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2023 | Book

Dual-Mass Linear Vibration Silicon-Based MEMS Gyroscope

Author: Huiliang Cao

Publisher: Springer Nature Singapore


About this book

This book introduces the key technologies in the manufacture of double-mass line vibrating silicon micromechanical gyroscope, respectively. The design of gyrostructure, detection technology, orthogonal correction technology, the influence of temperature and the design of measurement and control system framework are introduced in detail, with illustrations for easy understanding.

It presents the principle, structure and related technology of silicon-based MEMS gyroscope. The content enlightens the researchers of silicon-based MEMS gyroscopes and gives readers a new understanding of the structural design of silicon-based gyroscopes and the design of dual-mass gyroscopes.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1. Introduction
In the late 1980s, large scale and very large-scale integrated circuits appeared in the field of microelectronics science, making the integration of the circuit continuously improved, and the processing size is becoming smaller and smaller.
Huiliang Cao
Chapter 2. Silicon Based MEMS Gyroscope Structure and Working Principle
Dual-mass linear vibration silicon-based MEMS gyroscope is an inertial sensor based on the principle of Coriolis effect. Therefore, the principle of its operation should be studied in depth to find out the main factors and errors and interference items in the principle level.
Huiliang Cao
Chapter 3. Dual-Mass Linear Vibration Silicon-Based MEMS Gyroscope Structure Noise Analysis and System Model
With the in-depth development of silicon micromechanical gyroscope related technology, its structural noise has gradually become one of the main factors affecting its accuracy [106].
Huiliang Cao
Chapter 4. Dual-Mass Linear Vibration Silicon-Based MEMS Gyroscope Quadrature Error Correction Technology and Optimization
For the ideal structure of gyro and monitoring circuit, Coriolis signal and circuit noise exist in the output, its character is only determined by the temperature drift, but it can be known from Figs. 1–15 gyro structure are greatly influenced by the processing error, these unfavorable factors to a large extent determine the zero drift and characteristic of the output signal. Reasonable analysis of the expression of machining error in engineering and quantification of each component of the output signal can be more targeted to design the relevant loop and improve the performance of gyro.
Huiliang Cao
Chapter 5. Dual-Mass Linear Vibration Silicon-Based MEMS Gyroscope Sensing Closed Loop and Frequency Tuning Technology
Huiliang Cao
Chapter 6. Temperature Influence on Silicon-Based MEMS Gyroscope and Suppression Method
Because the sensitive structure of silicon micromachined gyroscope is sensitive to temperature, the temperature has a great influence on the silicon micromachined gyroscope, and the influence not only occurs in the change of the working environment temperature of the gyroscope, but also the heat generated by the circuit of the micromachined gyroscope when the environment temperature is constant is enough to make the output signal of the gyroscope drift.
Huiliang Cao
Chapter 7. Dual-Mass Linear Vibration Silicon Based MEMS Gyroscope Monitoring Circuit Design and Test Technology
In the form of analog circuit according to the analysis and related parameters of the drive circuit, detection interface, quadraturely coupled stiffness nulling circuit and PIPLC detection closed-loop circuit controller on the printed circuit board.
Huiliang Cao
Dual-Mass Linear Vibration Silicon-Based MEMS Gyroscope
Huiliang Cao
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