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01-01-2015 | Issue 1/2015 Open Access

Optical and Quantum Electronics 1/2015

Determination of the point spread function of layered metamaterials assisted with the blind deconvolution algorithm

Optical and Quantum Electronics > Issue 1/2015
David Pastor, Tomasz Stefaniuk, Piotr Wróbel, Carlos J. Zapata-Rodríguez, Rafał Kotyński
Important notes
This work was supported by research project UMO-2011/01/B/ST3/02281 of the Polish National Science Center (TS, PW, RK), and project TEC2009-11635 from the from the Generalitat Valenciana (DP, CZR).


We propose to use the blind deconvolution and its modification to extract the point spread function (PSF) of layered metamaterials from a SNOM measurement. The measurement results are processed using the blind deconvolution algorithm to reconstruct the real-valued non-coherent PSF, or using the modified blind deconvolution introduced in this paper to reconstruct the complex-valued coherent PSF. The two algorithms are tested in simulations with a layered metamaterial deposited on a thin metallic mask with test apertures. We show that the modified algorithm is capable of recovering the approximate shape of complex PSF with a sub-wavelength full width at half maximum from a measurement in which the apertures are larger than the wavelength.

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