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Brief explanation of the toolbar functions


We’ve compiled some essential information about how to use the toolbar functions.

The toolbar is available on virtually every page, even when scrolling. The available functions differ depending on the page type, so sometimes the toolbar will contain more or fewer buttons.

How do I create a bookmark?

Create a bookmark by using the blue bookmark icon in the toolbar. Simply access the page that you wish to bookmark, then click on the “Add bookmark” link that appears when you move the mouse over the bookmark icon. You can retrieve and manage your bookmarks by clicking on “My bookmarks”.

How do I delete a bookmark?

When reading a page that you have previously bookmarked, move the mouse over the delete bookmark icon in the toolbar. The bookmark is deleted by clicking on “Delete bookmark”. Alternatively, you can remove saved bookmarks by clicking on “My bookmarks” in your My Springer profile.

How do I print content?

Click the printer icon in the toolbar when you are on the page that you want to print. Your browser’s Print window then opens allowing you to change the settings to your liking before clicking the Print, OK etc., button (depending on your browser).

How do I download content (in PDF format)?

When you are viewing a book chapter or journal article, you can save the content as a PDF file. Do this by clicking the download icon. Alternatively, the table of contents of books and journals contains a “Download PDF version” link that you can click to save the PDF file.

By the way: The “Look inside” function (click on the book or journal cover image) allows you to view and scroll through an entire book or journal issue on the screen.

When can I find a journal’s archive?

When you are viewing the contents of a journal, click the archive icon to quickly switch to the journal’s archive page. Previous volumes and editions are displayed in the archive.

How can I share content?

Click on the share icon in the toolbar. Several different sharing platforms are available for you to choose from. Some of these services may require that you log in before being able to share content through them.

What is the InSite navigation?

When you are reading a book or article in full text view, you can click on this button to display the relevant table of contents. The function allows you to quickly navigate to a specific location in the text. You can then click on one of the section headings in the table to jump directly to that part of the text. Click on “Top of the page” or “Bottom of the page” to move around quickly in large documents.

How do I search inside books and journals?

Click on the magnifying glass icon to start searching in books and journal issues. Type your query in the search box  in the toolbar and press enter, or click the magnifying glass icon. The search function then limits the hits to those found within the content you are viewing.

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