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01-04-2023 | Research Article

A user requirements-oriented privacy policy self-adaption scheme in cloud computing

In an ever-changing environment, Software as a Service (SaaS) can rarely protect users’ privacy. Being able to manage and control the privacy is therefore an important goal for SaaS. Once the participant of composite service is substituted, it is …

Changbo Ke, Fu Xiao, Zhiqiu Huang, Fangxiong Xiao

01-04-2023 | Research Article

Scalable and quantitative contention generation for performance evaluation on OLTP databases

Massive scale of transactions with critical requirements become popular for emerging businesses, especially in E-commerce. One of the most representative applications is the promotional event running on Alibaba’s platform on some special dates …

Chunxi Zhang, Yuming Li, Rong Zhang, Weining Qian, Aoying Zhou

Open Access 01-12-2022 | Research

The analysis of financial market risk based on machine learning and particle swarm optimization algorithm

The financial industry is a key to promoting the development of the national economy, and the risk it takes is also the largest hidden risk in the financial market. Therefore, the risk existing in the current financial market should be deeply …

Tao Liu, Zhongyang Yu

01-12-2022 | Original Article

Analyzing the uncharted territory of monetizing scam Videos on YouTube

In recent times, the Indian government has launched campaigns cautioning users against malicious apps which trick users into expending money on the app in the false hopes of quick passive income. They are also tricked into sharing their personally …

Ashutosh Tripathi, Mohona Ghosh, Kusum Bharti

01-12-2022 | Original Article

Credibility aspects’ perceptions of social networks, a survey

Social networks are currently considered the universally superior information source for people as well as organizations. This source is considered as one of the main components featuring an immense variety of successful applications that support …

Amira M. Idrees, Yehia Helmy, Ayman E. Khedr

Open Access 01-12-2022 | Research

Unsung voices of technology in school education-findings using the constructivist grounded theory approach

Technology adoption for school education further gained momentum during the COVID-19 pandemic. However, the challenges and strategies of children belonging to the less privileged (we use ‘privileged’ in the article to identify those enjoying a …

V. Deepa, R. Sujatha, Jitendra Mohan

Open Access 01-12-2022 | Case study

Evaluation of the trends in jobs and skill-sets using data analytics: a case study

Emerging technologies, such as Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML) and robotics have accelerated the march towards widespread automation in many industries and domains. This trend has become increasingly apparent over the past …

Armin Alibasic, Himanshu Upadhyay, Mecit Can Emre Simsekler, Thomas Kurfess, Wei Lee Woon, Mohammed Atif Omar

01-12-2022 | Original Article

Budgeted influence and earned benefit maximization with tags in social networks

Influence Maximization Problem aims at identifying a limited number of highly influential users who will be working for diffusion agents to maximize the influence. In case of Budgeted Influence Maximization (BIM), the users of the network have a …

Suman Banerjee, Bithika Pal

Open Access 01-12-2022 | Survey paper

A systematic review and research perspective on recommender systems

Recommender systems are efficient tools for filtering online information, which is widespread owing to the changing habits of computer users, personalization trends, and emerging access to the internet. Even though the recent recommender systems …

Deepjyoti Roy, Mala Dutta

Open Access 01-12-2022 | Original article

Digital adoption and efficiency in the maritime industry

The COVID-19 pandemic has augmented pre-existing digitalization and environmental trends. In the maritime industry, one of the marked impacts of the pandemic is how the regard for technology has changed. There is now greater appetite and …

Dimitris Gavalas, Theodoros Syriopoulos, Efthimios Roumpis

Open Access 01-12-2022 | Research

OpenIaC: open infrastructure as code - the network is my computer

Modern information systems are built fron a complex composition of networks, infrastructure, devices, services, and applications, interconnected by data flows that are often private and financially sensitive. The 5G networks, which can create …

Chunming Rong, Jiahui Geng, Thomas J. Hacker, Haakon Bryhni, Martin G. Jaatun

Open Access 01-12-2022 | Research

An integrated model for evaluation of big data challenges and analytical methods in recommender systems

The study aimed to present an integrated model for evaluation of big data (BD) challenges and analytical methods in recommender systems (RSs). The proposed model used fuzzy multi-criteria decision making (MCDM) which is a human judgment-based …

Adeleh Asemi, Asefeh Asemi, Andrea Ko, Ali Alibeigi

Open Access 01-12-2022 | Research

Application of deterministic, stochastic, and hybrid methods for cloud provider selection

Cloud Computing popularization inspired the emergence of many new cloud service providers. The significant number of cloud providers available drives users to complex or even impractical choice of the most suitable one to satisfy his needs without …

Lucas Borges de Moraes, Rafael Stubs Parpinelli, Adriano Fiorese

01-12-2022 | Original Article

Towards Arabic aspect-based sentiment analysis: a transfer learning-based approach

Aspect-based sentiment analysis (ABSA) is a fine-grained sentiment analysis task that aims to extract the discussed aspects and identify their corresponding sentiment polarities from a given text. Most of the existing Arabic ABSA methods rely …

Rajae Bensoltane, Taher Zaki

Open Access 01-12-2022 | Original Paper

Developing disruptive mobility scenarios for rural areas. Participatory mobility scenario building in a Belgian village for the year 2050

Despite the fact that current transport policy is often based on forecasts, forecasts are often inaccurate [ 1 ]. Forecasting models are continuously updated,however, their accuracy has not improved [ 2 ]. This is because the future is not a linear …

Sara Tori, Jesse Pappers, Imre Keserü

Open Access 01-12-2022 | Research

Weighted enclosing subgraph-based link prediction for complex network

Link prediction is a fundamental research issue in complex network, which can reveal the potential relationships between users. Most of link prediction algorithms are heuristic and based on topology structure. Weisfeiler–Lehman Neural Machine …

Weiwei Yuan, Yun Han, Donghai Guan, Guangjie Han, Yuan Tian, Abdullah Al-Dhelaan, Mohammed Al-Dhelaan

Open Access 01-12-2022 | Original article

The co-evolution of seaports and dry ports in Shandong province in China under the Belt and Road Initiative

Nowadays, Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) has been prosperous for a long time and brings plenty of opportunities to every aspect of China. As a coastal province with lots of port resources, Shandong province has implemented port integration, and …

Yiran Sun, Yuqian Wang, Jingci Xie

01-12-2022 | Original Article

Predicting stimulation index of information transmissions by local structural features in social networks

In social networking services (SNSs) such as Twitter and Facebook, a variety of information is transmitted among users, and the network grows through the chain of information transmission. The process of information diffusion can be regarded as a …

Kazufumi Inafuku, Takayasu Fushimi, Tetsuji Satoh

Open Access 01-12-2022 | Research

A machine learning based credit card fraud detection using the GA algorithm for feature selection

The recent advances of e-commerce and e-payment systems have sparked an increase in financial fraud cases such as credit card fraud. It is therefore crucial to implement mechanisms that can detect the credit card fraud. Features of credit card …

Emmanuel Ileberi, Yanxia Sun, Zenghui Wang

Open Access 01-12-2022 | Survey paper

NLP-based platform as a service: a brief review

Natural language processing (NLP) refers to the field of study that focuses on the interactions between human language and computers. It has recently gained much attention for analyzing human language computationally and has spread its …

Sebastião Pais, João Cordeiro, M. Luqman Jamil

Open Access 01-12-2022 | Research

Social media text analytics of Malayalam–English code-mixed using deep learning

Zigzag conversational patterns of contents in social media are often perceived as noisy or informal text. Unrestricted usage of vocabulary in social media communications complicates the processing of code-mixed text. This paper accentuates two …

S. Thara, Prabaharan Poornachandran

01-12-2022 | Original Article

An effective short-text topic modelling with neighbourhood assistance-driven NMF in Twitter

Social media such as Twitter connect billions of people by allowing them to exchange their thoughts via short-text communication. Topic modelling is a widely used technique for analysing short texts. Discovering topic clusters in short-text …

Shalani Athukorala, Wathsala Mohotti

Open Access 01-12-2022 | Research article

Development and validation of students’ digital competence scale (SDiCoS)

Towards the transition to blended and remote education, evaluating the levels of students’ digital competence and designing educational programs to advance them is of paramount importance. Existing validated digital competence scales usually …

Katerina Tzafilkou, Maria Perifanou, A. A. Economides

Open Access 01-12-2022 | Original Article

Data-driven Product Functional Configuration: Patent Data and Hypergraph

The product functional configuration (PFC) is typically used by firms to satisfy the individual requirements of customers and is realized based on market analysis. This study aims to help firms analyze functions and realize functional …

Wenguang Lin, Xiaodong Liu, Renbin Xiao

01-12-2022 | Research Article

Graph convolution machine for context-aware recommender system

The latest advance in recommendation shows that better user and item representations can be learned via performing graph convolutions on the user-item interaction graph. However, such finding is mostly restricted to the collaborative filtering …

Jiancan Wu, Xiangnan He, Xiang Wang, Qifan Wang, Weijian Chen, Jianxun Lian, Xing Xie

Open Access 01-12-2022 | Research

Hypergraph cuts with edge-dependent vertex weights

We develop a framework for incorporating edge-dependent vertex weights (EDVWs) into the hypergraph minimum s-t cut problem. These weights are able to reflect different importance of vertices within a hyperedge, thus leading to better characterized …

Yu Zhu, Santiago Segarra

01-12-2022 | Original Article

Design of a personalized recommender system using sentiment analysis in social media (case study: banking system)

Customer retention and finding a way to preserve the customers are the most important issues of any organization. The main purpose of the present study in machine learning is to focus on correctly identifying customer needs with a method based on …

Mehregan Ghobakhloo, Melika Ghobakhloo

Open Access 01-12-2022 | Methodology

An efficient annealing-assisted differential evolution for multi-parameter adaptive latent factor analysis

A high-dimensional and incomplete (HDI) matrix is a typical representation of big data. However, advanced HDI data analysis models tend to have many extra parameters. Manual tuning of these parameters, generally adopting the empirical knowledge …

Qing Li, Guansong Pang, Mingsheng Shang

01-12-2022 | Original Article

Bibliometric analysis of the published literature on machine learning in economics and econometrics

An extensive literature providing information on published materials in machine learning exists. However, machine learning is still a rather new concept in the fields of economics and econometrics. This study aims to identify different properties …

Ebru Çağlayan Akay, Naciye Tuba Yılmaz Soydan, Burcu Kocarık Gacar

Open Access 01-12-2022 | Research article

How learner engagement impacts non-formal online learning outcomes through value co-creation: an empirical analysis

From the perspective of service science and its core concept of value co-creation, promoting learner engagement is critical for learning outcomes in a non-formal online learning environment. To promote online learning performance, we study how …

Cenlan Wang, Tala Mirzaei, Tao Xu, Hui Lin

Open Access 01-12-2022 | Research

Fintech application on banking stability using Big Data of an emerging economy

The rapid growth and development of financial technological advancement (Fintech) services and innovations have attracted the attention of scholars who are now on a quest to analyse their impact on the banking sector. This study conducts several …

Fang Yin, Xiaomei Jiao, Jincheng Zhou, Xiong Yin, Ebuka Ibeke, Marvellous GodsPraise Iwendi, Cresantus Biamba

01-12-2022 | Original Article

Optimal hierarchical attention network-based sentiment analysis for movie recommendation

In recent days, recommender systems are extremely widespread applications for handling information overload issues by offering personalized recommendations, and also, the researchers began to utilize the sentiment analysis-based movie …

Deepjyoti Roy, Mala Dutta

Open Access 01-12-2022 | Original Paper

The dynamic interaction between COVID-19 and shipping freight rates: a quantile on quantile analysis

This study determines the impact of the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) that has been prevalent since the year 2019, on the shipping freights. This task has been undertaken by using the wavelet quantile on the quantile approach. The results of the …

Khalid Khan, Chi Wei Su, Adnan Khurshid, Muhammad Umar


An object detection-based framework for automatically recognizing iStar hand drafts

Although various requirements modeling tools have been developed in the past decades to facilitate modeling practice, hand drafting is still preferred to a certain extent by some modelers. Thus, digitizing hand drafts has been essential in …

Yuran Zhu, Tong Li


An Automated Security Concerns Recommender Based on Use Case Specification Ontology

Identifying security concerns is a security activity that can be integrated into the requirements development phase. However, it has been shown that manually identifying concerns is a time-consuming and challenging task. The software engineering …

Imano Williams, Xiaohong Yuan, Mohd Anwar, J. Todd McDonald

Open Access 01-10-2022

DeTi: A Decentralized Ticketing Management Platform

Event tickets being sold in their electronic instances are subject to counterfeiting, profiteering, and black markets. Therefore, suitable service management mechanisms are required to overcome such deficits. This work designs, develops, and …

Sina Rafati Niya, Simon Bachmann, Claudio Brasser, Michael Bucher, Nicolas Spielmann, Burkhard Stiller

01-10-2022 | Original Article

Exploring the environmental efficiency of airlines through a parallel RAM approach

Air pollution in the aviation industry is becoming increasingly severe worldwide, along with rapid economic development. Therefore, it is significant to pay close attention to airlines worldwide. Usually, the airlines contain passenger …

Ye Li, Xing-chun Huang, Qiang Cui

01-10-2022 | Research Article

Citywide package deliveries via crowdshipping: minimizing the efforts from crowdsourcers

Most current crowdsourced logistics aim to minimize systems cost and maximize delivery capacity, but the efforts of crowdsourcers such as drivers are almost ignored. In the delivery process, drivers usually need to take long-distance detours in …

Sijing Cheng, Chao Chen, Shenle Pan, Hongyu Huang, Wei Zhang, Yuming Feng

01-10-2022 | Research Article

Efficient and stable quorum-based log replication and replay for modern cluster-databases

The modern in-memory database (IMDB) can support highly concurrent on-line transaction processing (OLTP) workloads and generate massive transactional logs per second. Quorum-based replication protocols such as Paxos or Raft have been widely used …

Donghui Wang, Peng Cai, Weining Qian, Aoying Zhou


BTrust: A New Blockchain-Based Trust Management Protocol for Resource Sharing

The emergence of blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies opened the possibility for building novel peer-to-peer (P2P) resource allocation and sharing models. However, the trustless nature of these P2P models creates the need for reliable and …

Badr Bellaj, Aafaf Ouaddah, Emmanuel Bertin, Noel Crespi, Abdellatif Mezrioui, Khalid Bellaj

Open Access 01-10-2022 | Original Article

Freight Traffic Impacts and Logistics Inefficiencies in India: Policy Interventions and Solution Concepts for Sustainable City Logistics

Freight traffic fulfils not only the business needs of a region to move goods between producers, manufacturers, and end consumers, but also creates a host of unintended environmental, social, and economic impacts. Despite its importance, freight …

Prasanta K. Sahu, Agnivesh Pani, Georgina Santos

01-10-2022 | Original article

Transitioning to low-GWP alternatives with enhanced energy efficiency in cooling non-residential buildings of China

The electricity demand for space cooling in the non-residential building (NRB) sector of China is growing significantly and is becoming increasingly critical with rapid economic development and mounting impacts of climate change. The growing …

Xu Wang, Pallav Purohit

01-10-2022 | Wissen — 1.2 KI und der Mensch

Was wirklich bleibt: KI und deren praktische Anwendung

Ertan Özdil

01-10-2022 | Wissen — Künstliche Intelligenz

KI als Werkzeug in der Problemzone Intralogistik

Marcel Queng

01-10-2022 | Wissen — Künstliche Intelligenz

Einsatz und Grenzen von Machine Learning in der Supply-Chain-Planung

Mauro Adorno

Open Access 28-09-2022 | Original Article

Watch who you trust! A structured literature review to build a typology of e-government risks

The information systems, e-business, and e-government literature has unanimously shown that trust and risk are antecedents of the use of information technology and technology-based services. However, a deeper understanding of the relationship …

Bettina Distel, Holger Koelmann, Ralf Plattfaut, Jörg Becker

28-09-2022 | Regular Article

The role of diversity and ensemble learning in credit card fraud detection

The number of daily credit card transactions is inexorably growing: the e-commerce market expansion and the recent constraints for the Covid-19 pandemic have significantly increased the use of electronic payments. The ability to precisely detect …

Gian Marco Paldino, Bertrand Lebichot, Yann-Aël Le Borgne, Wissam Siblini, Frédéric Oblé, Giacomo Boracchi, Gianluca Bontempi


Topic enhanced sentiment co-attention BERT

In the sentiment analysis tasks, the idea of introducing external information to improve the prediction performance is sprouting up. The Topic Sentiment Joint Model shows that as the carrier of fine-grained sentiment, topics have an auxiliary …

Shiyu Wang, Gang Zhou, Jicang Lu, Jing Chen, Yi Xia


Online post-purchase customer experience: a qualitative study using NVivo software

Online shopping is integral part of marketing, everything from purchasing luxurious items to grocery items are being purchased online. Thus, in order to have competitive advantage the retailers need to introduce various touchpoints. Brick and …

Mehak Goyal, Pankaj Deshwal


An Optimal Cluster Based Intrusion Detection System for Defence Against Attack in Web and Cloud Computing Environments

In recent years, the rapid growth of information technology organizations causes ability to meet their demands such as scalability, mobility and flexibility. The security and privacy is a major issue of those organizations that’s why they move the …

K. G. Maheswari, C. Siva, G. Nalini Priya


Online channel configuration strategy considering contract manufacturer encroachment and green investment

Increased consumer environmental awareness prompts an original equipment manufacturer (OEM) to work with a green contract manufacturer (CM), where the latter can encroach on the existing market and compete with its OEM by introducing his own-label …

Yanting Li, Cuihua Zhang, Chunyu Li, Yong Ma


Selling through social media influencers in influencer marketing: participation-based contract versus sales-based contract

With the rise of social media, social media platforms such as Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, and Twitter have been the venues to promote products in the era of digitalization. We develop game-theoretical models to investigate the impacts of the …

Bin Shen, Ming Cheng, Renlong He, Minglei Yang


Impact of emotional intelligence and personality traits on managing team performance in virtual interface

This research paper explores the implications of emotional intelligence and the Big Five personality model on virtual team effectiveness. It illustrates how emotional intelligence and Big Five personality traits help team members better understand …

Susan Murmu, Netra Neelam


Impact of Digital Assistant Attributes on Millennials’ Purchasing Intentions: A Multi-Group Analysis using PLS-SEM, Artificial Neural Network and fsQCA

The rising population of millennials, coupled with Digital Assistants (DA) and online purchasing trends among consumers have gained increasing attention by global marketers. The study evaluates the influence of DA attributes on the purchasing …

Manu Sharma, Sudhanshu Joshi, Sunil Luthra, Anil Kumar


Strategic introduction for competitive fresh produce in an e-commerce platform with demand information sharing

To satisfy consumers’ diverse demands for fresh produce, the supplier may introduce competitive fresh produce through the reselling or agency channel of the platform to expand market coverage. Under the uncertain market environment, the supplier …

Yu Tian, Bin Dan, Molin Liu, Ting Lei, Songxuan Ma

22-09-2022 | Regular Paper

Mining dynamic preferences from geographical and interactive correlations for next POI recommendation

Next point-of-interest recommendation has become an increasingly significant requirement in location-based social networks. Recently, RNN-based methods have shown promising advantages in next POI recommendation due to their superior abilities in …

Jieyu Ren, Mingxin Gan

Open Access 20-09-2022 | Original Article

Primary node election based on probabilistic linguistic term set with confidence interval in the PBFT consensus mechanism for blockchain

This study proposes a primary node election method based on probabilistic linguistic term set (PLTS) for the practical Byzantine fault tolerance (PBFT) consensus mechanism to effectively enhance the efficiency of reaching consensus. Specifically …

Mingyue Xie, Jun Liu, Shuyu Chen, Guangxia Xu, Mingwei Lin


Top-N Recommendation System Using Explicit Feedback and Outer Product Based Residual CNN

Deep Neural Networks (DNN) has attained impressive results in various natural language processing tasks. It attracts the researchers to apply DNN in the Recommender Systems (RS). Typically, majority of the recommendation algorithms apply …

P. Bhuvaneshwari, A. Nagaraja Rao, Y. Harold Robinson


Research on heterogeneous customer hotel supply chain channel selection model based on game theory

In the context of the epidemic of New Coronavirus, customers have a heterogeneous preference for hotel consumption channels. Based on this, the hotel supply chain channel selection model was established, and the wholesale of hotels and online …

Mu Shengdong, Zheng Zeng, Wei Jintong, Wang Yuanyuan, Xiong Ying


Building a Lucy hybrid model for grocery sales forecasting based on time series

Nowadays, time series data are applied in many fields, such as economics, medicine, biology, science, society, nature, environment, or typically in weather forecasting. Time series is a tool that includes methodological formulas and models to help …

Duy Thanh Tran, Jun-Ho Huh, Jae-Hwan Kim

20-09-2022 | Regular Paper

Toward maintenance of hypercores in large-scale dynamic hypergraphs

In this paper, we study hypercore maintenance in large-scale dynamic hypergraphs. A hypergraph, whose hyperedges may contain a set of vertices rather than two vertices in pairwise graphs, can represent complex interactions in more sophisticated …

Qi Luo, Dongxiao Yu, Zhipeng Cai, Xuemin Lin, Guanghui Wang, Xiuzhen Cheng

19-09-2022 | Regular Paper

Adaptive vertical federated learning via feature map transferring in mobile edge computing

To bring more intelligence to edge systems, Federated Learning (FL) is proposed to provide a privacy-preserving mechanism to train a globally shared model by utilizing a massive amount of user-generated data on devices. FL enables multiple clients …

Yuanzhang Li, Tianchi Sha, Thar Baker, Xiao Yu, Zhiwei Shi, Sikang Hu

17-09-2022 | Research Article

Facial expression recognition on partially occluded faces using component based ensemble stacked CNN

Facial Expression Recognition (FER) is the basis for many applications including human-computer interaction and surveillance. While developing such applications, it is imperative to understand human emotions for better interaction with machines.

Sivaiah Bellamkonda, N. P. Gopalan, C. Mala, Lavanya Settipalli

17-09-2022 | Original Paper

A network security algorithm using SVC and sliding window

With the rapid development and popularization of the Internet, the dependency of human life on the Internet is increasing by degrees. The demand for video transmission is also rising with the emergence of portable and handheld devices such as …

Xuemin Zhao

17-09-2022 | Research Paper

A generalized trust establishment model architecture for designing robust trust establishment models

The intelligent agents that populate Multi-Agent Systems (MASs) can exhibit varying behaviours depending on their design and the environment in which they reside. Thus, trustees must be able to adapt how they interact with trustors to ensure that …

Julian Templeton, Thomas Tran


Meaningless procedures can be meaningful for information security: consumer use of single and multiple cues in information security inferences

Exchanging and transferring digital information is an essential process in marketing. While digital information security has become a critical success factor, little empirical work has addressed underlying psychological processes of how consumers …

Yong-Wan Park, Paul M. Herr, Byung Cho Kim


ICT-Based Country-Level Determinants of Social Media Diffusion

There is a broad consensus that social media platforms have become critical tools for policymakers in achieving various policy objectives in a country. Therefore, an in-depth understanding of the ICT-based country-level determinants of social …

Jithesh Arayankalam, Satish Krishnan

Open Access 14-09-2022

Extending the Theory of Planned Behavior in the Social Commerce Context: A Meta-Analytic SEM (MASEM) Approach

The theory of planned behavior (TPB) is popular in social commerce research, but existing studies have yielded inconclusive and inconsistent findings. As TPB was developed before the introduction of the Internet, Web 2.0 technologies, and social …

Lai-Ying Leong, Teck-Soon Hew, Keng-Boon Ooi, Bhimaraya Metri, Yogesh K. Dwivedi


A novel assembly process guidance using augmented reality for a standalone hybrid energy system

The increase in the maturity level and the competitiveness of renewable energy systems, such as wind or solar-powered systems, is modifying the energy production market. Due to the possibility of decentralizing energy sources, standalone hybrid …

Sasan Sattarpanah Karganroudi, Rosa Elvira Silva, Yousef Chahdi El Ouazani, Ahmad Aminzadeh, Mariya Dimitrova, Hussein Ibrahim


Exploring potential biases towards blockbuster items in ranking-based recommendations

Popularity bias is defined as the intrinsic tendency of recommendation algorithms to feature popular items more than unpopular ones in the ranked lists lists they produced. When investigating the adverse effects of popularity bias, the literature …

Emre Yalcin


A systematic review of uncertainty theory with the use of scientometrical method

Uncertainty theory is an area in axiomatic mathematics recently proposed by Professor Baoding Liu and aiming to deal with belief degrees. Retrieving 1004 journal articles from the Web of Science database between 2008 and 2019, and utilizing …

Jian Zhou, Yujiao Jiang, Athanasios A. Pantelous, Weiwen Dai

13-09-2022 | Research Article-Computer Engineering and Computer Science

Assessment of Discrete BAT-Modified (DBAT-M) Optimization Algorithm for Community Detection in Complex Network

The science of networks has made drastic changes in the modeling of complex real-world systems. Community detection is one of the most important complex network concepts to divulge the unknown structural patterns of the network and extract unknown …

Kirti Aggarwal, Anuja Arora


The evolving international entrepreneurship orientations and international entrepreneurship capital in the rapidly changing and digitizing international environments

The relationship between entrepreneurial orientations and internationalization has been examined extensively, but the recent developments in the rapidly changing environment point to the need for further examination of international entrepreneurs’ …

Hamid Etemad

12-09-2022 | Regular Paper

Learning-based query optimization for multi-probe approximate nearest neighbor search

Approximate nearest neighbor search (ANNS) is a fundamental problem that has attracted widespread attention for decades. Multi-probe ANNS is one of the most important classes of ANNS methods, playing crucial roles in disk-based, GPU-based, and …

Pengcheng Zhang, Bin Yao, Chao Gao, Bin Wu, Xiao He, Feifei Li, Yuanfei Lu, Chaoqun Zhan, Feilong Tang

Open Access 11-09-2022 | Catchword

Mini-App Ecosystems

Since the launch of the first iPhone in 2007 and the Apple App Store for mobile apps for iPhones in 2008, almost 1.96 million apps have been made available on the App Store for iOS users (Statista 2021 ). This makes the Apple App Store the …

Maximilian Schreieck, Ange Ou, Helmut Krcmar


Examining the success of women of color-owned small and medium-sized enterprises in the United States: A system dynamics perspective

The objective of this study was to unravel the challenges confronting women of color (WoC)-owned small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in the United States. This is based on findings that most WoC-owned SMEs fail within the first few years of …

Saroj Koul, Ivan W. Taylor, Oluwabunmi A. Falebita, Takuma Ono, Rowland Chen, Mia T. Vogel


Proliferation in live streaming commerce, and key opinion leader selection

Live streaming commerce is emerging as one new business model in e-commerce, with an influx of key opinion leaders (KOLs) flushing into the business as live streamers. Prior literature has noticed the improved communication channels and product …

Wenjing Lyu, Ye Qi, Jin Liu

08-09-2022 | Original Paper

Front-end issues in product family design: systematic literature review and meta-synthesis

This paper carried out a systematic literature review and meta-synthesis of 72 peer-reviewed articles and book chapters (1998–2021) that addressed front-end issues in product family design. As a result, 72 methods were identified using 120 …

Leandro Gauss, Daniel P. Lacerda, Paulo A. Cauchick Miguel


Optimal operational strategies for online retailers with demand and return uncertainty

Online retailers incur added costs to receive returned products from customers compared to their traditional brick and mortar counterparts. When a product is returned to an online retailer, the return shipping cost often falls upon the retailer.

Wenting Pan, Candice H. Huynh


What drives online-to-offline purchase intention in a VR store? An examination of affective and cognitive factors

Numerous companies are considering implementing virtual reality (VR) technology in both online and offline stores to attract more customers, as they realized in recent years that the shopping contexts built with VR help provide consumers with …

Kuo-Lun Hsiao, Chia-Chen Chen, Kuan-Yu Lin, Hui-Ya Hsu

Open Access 06-09-2022 | ECSCW Contribution

How Live Streaming Changes Shopping Decisions in E-commerce: A Study of Live Streaming Commerce

Live Streaming Commerce (LSC) is proliferating in China and gaining traction worldwide. LSC is an e-commerce service where sellers communicate with consumers through live streaming while consumers can place orders within the same system. Despite …

Ye Wang, Zhicong Lu, Peng Cao, Jingyi Chu, Haonan Wang, Roger Wattenhofer


A stock options metaphor for content delivery networks

We focus on the timely issue of Content Delivery Network (CDN) resource management. We introduce a multi-stage scheme that leverages solutions from the capital market. The mechanism of Stock Options (SOs) is used to address a potential scarcity of …

Elias Vathias, Stathes Hadjiefthymiades


The Dark Web and the future of illicit drug markets

Information and communication technologies (ICTs), particularly the internet, have transformed almost every aspect of human life. While most of the breakthroughs in this area have offered great benefits, unintended negative consequences have also …

Mohamed Chawki


Instance segmentation-based review photo validation scheme

User reviews of products in online shopping malls significantly influence the purchase decision of those products. Consequently, many shopping malls have diverse reward systems to encourage users to upload their reviews. In particular, for fashion …

Sungwoo Park, Jaeuk Moon, Seongkuk Cho, Eenjun Hwang

03-09-2022 | S.I.: AI based Techniques and Applications for Intelligent IoT Systems

A method of forecasting trade export volume based on back-propagation neural network

Financial forecasting has been greatly improved in recent years, but at long horizons, forecast accuracy may be low. Foreign trade plays an important role in introducing advanced technology and equipment, expanding employment opportunities …

Chenglin Dai


The impact of COVID-19 on Japanese firms: mobility and resilience via remote work

Drawing on the original survey of Japanese firms during the COVID-19 pandemic, we estimate the impact of the crisis on firms’ sales, employment and hours worked per employee and roles of work-from-home (WfH) arrangements in mitigating negative …

Daiji Kawaguchi, Sagiri Kitao, Manabu Nose

Open Access 03-09-2022 | Regular Paper

Pull–push: a measure of over- or underpersonalization in recommendation

A recommender system imposes differences between users, by presenting to them different recommendation lists, which they respond to, resulting in different “reaction” lists. Comparison of the differences in the recommendation and reaction lists …

Gebrekirstos G. Gebremeskel, Arjen P. de Vries

Open Access 02-09-2022 | Research Paper

Being Informed or Getting the Product?

How the Coexistence of Scarcity Cues and Online Consumer Reviews Affects Online Purchase Decisions

Scarcity cues, which are increasingly implemented on e-commerce platforms, are known to impair cognitive processes and influence consumers’ decision-making by increasing perceived product value and purchase intention. Another feature present on …

Andrea Wrabel, Alexander Kupfer, Steffen Zimmermann


Comparative analysis of algorithms with data mining methods for examining attitudes towards STEM fields

Examining students’ attitudes towards STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) fields starting from middle school level is important in their career choices and future planning. However, there is a need to investigate which …

Seda Göktepe Körpeoğlu, Sevda Göktepe Yıldız


Community detection in complex networks using stacked autoencoders and crow search algorithm

The presence of community structures in complex networks reveals meaningful insights about such networks and their constituent entities. Finding groups of related nodes based on mutual interests, common features, objectives, or interactions in a …

Sanjay Kumar, Abhishek Mallik, Sandeep Singh Sengar

01-09-2022 | Praxis & Prozesse

Der Vertrieb steuert nicht mehr selbst, sondern der Kunde

Mit durchgängigen CX-Strategien lassen sich Worse Cases in Kundenbeziehungen vermeiden. Im Beitrag wird aufgezeigt, wie Vertriebsmitarbeiter vorgehen sollten.

Peter Dußling


A qualitative study of developers’ discussions of their problems and joys during the early COVID-19 months

Many software developers started to work from home on a short notice during the early periods of COVID-19. A number of previous papers have studied the wellbeing and productivity of software developers during COVID-19. The studies mainly use …

Gias Uddin, Omar Alam, Alexander Serebrenik

01-09-2022 | Original Research

Stretchable and bendable textile matrix based on cellulose fibers for wearable self-powered glucose biosensors

A wearable self-powered biosensor, fabricated from a stretchable and bendable textile matrix, senses glucose in urine. This textile matrix is made of cellulose fibers. A porous three-dimensional electrode with high flexibility, conductivity, and …

Shuang Fan, Wei Chang, Cheng Fei, Zhongguo Zhang, Bingbing Hou, Zhuxuan Shi, Huixin Wang, Yuchen Hui

Open Access 01-09-2022

The Application of Role-Based Framework in Preventing Internal Identity Theft Related Crimes: A Qualitative Case Study of UK Retail Companies

This paper aims to examine the challenges of preventing internal identity theft related crimes (IIDTRC) in the UK retail sector. Using an in-depth multiple case studies of a selected number of cross-functional management teams in the UK retail …

Romanus Izuchukwu Okeke, Max Hashem Eiza

01-09-2022 | Strategie

Den optimalen Weg ins Ökosystem finden

Die Zukunft gehört digitalisierten Finanzprodukten und Plattform-Angeboten mit barrierefreien Schnittstellen für Firmen- und Privatkunden. Was erfolgreiche Konzepte ausmacht und wie sie umgesetzt werden können.

Volker Fischer, Andreas Lücker


Quantum reversible circuits for audio watermarking based on echo hiding technique

Watermarking is the process of embedding information into a host signal, and it’s a significant process when it enters into the copyright protection or digital works. In the near future, quantum computing will be developed and therefore the …

Masoumeh Velayatipour, Mohammad Mosleh, Mohsen Yoosefi Nejad, Mohammad Kheyrandish

Open Access 01-09-2022 | Analysen

Reichen Gesetze gegen trickreiche digitale Nutzerschnittstellen? Politischer Handlungsbedarf bei Dark Patterns

Immer wieder werden auf der EU-Ebene und in den EU-Mitgliedstaaten neue Gesetze geschaffen, die unfaire Designmuster bei Nutzeroberflächen auf Websites vor allem durch Verbote beseitigen sollen. Diese legalistische Politik erfordert jedoch …

Torsten J. Gerpott


Digitalisation, data-driven dynamic capabilities and responsible innovation: An empirical study of SMEs in China

Research on responsible innovation (RI) is essential and effective for developed countries to achieve sustainable development goals; however, RI is still relatively undiscussed in the emerging Asia–Pacific markets. With the rapid development of …

Yantai Chen, Jing Li, Jingwen Zhang


Digital economic activity and resilience for metros and small businesses during Covid-19

The Covid-19 pandemic had an unequal impact across businesses and communities and rapidly accelerated digital trends in the economy. What role, then, did website use play in community resilience and small business outcomes? This article examines a …

Karen Mossberger, Nicholas F. Martini, Meredith McCullough, Caroline J. Tolbert

Open Access 30-08-2022 | Schwerpunkt

Designfaktoren zur Wertmaximierung von B2B Datenaustausch in datengetriebenen Plattform Ökosystemen

Datengetriebene Plattform Ökosysteme bilden eine Formalisierung und Automatisierung des Datenaustausches zwischen Unternehmen. Als solche stellen sie eine Technologie dar, durch dessen Verwendung Vorteile gegenüber eines herkömmlichen …

Fabian Tingelhoff, Edona Elshan, Philipp Ebel


Energy efficiency in cloud computing data centers: a survey on software technologies

Cloud computing is a commercial and economic paradigm that has gained traction since 2006 and is presently the most significant technology in IT sector. From the notion of cloud computing to its energy efficiency, cloud has been the subject of …

Avita Katal, Susheela Dahiya, Tanupriya Choudhury


The antecedents and consequences of social interactions in firm-sponsored community: a social network perspective

The firm-sponsored online brand communities thrive on value-adding interactions. Existing studies, however, ignore the reasons for social interaction. A sufficient understanding of the factors driving social interactions and ultimately affecting …

Qiang Zhang, Ji Wu, J. Leon ZHAO, Liang Liang


Wasserstein generative adversarial networks for modeling marked events

Marked temporal events are ubiquitous in several areas, where the events’ times and marks (types) are usually interrelated. Point processes and their non-functional variations using recurrent neural networks (RNN) model temporal events using …

S. Haleh S. Dizaji, Saeid Pashazadeh, Javad Musevi Niya


Manufacturers’ social e-commerce channel selection strategy with social popularity concern

Social e-commerce has significantly changed consumers’ behavior in online purchasing and thus has become an important selling channel for businesses. Manufacturers see great opportunity in social e-commerce and are thus considering whether to use …

Yuning Zhou, Shijin Wang, Yihong Hu


Social Commerce Mobile Application Enhancement: a hybrid text clustering - topic modeling business model analysis

Social Commerce (S-commerce) is an emerging subset of e-commerce, enabled by Web 2.0, which is getting more attention due to the growing interest in social media. Along with the worldwide penetration of smartphones, their usability is boosted via …

Saeedeh Poormoosa Abkenar, Iman Raeesi Vanani, Babak Sohrabi, Amir Manian


Evolution of customer relationship management to data mining-based customer relationship management: a scientometric analysis

Scores of researchers have paid attention to empirical and conceptual dimensions of Customer relationship management (CRM). A few studies summarise the research output of CRM focusing on a specific industry. Nevertheless, there is scant literature …

Minnu F. Pynadath, T. M. Rofin, Sam Thomas


Knowledge mapping of e-commerce supply chain management: a bibliometric analysis

E-commerce supply chain management is a considerably hot research topic in recent decades, and the research findings have been widely published in various well-known international journals. To explore its research status and trend, we employ a …

Peng He, Tong-Yuan Wang, Qi Shang, Jun Zhang, Henry Xu

26-08-2022 | Application of soft computing

Next-generation antivirus endowed with web-server Sandbox applied to audit fileless attack

Almost all malwares running on web-server are php codes. Then, the present paper creates a next generation antivirus (NGAV) expert in auditing threats web-based, specifically from php files, in real time. In our methodology, the malicious …

Sidney M. L. Lima, Sthéfano H. M. T. Silva, Ricardo P. Pinheiro, Danilo M. Souza, Petrônio G. Lopes, Rafael D. T. de Lima, Jemerson R. de Oliveira, Thyago de A. Monteiro, Sérgio M. M. Fernandes, Edison de Q. Albuquerque, Washington W. A. da Silva, Wellington P. dos Santos

25-08-2022 | Application of soft computing

Hybrid recommender system with core users selection

Recommender system plays an increasingly important role in identifying the individual’s preference and accordingly makes a personalized recommendation. Matrix factorization is currently the most popular model-based collaborative filtering (CF) …

Chenxia Jin, Jusheng Mi, Fachao Li, Jiahuan Zhang


Probabilistic Approach to Multi-Stage Supplier Evaluation: Confidence Level Measurement in Ordinal Priority Approach

A popular framework of the supplier selection process is usually characterized by problem definition, criteria formulation, supplier screening, and supplier selection. The literature review suggested limitations of this framework as it ignores the …

Amin Mahmoudi, Saad Ahmed Javed


Ethical Considerations in the Application of Artificial Intelligence to Monitor Social Media for COVID-19 Data

The COVID-19 pandemic and its related policies (e.g., stay at home and social distancing orders) have increased people’s use of digital technology, such as social media. Researchers have, in turn, utilized artificial intelligence to analyze social …

Lidia Flores, Sean D. Young

24-08-2022 | Original Research

Do Companies Adopt Big Data as Determinants of Sustainability: Evidence from Manufacturing Companies in Jordan

Information and communication technology make it easier for managers to gather customer data quickly and efficiently. However, managing, analysing, and utilizing the vast amount of data for sustainability decision are not easy. Therefore, this …

Luay Jum’a, Muhammad Ikram, Ziad Alkalha, Maher Alaraj


Game analysis on the internet + closed-loop supply chain considering the manufacturer's impact on promotional effect

To better understand the promotional effect of manufacturers' brands in Internet reverse supply chain, this research analyzes network platforms recycling as a collection strategy for waste products, which could also support the network take-back …

Zhang Yu, Abdul Rehman Khan, Hafiz Muhammad Zia-ul-haq, Ma Tianshan, Muhammad Tanveer, Arshian Sharif


The Effects of Intimacy and Proactivity on Trust in Human-Humanoid Robot Interaction

Social humanoid robots (SHRs) have been widely applied in diverse contexts to enhance human–robot interaction by imitating humanlike behavior. Previous studies have utilized a variety of design features to explore the influence of human–robot …

Shih-Yi Chien, Yi-Ling Lin, Bu-Fang Chang

Open Access 23-08-2022 | Abhandlung

Das Netz und die Netze. Vom Wandel des Internets und der globalen digitalen Ordnung

Bis heute birgt das Internet das Versprechen, alle Menschen in einem globalen Kommunikationsnetz horizontal zu vereinen. Doch seit einigen Jahren gibt es Bemühungen autoritärer wie demokratischer Staaten, sowohl digitale Anwendungen als auch die …

Julia Pohle, Daniel Voelsen

23-08-2022 | Regular Paper

Graph attention-based collaborative filtering for user-specific recommender system using knowledge graph and deep neural networks

Collaborative filtering suffers from the issues of data sparsity and cold start. Due to which recommendation models that only rely on the user–item interaction graph are insufficient to model the latent relationship between complex interaction of …

Ehsan Elahi, Zahid Halim

Open Access 23-08-2022 | Regular Paper

DeepTLF: robust deep neural networks for heterogeneous tabular data

Although deep neural networks (DNNs) constitute the state of the art in many tasks based on visual, audio, or text data, their performance on heterogeneous, tabular data is typically inferior to that of decision tree ensembles. To bridge the gap …

Vadim Borisov, Klaus Broelemann, Enkelejda Kasneci, Gjergji Kasneci


E-commerce supply chain inventory decisions and contract design considering sales effort and risk aversion

We introduce vendor-managed inventory (VMI) modes and retailer-managed inventory modes and use conditional value-at-risk to quantify the inventory manager’s risk aversion. Then, we compare the supply chain (SC) members’ optimal decisions and …

Jianhu Cai, Lishuang Jia, Qing Zhou, Danmei Yao


Fault tolerance and quality of service aware virtual machine scheduling algorithm in cloud data centers

How to improve resource utilization of cloud data centers (CDCs) and ensure users’ quality of service (QoS) through efficient virtual machine (VM) scheduling is an urgent problem. Especially when service reliability is taken into consideration …

Heyang Xu, Sen Xu, Wei Wei, Naixuan Guo


Recent advances in deep learning based dialogue systems: a systematic survey

Dialogue systems are a popular natural language processing (NLP) task as it is promising in real-life applications. It is also a complicated task since many NLP tasks deserving study are involved. As a result, a multitude of novel works on this …

Jinjie Ni, Tom Young, Vlad Pandelea, Fuzhao Xue, Erik Cambria


The role of presentation order in consumer choice: the abrupt disparity effect

Extant research in presentation of products in a product line shows that price structure of items affects consumers’ decision-making. Extremeness aversion may hinder individuals to choose premium options in a product line. Thus, our paper aims at …

Kivilcim Dogerlioglu-Demir, Cenk Koçaş, Nilsah Cavdar Aksoy


RS-chain: a decentralized reputation-sharing framework for group-buying industry via hybrid blockchain

Group-buying is an intriguing e-commerce model that aims to recruit more participants to generate sufficient orders to establish a low-price foundation. It appears to be a good model for both sellers and buyers; however, most online group-buying …

Yungui Chen, Li Feng, Hong Liang, Shumin Yao, Liwei Tian, Xiaochen Yuan

20-08-2022 | Originalarbeit

A Knowledge Based Framework to Design and Analyze Metal Working Die Using Image Processing Technique

The present work focuses on the knowledge-based expert system to develop an automated die and punch tools design for the sheet metal forming process (deep drawing operation). The major limitation of the conventional forming process is the …

Mallika Bhatt, Ravi Bhatt, Nader Asnafi


University admission process: a prescriptive analytics approach

Students typically do not have practical tools to help them choose their target universities to apply. This work proposes a comprehensive analytics framework as a decision support tool that assists students in their admission process. As an …

Mohammadreza Kiaghadi, Pooya Hoseinpour


Information Privacy Behaviors during the COVID-19 Pandemic: Focusing on the Restaurant Context

The acquisition of personal information has been generally accepted in the pandemic situation as an effective measure to prevent infection, while at the same time raising concerns regarding the infringement of personal privacy. The current study …

Eunji Lee, Jin-young Kim, Junchul Kim, Chulmo Koo


Sensemaking of COVIDian Crisis for Work and Organization

COVID19 pandemic is pushing business organizations to cope in newer, more resilient ways. In this study, in-depth qualitative research was conducted using Weick's sensemaking framework (1995) to give organizational leaders a snapshot of how …

Shradha Kundra, Rohit Dwivedi

Open Access 18-08-2022

Politeness in Human–Robot Interaction: A Multi-Experiment Study with Non-Humanoid Robots

We studied politeness in human–robot interaction based on Lakoff’s politeness theory. In a series of eight studies, we manipulated three different levels of politeness of non-humanoid robots and evaluated their effects. A table-setting task was …

Shikhar Kumar, Eliran Itzhak, Yael Edan, Galit Nimrod, Vardit Sarne-Fleischmann, Noam Tractinsky

Open Access 18-08-2022 | Original Paper

Towards a process-oriented understanding of HR analytics: implementation and application

Firms have recognized the opportunities presented by HR analytics; however, it is challenging for HR to convert their available data (sources) into meaningful strategical value. Moreover, research on the implementation and application of HR …

Felix Wirges, Anne-Katrin Neyer

Open Access 17-08-2022

4.0 technologies in city logistics: an empirical investigation of contextual factors

Industry 4.0 technologies, originally developed in the manufacturing sector, can be purposefully implemented to improve City Logistics (CL) processes by automatizing some of their operational tasks and enabling real-time exchange of information …

Andrea Ferrari, Giulio Mangano, Anna Corinna Cagliano, Alberto De Marco

16-08-2022 | Regular Paper

A novel recommendation system comprising WNMF with graph-based static and temporal similarity estimators

Users’ similarity plays a crucial role in the Collaborative Filtering (CF)-based Recommendation Systems (RS). The CF uses a user-item matrix to estimate this similarity. However, the user-item matrix-based similarity performs poorly during …

Anshul Gupta, Pravin Shrinath


Power structure and pricing in an omnichannel with buy-online-and-pick-up-in-store

Many firms have recently implemented the buy-online-and-pick-up-in-store (BOPS) strategy on store operations. This paper examines the impact of power structures on the decision of pricing and service level in an omnichannel supply chain with BOPS …

Yuqing Jiang, Minxin Wu

11-08-2022 | Application of soft computing

A hybrid approach to three-way conversational recommendation

Conversational recommendation is ubiquitous in e-commerce, while three-way recommendation provides friendly choices for service providers and users. However, their combination has not been studied yet. In this paper, we introduce the three-way …

Yuan-Yuan Xu, Shen-Ming Gu, Hua-Xiong Li, Fan Min

10-08-2022 | Original Article

A comparative study of classification methods for designing a pictorial P300-based authentication system

The response of the P300-based speller is associated with factors like matrix size, inter-stimulus interval, and flashing period. This study proposes the comparison of the novel 2 × 2 image-based speller with the traditional 6 × 6 character-based …

Nikhil Rathi, Rajesh Singla, Sheela Tiwari


Recommendations for improving research quality: relationships among constructs, verbs in hypotheses, theoretical perspectives, and triangulation

The purpose of this paper is to suggest recommendations for improving research quality and theory development by addressing four issues. Two of them concern hypotheses, their statements, and observed inconsistencies found in articles; the other …

Gjoko Stamenkov

Open Access 09-08-2022 | Spektrum

Von Schatten-IT zu Business-managed IT: Fachbereichs-IT gezielt gestalten

Fachbereichs-IT, Schatten-IT, Business-managed IT. All diese Begriffe beschreiben IT, die neben den eigentlichen, regulären IT-Systemen oder -Prozessen in Unternehmen existieren und von Mitarbeiterinnen und Mitarbeitern der Fachbereiche genutzt …

Dr. Stefan Klotz, Dr. Andreas Kopper, Prof. Dr. Markus Westner, Prof. Dr. Susanne Strahringer


The optimal pricing strategy to evaluate the reputations of sellers in online platforms using the game theory model

Most online markets establish reputation systems to assist in building trust between sellers and buyers. Sellers’ reputations not only provide guidelines for buyers but may also inform sellers of their optimal pricing strategy. In this research …

Zehao Chen, Yanchen Zhu, Tianyang Shen, Yufan Ye

08-08-2022 | Original Paper

Uncovering research trends and opportunities on FinTech: a scientometric analysis

This paper employs the scientific econometric analysis approach to review 705 academic publications related to Fintech from 2006 to 2021. The historical evolution, latest status and development trend of FinTech research are identified by …

Junbin Wang, Chenyang Zhao, Lufei Huang, Shuai Yang, Minxing Wang

Open Access 08-08-2022

The investment development path literature: a review and research agenda

This study is the first systematic literature review of the Investment Development Path (IDP) that applies a thematic analysis approach, encompassing 51 journal articles published in CABS-ranked journals from 1981 to 2021. This study differs from …

Kadek Ade Sawitri, Louis Brennan


Building dynamic capabilities of small and medium-sized enterprises through relational embeddedness: evidence from China

In a highly volatile environment, i.e., the bottom of the pyramid (BOP) context, small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) can develop and adapt their resource bases through partner relations, extending the emerging theorization of dynamic …

Yina Zhang, Jiancheng Long, Wu Zhao

05-08-2022 | Original Article

No longer look down: investigating second-hand clothing purchase in Indonesia

Previous research in sustainable fashion has placed a strong emphasis on transitioning to eco-friendly clothing that in turn contributes to a consumerist lifestyle. Meanwhile, there has been little emphasis placed on second-hand clothing …

Jhanghiz Syahrivar, Kenny Kusuma, Randy Azhary Pahlevi, Yuling Wei, Chairy Chairy, Genoveva Genoveva

Open Access 05-08-2022 | Schwerpunkt

Kontextfaktoren guter Remote-Arbeit – Eine Fallstudie bei Otto

Gutes Arbeiten für Mitarbeiter ist je nach Arbeitskontext unterschiedlich zu bewerten, hängt jedoch von der Gestaltung bestimmter Kontextfaktoren ab (vgl. [ 6 ]). Die Kontextfaktoren guter Arbeit sind der zentrale Forschungsgegenstand dieser …

Lisa Rometsch, Richard Wegner, Florian Brusch, Michael Neumann, Lukas Linke

05-08-2022 | Original Research Paper

Dual-layer multi-robot path planning in narrow-lane environments under specific traffic policies

Collision-free path planning is indispensable for the multi-robot system. Many existing multi-robot path planning algorithms may no longer work properly in the narrow-lane environment. We propose in this paper a dual-layer algorithm to deal with …

Jiaxi Huo, Ronghao Zheng, Senlin Zhang, Meiqin Liu


joinTree: A novel join-oriented multivariate operator for spatio-temporal data management in Flink

In the era of intelligent Internet, the management and analysis of massive spatio-temporal data is one of the important links to realize intelligent applications and build smart cities, in which the interaction of multi-source data is the basis of …

Hangxu Ji, Gang Wu, Yuhai Zhao, Shiye Wang, Guoren Wang, George Y. Yuan

04-08-2022 | Regular Paper

Graph relation embedding network for click-through rate prediction

Most deep click-through rate (CTR) prediction models utilize a mainstream framework, which consists of the embedding layer and the feature interaction layer. Embeddings rich in semantic information directly benefit the downstream frameworks to …

Yixuan Wu, Youpeng Hu, Xin Xiong, Xunkai Li, Ronghui Guo, Shuiguang Deng


Ideas and methods of lean and agile startup in the VUCA Era

In today’s volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous (VUCA) era, entrepreneurs face highly uncertain startup environments. Thus, traditional methods for launching startup businesses must address the challenges associated with uncertain …

Chengbin Wang, Min Dai, Yongyan Fang, Chuanfeng Liu

03-08-2022 | Focus

Cold start aware hybrid recommender system approach for E-commerce users

The recommendation system (RS) suffers badly from the cold start problem (CSP) that occurs due to the lack of sufficient information about the new customers, purchase history, and browsing data. Moreover, data sparsity problems also arise when the …

S. Gopal Krishna Patro, Brojo Kishore Mishra, Sanjaya Kumar Panda, Raghvendra Kumar, Hoang Viet Long, David Taniar

Open Access 03-08-2022

Power and entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurship research has benefited from embracing three economic sociology lenses—networks, cognition, and institutions—but has treated power mainly implicitly. This paper pioneers how the concept of power can advance research into …

David B. Audretsch, Antje Fiedler


Understanding rural context in the social innovation knowledge structure and its sector implementations

The concept of social innovation is increasingly being discussed to pursue sustainable development. New terms and keywords are created to cope with new ideas in various contexts. How these terms are developed in the current structure of knowledge …

Retno Kusumastuti, Mesnan Silalahi, Maxensius Tri Sambodo, Vishnu Juwono


A cost and makespan aware scheduling algorithm for dynamic multi-workflow in cloud environment

With the development of cloud computing, a growing number of workflows are deployed on cloud platform that can dynamically provides cloud resources on demand for users. In clouds, one basic problem is how to schedule workflow for minimizing the …

Yuanqing Xia, Yufeng Zhan, Li Dai, Yuehong Chen

Open Access 01-08-2022 | Catchword


The development of new devices, such as smart speakers or wearables, and recent advances in artificial intelligence (AI) that facilitate more natural interactions via speech or gestures are changing the interplay between user, task, and technology …

Ulrich Gnewuch, Marcel Ruoff, Christian Peukert, Alexander Maedche

01-08-2022 | Invest

Hund, Katze und Co. bereichern das Depot

Die Corona-Pandemie hat der Haustierbranche ein sattes Umsatzplus beschert. Von diesem Trend können auch Anleger profitieren, denn der Markt für Tierfutter und Tierzubehör sowie die medizinische Spezialisierung wächst dynamisch.

Carmen Mausbach

01-08-2022 | Strategie & Management

Key Accounts und neue Rollen im hybriden Vertrieb

Welche Stellschrauben sind für Key Accounter im hybriden Vertrieb entscheidend und welche Konzepte mit strategischen Kunden haben Zukunft? Der Autor war Referent auf der Webkonferenz "Zukunftswerkstatt Sales Excellence" im Mai und verdichtet in …

Prof. Dr. Dirk Zupancic


Assimilation and Contrast: The Two-sided Anchoring Effects of Recommender Systems

Previous studies on the behavioral implications of recommender systems suggest that consumer preferences after consumption are malleable and tend to shift towards the ratings presented by a recommender system because of the anchoring effects.

Xunhua Guo, Yuejun Wang, Liang Huang, Jichen Li

01-08-2022 | Entrepreneurship

Glokalisierung statt Globalisierung

Für die europäische Fertigungsindustrie lohnt es sich, ihre Lieferketten zu stärken - durch lokale Quellen und flexible Versorgungssysteme. Eine Chance zur strategischen Neuausrichtung.

Jan-Hendrik Meier

01-08-2022 | Empirical article

The context-based review recommendation system in e-business platform

With the phenomenal growth of e-commerce, online review systems have become the normative dissemination mode of electronic word-of-mouth (eWOM). Unlike traditional WOM, consumers experience information overload in eWOM, thus they often read only a …

Ki-Kwang Lee, Hong-Hee Lee, Su-Ji Cho, Gyung-Su Min


Quantum sealed-bid auction protocol based on quantum secret sharing

A quantum sealed-bid auction (QSA) with post-confirmation can realize the public verification of the honesty of bidders. In this paper, we apply the quantum secret sharing (QSS) into the post-confirmation. Surprisingly, it shows that a QSS …

Jing-Tao Wang, Yun Pan, Wen Liu, Zhen-Zhen Li


Public-key quantum signature for classical messages without third-party verification

Based on quantum asymmetric cryptosystem, a public-key quantum signature for classical messages is proposed. In our scheme, the private key is randomly chosen by signer, and the public key is generated by the trusted key generator using the …

Hui-Min Chen, Heng-Yue Jia, Xia Wu, Han-Xiao Kong, Xiu-Li Wang

01-08-2022 | Titelthema

Changeability braucht einen Metaframe

Transformationsmanagement ist weit mehr als nur Changemanagement. Es genügt nicht, an einigen Stellschrauben zu drehen, um den Erfolg von Veränderungsprozessen sicherzustellen. Notwendig ist ein umfassender proaktiver Ansatz, der die …

Dr. Reiner Czichos


A comparative study of the market demand for Chinese proficiency test preparation books: evidence from e-commerce data

Language test preparation books are essential for second language learners to pass a specific test. Although numerous books of this type have been published, yet little attention has been paid to different market demands between different areas.

Chengang Zeng


Optimal contract design for live streaming shopping in a manufacturer–retailer–streamer supply chain

This study considers a manufacturer–retailer–streamer supply chain, in which the retailer first purchases products from a manufacturer and then sells them to consumers through a streamer. In the live streaming context, the retailer usually …

Yi He, Lidong Chen, Jingjing Mu, Azmat Ullah


Optimal platform sales mode in live streaming commerce supply chains

This paper investigates three common sales modes with live streaming commerce, including e-commerce platform mode, transferring mode and live streaming platform mode (abbreviated as E, T and L, respectively). Using game-theoretical method, we …

Lei Yang, Cong Zheng, Caixia Hao


A lightweight pairing-free ciphertext-policy attribute-based signcryption for cloud-assisted IoT

Cloud-Assisted Internet of Things (IoT) has become an increasingly widespread technological trend that can significantly improve the performance of IoT applications by outsourcing massive data from IoT devices to the cloud due to their limited …

Medikonda Asha Kiran, Syam Kumar Pasupuleti, R Eswari

28-07-2022 | Research Article

Power in the Age of Datafication: Exploring China’s Global Data Power

Anxieties about China’s growing data power have begun to drive geopolitical and technological competition. Yet, the size of Chinese data power is unclear. Most assessments are unsystematic. Drawing on Barnett and Duvall’s fourfold power taxonomy …

Ying Huang, Maximilian Mayer


Word embedding for mixed-emotions analysis

Word embedding is the process of converting words into vectors of real numbers which is of great interest in natural language processing. Recently, the performance of word embedding models has been the subject of some studies in emotion analysis.

Rezvan MohammadiBaghmolaei, Ali Ahmadi


What Piques Users’ Curiosity on Open Innovation Platforms? An Analysis Based on Mobile App Stores

Curiosity, a motivational state of exploratory behavior, is conducive to innovation diffusion by encouraging users’ exploration on open innovation platforms. Yet, despite its importance, there is a scarcity of research investigating the mechanism …

Xiaohui Liu, Na Jiang, Mengyao Fu, Zhao Cai, Eric T. K. Lim, Chee-Wee Tan


Strategic drivers to overcome the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic: implications for ensuring resilience in supply chains

The recent coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic has affected the manufacturing industry’s entire supply chain system. It is important to investigate the strategic drivers to deal with the impacts of COVID-19 in the manufacturing industry. Accordingly …

Md. Abdul Moktadir, Sanjoy Kumar Paul, Anil Kumar, Sunil Luthra, Syed Mithun Ali, Razia Sultana


An evaluation of deep learning models for chargeback Fraud detection in online games

More and more gamers are willing to pay for games. It has been estimated that the global gaming market is worth nearly US$160 billion. Chargeback services offer gamers the convenience of refund mechanisms but are often used by malicious online …

Yu-Chih Wei, You-Xin Lai, Mu-En Wu

25-07-2022 | S.I. : Coupling Data and Software Engineering towards Smart Systems

Product pricing solutions using hybrid machine learning algorithm

E-commerce platforms have been around for over two decades now, and their popularity among buyers and sellers alike has been increasing. With the COVID-19 pandemic, there has been a boom in online shopping, with many sellers moving their …

Anupama Namburu, Prabha Selvaraj, M. Varsha

24-07-2022 | Regular Paper

Semantic enhanced Markov model for sequential E-commerce product recommendation

To model sequential relationships between items, Markov Models build a transition probability matrix $$\mathbf {P}$$ P of size $$n \times n$$ n × n , where n represents number of states (items) and each matrix entry $$p_{(i,j)}$$ p ( i , j ) …

Mahreen Nasir, C. I. Ezeife

Open Access 22-07-2022 | Optimization

VRP in urban areas to optimize costs while mitigating environmental impact

Nowadays, the need to think about sustainable mobility, both goods and people, is widely recognized. For this reason, many recent papers have moved in this direction. In this context, particular attention is now devoted to urban mobility, mainly …

Carmine Cerrone, Anna Sciomachen

Open Access 22-07-2022 | Original Article

Aspect term extraction via information-augmented neural network

Aspect term extraction (ATE) aims at identifying the aspect terms that are expressed in a sentence. Recently, Seq2Seq learning has been employed in ATE and significantly improved performance. However, it suffers from some weaknesses, such as …

Ning Liu, Bo Shen

Open Access 22-07-2022

Motorcycle Taxis, Extended Lockdown and Inequality at Work in Kampala, Uganda

After two years of extended lockdown, Kampala’s vast workforce of motorcycle taxi riders today looks a little different. Though the sector has long constituted a vital source of labour and income for many thousands of urban residents cut off from …

Richard Mallett, Lillian Asingura, Geofrey Ndhogezi, Disan Byarugaba, Hakimu Sseviiri

Open Access 22-07-2022

User behavior analysis based on edge evolutionary game model in social network

The application of evolutionary game method to study user behavior in social networks is a current hot issue. Most of the current evolutionary game models are proposed based on the game between nodes, which cannot accurately describe the diverse …

Jing Chen, Hongbo Yang, Nana Wei, Mingxin Liu

Open Access 21-07-2022

Blazing the Trail: Considering Browsing Path Dependence in Online Service Response Strategy

Competition on e-commerce platforms is becoming increasingly fierce, due to the ease of online searching for comparing products and services. We examine how the sequential browsing behavior of consumers can enable targeted marketing strategies on …

Meihua Zuo, Spyros Angelopoulos, Zhouyang Liang, Carol X. J. Ou

Open Access 21-07-2022 | Original Paper

Digital divide, craft firms’ websites and urban-rural disparities—empirical evidence from a web-scraping approach

Following the “death of distance” postulate, digitalization may reduce or even eliminate the penalty of firms being located in rural areas compared with those in urban agglomerations. Despite many recent attempts to measure digitalization effects …

Anita Thonipara, Rolf Sternberg, Till Proeger, Lukas Haefner

21-07-2022 | Research Article-Computer Engineering and Computer Science

Energy-Aware Heuristic Scheduling Using Bin Packing MapReduce Scheduler for Heterogeneous Workloads Performance in Big Data

Big data refers to diverse large data types from heterogeneous sources such as mobile devices, the web, social media, and the internet of things. The cloud offers a wide variety of tools to handle the big data on-demand for pay-per-service basis …

S. Aarthee, R. Prabakaran

20-07-2022 | Original Article

Intelligent fake reviews detection based on aspect extraction and analysis using deep learning

In the era of social networking and e-commerce sites, users provide their feedback and comments in the form of reviews for any product, topic, or organization. Due to high influence of reviews on users, spammers use fake reviews to promote their …

Gourav Bathla, Pardeep Singh, Rahul Kumar Singh, Erik Cambria, Rajeev Tiwari


She is My Confidante! The Impacts of Social Responsiveness and Video Modality on Self-disclosure Toward CG-Based Anthropomorphic Agents in a Smart Home

Anthropomorphic design in intelligent agents (IAs) applies the concept of human features to inanimate objects. However, there is a trade-off between personalized service and information protection when people share their information towards IAs.

Andong Zhang, Pei-Luen Patrick Rau


A novel weight-oriented graph convolutional network for aspect-based sentiment analysis

Aspect-based sentiment analysis (ABSA) determines the sentiment polarity of specific aspects mentioned in the review. However, some existing ABSA studies have limitations, such as the model only detecting aspect-relevant semantics when using the …

Bengong Yu, Shuwen Zhang


Developing and testing a measurement scale for SMEs’ website quality (SMEs-WebQ): Evidence from Indonesia

This current research focuses on developing and testing a measurement model of website quality for Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs). This study applied Hinkin’s scale development process and involved 802 respondents in Indonesia through …

Tatik Suryani, Abu Amar Fauzi, Margaret L. Sheng, Mochamad Nurhadi

19-07-2022 | Research Article-Computer Engineering and Computer Science

Seed Community Identification Framework for Community Detection over Social Media

The social media podium offers a communal perspective platform for web marketing, advertisement, political campaign, etc. It structures like-minded end-users over the explicit group as a community. Community structure over social media is the …

Sumit Kumar Gupta, Dhirendra Pratap Singh

Open Access 18-07-2022 | Original Article

An integrated distribution scheduling and route planning of food cold chain with demand surge

With the rapid development of e-commerce, customers could order online to ensure timeliness. Therefore, e-commerce enterprises need to pick and distribute customers’ orders. These two operations are interdependent. Order picking needs to consider …

Youhua Chen, Hongjie Lan, Chuan Wang, Xiaoqiong Jia


Exploring latent connections in graph neural networks for session-based recommendation

Session-based recommendation, without the access to a user’s historical user-item interactions, is a challenging task, where the available information in an ongoing session is very limited. Previous work on session-based recommendation has …

Fei Cai, Zhiqiang Pan, Chengyu Song, Xin Zhang

17-07-2022 | OPEN FORUM

Impacts of digital business on global value chain participation in European countries

As the first empirical study of the nonlinear effects of digital business on global value chains (GVC), we provide insight into the nonlinear effects of digital business on the global value chain (GVC) values. We employ four indicators, including …

Le Thanh Ha


What influences users’ continuance intention of internet wealth management services? A perspective from network externalities and herding

In recent years, more and more wealth management platforms have adopted Internet wealth management (IWM) services to attract users. Due to the intensive competition and low switching costs, it is essential for platforms to enhance users’ …

Weiyao Kang, Bingjia Shao, Hongquan Chen


Author Profiling in Code-Mixed WhatsApp Messages Using Stacked Convolution Networks and Contextualized Embedding Based Text Augmentation

The increasing use of social media to communicate is an emerging trend compared to traditional phone calls and SMS. WhatsApp is one of the popular social messaging applications used in India. Identification of demographic features of authors in …

V. Sharmila Devi, S. Kannimuthu


Vertical integration of platforms and product prominence

Meta-search platforms, which enable consumers to compare product prices between different sales channels, are sometimes integrated with certain channels. A case in point is the online hotel booking industry where the major online travel agencies …

Morgane Cure, Matthias Hunold, Reinhold Kesler, Ulrich Laitenberger, Thomas Larrieu

15-07-2022 | Regular Paper

CDARL: a contrastive discriminator-augmented reinforcement learning framework for sequential recommendations

Sequential recommendations play a crucial role in many real-world applications. Due to the sequential nature, reinforcement learning has been employed to iteratively produce recommendations based on an observed stream of user behavior. In this …

Zhuang Liu, Yunpu Ma, Marcel Hildebrandt, Yuanxin Ouyang, Zhang Xiong

14-07-2022 | Regular Paper

ScholarRec: a scholars’ recommender system that combines scholastic influence and social collaborations in academic social networks

Identifying and recommending influential scholars is one of the leading applications of scholarly data analytic. The existing methods to identify influential scholars focus on scholastic influence or social collaborations. In the former approach …

Mitali Desai, Rupa G. Mehta, Dipti P. Rana


Reskilling and Upskilling the Future-ready Workforce for Industry 4.0 and Beyond

Industry 4.0 is revolutionizing manufacturing processes and has a powerful impact on globalization by changing the workforce and increasing access to new skills and knowledge. World Economic Forum estimates that, by 2025, 50% of all employees will …

Ling Li

13-07-2022 | Research Article

An effective method to determine bedding system insulation based on measured data

The thermal environment is an essential factor that affects sleep quality. In many circumstances, the bed microenvironment is more important than the ambient environment because of the large covered area of the human body and the close contact …

Nan Zhang, Bin Cao, Yingxin Zhu


Strategic planning for repurposing kitchen equipment production operations during COVID-19 pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic has negatively impacted the worldwide economy, affecting businesses’ productivity and market demand. As a result of this negative impact, several organisations decided to repurpose their manufacturing processes to first …

Fernando González-Aleu, Jesús Vázquez Hernandez, Ricardo Ramirez, Carlos M. Linares, Jorge A. Peinado, Jay Daniel

Open Access 12-07-2022

Evaluating conversational recommender systems

A landscape of research

Conversational recommender systems aim to interactively support online users in their information search and decision-making processes in an intuitive way. With the latest advances in voice-controlled devices, natural language processing, and AI …

Dietmar Jannach


Transformer-Encoder-GRU (T-E-GRU) for Chinese Sentiment Analysis on Chinese Comment Text

Chinese sentiment analysis (CSA) has always been one of the challenges in natural language processing due to its complexity and uncertainty. Transformer has been successfully utilized in the understanding of semantics. However, it captures the …

Binlong Zhang, Wei Zhou

12-07-2022 | Original Research

Structured Literature Review with TISM Leading to an Argumentation Based Conceptual Model

Total interpretive structural modelling (TISM) is a methodology for conceptualising and modelling interactions among a collection of elements. While TISM is intended to interpret both nodes and links, the interpretation of linkages lacks …

Sushil, Kamala Kannan Dinesh


E-commerce review sentiment score prediction considering misspelled words: a deep learning approach

Acquiring a single sentiment score dependent on all the reviews will benefit the buyers and sellers in making the decision more accurately. The raw format of user-generated content lacks a legitimate language structure. It, therefore, acts as an …

Sakshi Jain, Pradeep Kumar Roy

11-07-2022 | Application of soft computing

Study on sentiment classification strategies based on the fuzzy logic with crow search algorithm

In recent times, sentiment analysis research has gained wide popularity. That situation causes the importance of online applications that allow users to express their opinions on events, services, or products through social media applications such …

Mazen Sharaf AL-Deen, Lasheng Yu, Ali Aldhubri, Gamil R. S. Qaid


Dependability-Based Analysis for Ultra-reliable Communication in Heterogeneous Traffic Cognitive Radio Networks with Spectrum Reservation

Spectrum availability and network reliability both are the crucial aspects in Cognitive Radio Networks (CRNs) to ensure ultra-reliable communication (URC). Therefore, the current research work aims to perform an in-depth dependability theory-based …

Shruti Goel, Rakhee Kulshrestha


Reselling or agency selling? The strategic role of live streaming commerce in distribution contract selection

The booming live streaming business has increased the number of consumer options for purchase channels, which has had a significant impact on firm sales models and management practices. This paper considers a multiechelon supply chain in which an …

Qiang Wang, Nenggui Zhao, Xiang Ji


Educational data mining to predict students' academic performance: A survey study

Educational data mining is an emerging interdisciplinary research area involving both education and informatics. It has become an imperative research area due to many advantages that educational institutions can achieve. Along these lines, various …

Saba Batool, Junaid Rashid, Muhammad Wasif Nisar, Jungeun Kim, Hyuk-Yoon Kwon, Amir Hussain

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