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18-04-2018 - 19-04-2018 | Driver Assistance Systems | Editor´s Pick | Wiesbaden | Event

Driver Assistance Systems 2018

4th International ATZ Conference on Automated Driving

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Thanks to the rapid development of driver assistance systems, the digital world and mechanical automobiles are increasingly merging into one. Further, steps toward partially and fully automated driving for all types of transportation are consistently being taken. Given the dynamic developments in this area, manufacturers have to constantly stay on the ball. Combining presentations and in-depth discussions, the international ATZ Conference "Driver Assistance Systems – from assistance to automated driving" being held in Wiesbaden on 18 and 19 April 2018 offers you the ideal platform.

Main subject areas:

  • users and markets
  • new methods and processes
  • vehicle technology & IT

Wiesbaden, Germany

Further informations and registration:

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