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17-05-2017 | Driver Assistance Systems | News | Article

FEV Joins 5G Automotive Association

Benjamin Auerbach

FEV believes that the 5G mobile wireless standard is a key technology for automated driving. The development service provider wants to strengthen the 5GAA network, above all, with its smart vehicle competence.

FEV has joined the globally operating 5G Automotive Association (5GAA) as a new member. The network of leading OEMs, suppliers and network providers is dedicated to jointly addressing society’s coming connected mobility and road safety needs. One focus of their collaboration lies with standardisation and certification processes.

Dino Flore, director general of the 5GAA, explains FEV’s admission: “Given FEV’s longstanding expertise as engineering service provider in the automotive industry and their active role in pushing connectivity technology, services for autonomous driving and future mobility services, we expect the company to be a major contributor to support the collaboration and alignment of the automotive and telecom worlds, as well as getting leading 5G technology onto the road.”

For years already, FEV has been a development partner for almost all OEMs and Tier 1 suppliers, and increasingly also aims to support them in the fields of connectivity, telematics and automation. For this purpose, FEV has established a global centre of excellence (CoE) “Smart Vehicle” that focuses on the interdisciplinary development tasks concerning connectivity and the automation of future vehicle development.

“Being in advanced automotive engineering for nearly 40 years already, we are excited to be part of developing the next generation of smart mobility enabled by 5G technology, jointly with leading global companies”, says Dr. Thomas Hülshorst, FEV’s group vice president of electronics and electrification, showing his pride at their membership in the 5GAA.

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