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19-06-2024 | Drivetrain | Editor´s Pick | News

New Engines from Mazda, Toyota and Subaru

Author: Patrick Schäfer

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Mazda, Toyota and Subaru have agreed to jointly develop a new generation of engines. This is to be specially tailored to electrified powertrains.

The Japanese car manufacturers Mazda, Toyota and Subaru want to jointly develop a new generation of combustion engines. With an even more compact design, it should offer new possibilities for packaging. The engines, which are specially tailored to electrified powertrains, should also be able to run on CO2-neutral fuels. In addition to e-fuels, this should also include biofuels and liquid hydrogen. 

All three companies want to further develop the new engines in line with their model portfolio. Subaru, for example, will continue to rely on boxer engines. "We will continue to offer customers exciting cars by honing internal combustion engines for the electrification era and expanding the multi-pathway possibilities for achieving carbon neutrality", says Masahiro Moro, Representative Director, President and CEO of Mazda Motor Corporation. The three Japanese automakers are jointly pursuing the approach of CO2 neutrality through a multi-pronged, open technology approach. 

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