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26-03-2021 | Drivetrain | News | Article

Magna Introduces Two New Electric Powertrain Systems

Patrick Schäfer
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Magna has unveiled an intelligent, connected PHEV powertrain and the AWD-eDrive system. The electric drive systems are designed to increase efficiency, range and driving dynamics. 

U.S.-based supplier and powertrain developer Magna has unveiled a connected PHEV powertrain and next-generation battery electric drive systems. The Magna EtelligentEco smart connected PHEV system runs on specially tuned operating software and controls, as well as the new dedicated hybrid transmission with 120-kW electric motor. It offers an electric range of around 100 km thanks to cloud connectivity and several new features. For example, it takes local charging power offers into account and always recommends the regionally more environmentally friendly power option to the driver. Intelligent cruise control with eco-routing can also be used for the most efficient destination guidance.

Magna has also introduced EtelligentReach, a next-generation all-electric AWD solution. The system integrates intelligent operating software and control and is said to offer improved driving dynamics in addition to increased range. Compared to current BEVs, range is said to be increased by 20 % or 145 km thanks to the decoupling function, inverter with silicon carbide technology and the improved operating software.

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