies, tools and strategies for Sustainable PSS design applied to Distributed Economies (DE) and provides strategies and design guidelines. All of these are highlighted and expanded upon with international case studies.

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Product-Service Systems Development for Sustainability. A New Understanding
.This chapter introduces the concept of Sustainable Product-Service System (S.PSS). S.PSS is an offer model providing an integrated mix of products and services that are together able to fulfil a particular customer/user demand (to deliver a “unit of satisfaction”), based on innovative interactions between the stakeholders of the value production system (satisfaction system), where the ownership of the product/s and/or the life cycle services costs/responsibilities remain with the provider/s, so that the same provider/s continuously seek/s environmentally and/or socio-ethically beneficial new solutions, with economic benefits. Next it discusses the potentional environmental, socio-ethical and economical benefits of S.PSS.
Carlo Vezzoli, Fabrizio Ceschin, Jan Carel Diehl

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Distributed Economies
This chapter presents Distributed Economies (DE) as a promising model for locally-based sustainability. DE consist of small-scale value-adding units (e.g. manufacturing, energy generation, food production, water management, software development, knowledge generation) where there is a shift in the control of core activities towards the user/client.
Aguinaldo dos Santos, Carlo Vezzoli, Brenda Garcia Parra, Sandra Molina Mata, Sharmistha Banerjee, Cindy Kohtala, Fabrizio Ceschin, Aine Petrulaityte, Gabriela Garcez Duarte, Isadora Burmeister Dickie, Ranjani Balasubramanian, Nan Xia

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Integrating S.PSS and DE
The combination of Sustainable Product-Service Systems (S.PSS) and Distributed Economies (DE) has been considered as a promising mode of developing sustainability through regional resilience and by empowering a shift to a more localized economic model. This chapter examines case studies from around the world that use combinations of S.PSS and DE to varying degrees and in different industry sectors to analyse the opportunities that it presents. The chapter then goes on to provide a framework for categorizing various models of S.PSS and DE combinations and ends with an analysis of the barriers to implement such models. 
Ranjani Balasubramanian, Carlo Vezzoli, Fabrizio Ceschin, Jacob Matthew, Abhijit Sinha, Christoph Neusiedl

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Designing S.PSS and DE: New Horizons for Design
Assuming S.PSS applied to DE is an opportunity for a locally based sustainability for all, as introduced in this volume, we envision a new role for designers: Designing Sustainable Product-Service Systems applied to Distributed Economies, or shortly System Design for Sustainability for All (SD4SA).
Carlo Vezzoli, Aine Petrulaityte, Sharmistha Banerjee, Pankaj Upadhyay, Ravi Mokashi Punekar

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S.PSS and DE in Practice
Contemporary challenges related to sustainability are shared across the globe. Their materializations, prioritizations and emphases, however, vary from one region to another. This chapter shares the experiences from LeNSin project seminars and pilot courses and discusses the potential of design education as a transdisciplinary matchmaker between various actors and networks.
Brenda Garcia Parra, Cindy Kohtala, Tatu Marttila, Aguinaldo dos Santos, Sandra Molina Mata, Fang Zhong, Nan Xia, Xin Liu, Jun Zhang, Sharmistha Banerjee, Pankaj Upadhyay, Ravi Mokashi Punekar
Designing Sustainability for All
Prof. Carlo Vezzoli
Brenda Garcia Parra
Dr. Cindy Kohtala
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