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16-02-2017 | Driver Assistance Systems | News | Article

Swarm Data Paves the Way for Autonomous Driving

Benjamin Auerbach

Volkswagen will equip its future models with new technology from Mobileye. The data generated is to flow into the cloud and may also be complemented with data from other manufacturers in the future.

Volkswagen and Mobileye plan to implement a new navigation standard for autonomous driving from 2018. For this purpose, future Volkswagen models will use the camera-based map and localisation technology Road Experience Management (REM) from Mobileye. This means that Mobileye and Volkswagen are taking the next step towards autonomous driving, and precise map contents are essential for this.

Using crowd-sourcing, REM generates real-time data for precise localisation and acquisition of high-definition track data. Volkswagen vehicles equipped with front cameras acquire lane markings and road information via optical sensor systems from Mobileye, and this information flows in compressed format into the cloud. This data is used for continuous improvement of high-definition navigation maps with high-precision localisation capability.

An industry-wide standard is possible

“The future of autonomous driving depends on the ability to create and maintain precise high-definition maps and scale them at minimal cost”, summarises Professor Amnon Shashua, Mobileye’s Chief Technology Officer. In his view, a much more important aspect is that the agreement provides a framework for industry-wide cooperation between automobile manufacturers The agreement makes it possible to merge the data of different automobile manufacturers worldwide to create a single high-definition world map and form an industry-wide standard.

Dr. Frank Welsch, Member of the Board of Management Volkswagen Brand responsible for Development: “Every day millions of Volkswagen vehicles drive on our streets. Many of them are equipped with sensors to monitor the surroundings. We can now utilise this swarm to obtain various environmental data in anonymised form related to traffic flow, road conditions and available parking places, and we can make these highly up-to-date data available in higher-level systems.” 

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