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27-02-2024 | Drivetrain | Infographic | Article

Gasoline Cars and Hybrids are the Most Popular

Author: Christiane Köllner

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In 2023, it was mainly gasoline-powered cars that were newly registered in Germany. New registrations of BEVs also increased. However, hybrids are still more popular than purely electric cars. 

Last year, new registrations of vehicles with gasoline engines in particular increased, according to data from the German Federal Motor Transport Authority (KBA). With around 978,700 new vehicles, gasoline-powered vehicles remained the most popular in 2023. This was followed by hybrid vehicles (including plug-in hybrids) with around 840,300 new registrations, according to Statista. According to the KBA, the proportion of plug-in hybrids among hybrid vehicles was 6.2 % (175,724 new registrations). The number of new registrations of purely battery electric vehicles (BEVs) rose by 11.4 % compared to the same period last year. With 524,219 new registrations, they accounted for 18.4 % of total registrations in the reporting period.

According to the KBA, the number of passenger cars with alternative drive systems (BEV, hybrid, plug-in hybrid, fuel cell, gas, hydrogen) in 2023 was up 4.8 % on the same period of the previous year. 1,379,260 new cars, or 48.5 % of the total of 2,844,609 new car registrations, were equipped with an alternative drive system. 700,206 new cars, or 24.6 %, were equipped with an electric drive (BEV, plug-in hybrid, fuel cell), 16 % fewer than in the same period in 2022.

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