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17-03-2017 | Driver Assistance Systems | News | Article

Bosch’s New Onboard Computer Is to Be the Brain of Self-Driving Vehicles

Benjamin Auerbach

In Berlin, Bosch presented an intelligent car computer for self-driving vehicles. The supplier is teaming up with chipmaker Nvidia to build the so-called AI onboard computer. 

Bosch unveiled the new vehicle computer for self-driving cars during Bosch ConnectedWorld in Berlin. The AI onboard computer is expected to guide self-driving cars through even complex traffic situations and ones that are new for the car. "We are teaching the car how to manoeuvre through road traffic by itself", said Dr. Volkmar Denner, chairman of the Bosch board of management. Bosch also plans to collaborate with Nvidia to build the core onboard computer. Nvidia is to supply Bosch with a chip that stores algorithms, generated with machine learning methods, for vehicle movements. The AI onboard computer is expected to go into production by the beginning of the next decade at the latest.

What is learnt is stored and transferred to other computers

Artificial intelligence should make it easier for self-driving vehicles to assess a situation. As a result, a self-driving car with AI can recognize and assess complex traffic situations, such as when an oncoming vehicle executes a turn, and factor these into its own driving. The computer stores whatever it learns while driving in artificial neural networks. Experts review this knowledge in the laboratory for accuracy. Following further testing on the road, the artificially generated knowledge structures can be transmitted to any number of other AI onboard computers in an update. 

Denner said that as early as the next decade, driverless cars would also be a part of everyday life. Bosch is advancing automated driving on all technological fronts. Artificial intelligence would play a key role in all areas of business at Bosch, not just mobility: "Just ten years from now, it will be virtually impossible to conceive of a Bosch product that does not involve artificial intelligence in some way. The products will either have it or be created with its help."  In early 2017, the company had already announced it was establishing a centre for artificial intelligence. Bosch is investing some 300 million euros in expanding its expertise in this area.

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