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15-01-2021 | Issue 1/2021 Open Access

Emission Control Science and Technology 1/2021

Development of Tire-Wear Particle Emission Measurements for Passenger Vehicles

Emission Control Science and Technology > Issue 1/2021
Yoshio Tonegawa, Sousuke Sasaki
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In this study, we aimed to develop a new method for measuring tire-wear particles of less than 2.5 μm generated from vehicle use. We also aimed to devise a method for evaluating the emission factor of tire-wear particles. To develop an evaluation method for tire-wear particles, we examined several factors, such as how tire components in airborne particles collected on a sampling filter were measured, the comparison of tire-wear particles obtained in a laboratory study and an on-road study, a method for measuring tire-wear particles using a test vehicle, and a method for evaluating tire-wear mass using a weighting balance. Measurements of tire-wear particles were carried out using the measurement method proposed herein. The amount of tire wear that the particles generated was almost constant in a vehicle speed range of 20–40 km/h but was influenced by a change in lateral acceleration in the range of 0–0.4G. Furthermore, the relationship between the emission of tire-wear particles and the lateral acceleration force can be shown by a quadratic polynomial. We estimated the emission factor of tire-wear particles by applying the relational equation to the speed profile of the JC08 used in Japanese exhaust gas tests. The emission factor of the test tire used in this study was 3.7 mg/km-vehicle. The ratio of the tire-wear particles to tread wear mass was about 3.3% at PM2.5 and 3.7% at PM10.
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