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08-09-2023 | Drivetrain | Editor´s Pick | News

Magna Produces First eDecoupling Units for BEVs

Author: Christiane Köllner

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Magna starts the first production of a modular eDecoupling unit for BEVs. The market launch is planned in several vehicles of a German premium OEM.

Magna has announced the production launch of a modular eDecoupling unit for multiple battery electric vehicles (BEVs) for a German premium OEM. According to Magna, it is the first stand-alone solution for BEVs available on the market.

Magna's electromagnetic eDecoupling is integrated as a complete module in BEVs. It disconnects the e-motor from the drive shaft in electric vehicles when propulsion power is not needed. This is intended to reduce energy consumption and thus increase efficiency. According to Magna, it helps increase electric range by up to 9 %. This is said to be achieved by reducing drag torque losses of the e-motor and gearbox. In the process, the eDecoupling software controls all gearshifts.

Decoupling for More Range: From the B-Segment to Light Commercial Vehicles

The eDecoupling unit is said to offer advantages such as better NVH behavior due to integration by the powertrain control system. Added to this is a compact design and an activation time of less than 100 ms. "Due to the compact design of the unit, we’ve successfully minimized added package space and weight in both axial and radial direction, which has helped ensure that it can be scalable for use across electric and hybrid vehicles from B segment up to SUVs and LCVs", said Diba Ilunga, President Magna Powertrain.

Magna has developed a complete family of eDecoupling solutions that will go into series production in BEV secondary eDrive applications in the near future. The new eDecoupling unit will be produced at Magna's plant in Lannach, Austria.


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