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Embracing Bitcoin: users’ perceived security and trust

Of late, disruptive innovation in financial services is driving the tremendous growth of cryptocurrency, with Bitcoin being the most popular virtual currency of interest among investors. Notwithstanding the volatility of the cryptocurrencies …

Say Keat Ooi, Chai Aun Ooi, Jasmine A. L. Yeap, Tok Hao Goh


A survey on boosting IoT security and privacy through blockchain

Exploration, requirements, and open issues

The constant development of interrelated computing devices and the emergence of new network technologies have caused a dramatic growth in the number of Internet of Things (IoT) devices. It has brought great convenience to people’s lives where its …

Omar Alfandi, Salam Khanji, Liza Ahmad, Asad Khattak


Secure Identity-Based Blind Signature Scheme for Online Transactions

Today, more and more business activities are done through online transactions. How to protect the personal privacy of customers in online transactions has become an urgent issue. Blind signature (BS) is suitable for online transactions because it …

Lunzhi Deng, Xiuru He, Tian Xia


An analysis on the policy evolution of cross-border ecommerce industry in China from the perspective of sustainability

The rapid development of China’s cross-border e-commerce has largely benefited from the support of industrial policies. This paper adopts social network analysis and content analysis, builds an analytical framework from the four dimensions: policy …

Liang Xiao, Yanan Zhang

27-04-2020 | Issue 6/2020

An anonymous and secure key agreement protocol for NFC applications using pseudonym

Near Field Communication (NFC) is a promising technology that facilitate E-commerce through contactless communications. In the past decade, the NFC characteristics such as availability and usage simplicity have attracted the attention of most …

Mahdi Ghafoorian, Morteza Nikooghadam


Entrepreneurial fintech clusters

We study the formation and dynamics of entrepreneurial clusters in the emerging fintech industry. Using detailed data on the almost 1000 fintech startups in France to date, we find that most fintechs are geographically clustered and that the …

Marco Gazel, Armin Schwienbacher

01-02-2020 | Strategie | Issue 1-2/2020

Digitale Projekte fördern den Kulturwandel

Die Verbandsgemeinde Gerolstein, der Kreis Viersen und die Gemeinde Bobenheim-Roxheim sind der Gewinner und die Finalisten des Axians Infoma Innovationspreises 2019. Im Roundtable werden die Herangehensweisen und die Herausforderungen der …

Anja Schüür-Langkau


The optimal pricing decisions for e-tailers with different payment schemes

Along with the quick development of e-commerce, different payment schemes are provided to online consumers to improve their shopping experience. Currently, the payment schemes can be divided into two categories, one is pay-to-order, and the other …

Jing Zhang, Na Xu, Shizhen Bai

01-01-2020 | Titel | Issue 1/2020

Kapitalvorschriften nehmen kein Ende

Finanzinstitute auf der ganzen Welt sollen sicherer werden. Jedoch müssen vor allem europäische Banken mit strengeren Anforderungen rechnen. Die Geldhäuser hierzulande sind aber noch mit der Umsetzung oder Überarbeitung bereits gültiger Regeln beschäftigt und bereiten sich auf Basel IV vor.

Barbara Bocks

19-12-2019 | Issue 4/2020

Factors affecting trainee teachers’ intention to use technology: A structural equation modeling approach

It is becoming necessary for trainee teachers to willingly accept technology as a tool for learning, effective teaching and assessment. The aim of this study is to measure trainee teachers’ perceived usefulness, perceived ease of use, subjective …

Fuad Ali Ahmed Eksail, Ernest Afari

01-12-2019 | Research | Issue 1/2019 Open Access

The use of ict by sme’s in Zambia to access business information services and investments: barriers and drivers

The research aimed at answering key questions regarding the use of ICTs among SMEs in their businesses with an analysis and consideration of the possible factors that enable ICTs to be valued, as drivers and the possible factors that deter them …

Martin Mwila, Luka Ngoyi

01-12-2019 | Research | Issue 1/2019 Open Access

Investigating the adoption of big data analytics in healthcare: the moderating role of resistance to change

Big data analytics is gaining substantial attention due to its innovative contribution to decision making and strategic development across the healthcare field. Therefore, this study explored the adoption mechanism of big data analytics in …

Muhammad Shahbaz, Changyuan Gao, LiLi Zhai, Fakhar Shahzad, Yanling Hu

29-10-2019 | Original Paper Open Access

The Role of Ethical Perceptions in Consumers’ Participation and Value Co-creation on Sharing Economy Platforms

Consumers’ participation on sharing economy platforms is crucial for the success of the products, services, and companies on those platforms. The participation of consumers enables companies to not only exist, but also to create value for …

Waqar Nadeem, Mari Juntunen, Nick Hajli, Mina Tajvidi

01-10-2019 | Vertriebspraxis | Issue 10/2019

Der Feuerlöscher fürs Netz

Versicherungsmakler, sollte man meinen, sind sensibel gegenüber potenziellen Gefahren, auch und vor allem was den eigenen Betrieb betrifft. Doch offenbar gehen nicht wenige von ihnen mit Cyber-Risiken fahrlässig sorglos um. Dabei sind sie …

Elke Pohl

01-07-2019 | Steuerung | Issue 7-8/2019

Bald nie mehr aufs Amt?

Was sich auf den ersten Blick wie ein plakativer Slogan anhört, ist in Olpe in vielen Bereichen bereits Realität. Die südwestfälische Kreisstadt hat gerade ihr neues Bürgerserviceportal in Betrieb genommen und ist bestrebt, die …

Georg Schnüttgen

01-06-2019 | Issue 3/2020

SMEs and entrepreneurship in the era of globalization: advances and theoretical approaches

Scholars have long studied small- and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and recognize the need for SMEs to postulate strategies to compete and succeed in the global market. In the current ultra-competitive business environment, SMEs face several …

Francisco Liñán, Justin Paul, Alain Fayolle

01-06-2019 | Issue 6/2019

Quantum e-commerce: a comparative study of possible protocols for online shopping and other tasks related to e-commerce

A set of quantum protocols for online shopping is proposed and analyzed to establish that it is possible to perform secure online shopping using different types of quantum resources. Specifically, a single photon based, a Bell state based and two …

Kishore Thapliyal, Anirban Pathak

01-05-2019 | Issue 5/2019

Arbitrated quantum signature scheme with quantum walk-based teleportation

Quantum walks can be applied for some quantum information processing tasks such as quantum search, element distinctness, state transfer and teleportation. In this paper, we present an arbitrated quantum signature scheme with quantum walk-based …

Yanyan Feng, Ronghua Shi, Jinjing Shi, Jian Zhou, Ying Guo

26-04-2019 | Issue 2/2020

Smart Institutional Intervention in the Adoption of Digital Infrastructure: The Case of Government Cloud Computing in Oman

Cloud computing technology presents a case of centralised digital infrastructure that requires adherence to standards and planned approach for its adoption and implementation. There is little knowledge on how institutions could influence the …

Khalid Alzadjali, Amany Elbanna

24-04-2019 | Issue 3/2019

Factors affecting consumers’ mobile payment behavior: a meta-analysis

Mobile payment is quickly changing consumers’ spending patterns and payment habits. Many empirical studies have been conducted globally in the last decade about consumers’ mobile payment behavior. To analyze and synthesize the findings, a …

Zhunzhun Liu, Shenglin Ben, Ruidong Zhang

04-04-2019 | Issue 2/2019

Security against Attacks and Malicious Code Execution in Mobile Agent Using IBF-CPABE Protocol

Securing the mobile agents from malicious code execution is the next phase of mobile network computing. Malicious code execution is one of the serious attacks in mobile agent network. To restrict the attack to an extent, a strong authentication …

Prabhjot Kaur Jolly, Shalini Batra

02-04-2019 | Methodologies and Application | Issue 2/2020

An intelligent credit card fraud detection approach based on semantic fusion of two classifiers

The increased usage of credit cards for online and regular purchases in E-banking communication systems is vulnerable to credit card fraud. Data imbalance also poses a huge challenge in the fraud detection process. The efficiency of the current …

Saad M. Darwish

01-04-2019 | Strategie | Issue 4/2019

"Digitalisierung muss zur Chefsache werden"

Über den aktuellen Stand der Digitalisierung in der öffentlichen Verwaltung, die Herausforderungen sowie die Schwerpunkte des diesjährigen Zukunftskongresses Staat & Verwaltung spricht Prof. Dr. Gerhard Hammerschmid im Interview.

20-03-2019 | Issue 1/2019

End-to-End Voting with Non-Permissioned and Permissioned Ledgers

We propose a decentralised end-to-end voting platform (from voter to candidate) based on the block-chain technology. In particular, we study and exploit both the non-permissioned ledger of Bitcoin, and the MultiChain permissioned ledger. We …

Stefano Bistarelli, Ivan Mercanti, Paolo Santancini, Francesco Santini

01-02-2019 | Strategie | Issue 1-2/2019

Auf dem Weg zur papierlosen Verwaltung

Der Kreis Recklinghausen, die Stadt Wolfenbüttel sowie die Verbandsgemeinde Höhr-Grenzhausen haben erfolgreich Veränderungs- und Modernisierungsprojekte auf den Weg gebracht und wurden mit dem Axians Infoma Innovationspreis 2018 ausgezeichnet. In …

Anja Schüür-Langkau

31-01-2019 | Research Paper | Issue 2/2020

A Reinforcement Learning Based Model for Adaptive Service Quality Management in E-Commerce Websites

Providing high-quality service to all users is a difficult and inefficient strategy for e-commerce providers, especially when Web servers experience overload conditions that cause increased response time and request rejections, leading to user …

Hoda Ghavamipoor, S. Alireza Hashemi Golpayegani

03-12-2018 | Original Article

The construction and simulation of internet financial product diffusion model based on complex network and consumer decision-making mechanism

Nowadays, Internet financial products, like Internet banking service and e-payment, have permeated into every corner of civil life in China. Via the Internet and media, consumers can obtain big data and information of financial products. Consumer …

JingMing Zhang, ShuZhen Zhu, Wei Yan, ZhiPeng Li

01-12-2018 | Research article | Issue 1/2018 Open Access

The utilisation of e-learning facilities in the educational delivery system of Nigeria: a study of M-University

In spite of the constant innovative approaches adopted by teachers in western world, traditional approaches to teaching and assessments in Nigeria tertiary institutions have constantly been practiced. Most institutions are not able to fully …

Sunday Chinedu Eze, Vera Chinwendu Chinedu-Eze, Adenike Oluyemi Bello

01-11-2018 | Strategie | Issue 11/2018

"Die Ökologie wird bei der Digitalisierung mitgedacht"

Die Digitalisierung bietet die Chance, die IT in der öffentlichen Verwaltung nachhaltiger zu gestalten. Oliver Couvigny und Daniel Riss, Geschäftsführer beim Software-Anbieter Axians Infoma, erläutern im Interview die Maßnahmen sowie die Strategie …

Anja Schüür-Langkau

01-10-2018 | Issue 10/2018

A high capacity quantum weak blind signature based on logistic chaotic maps

Motivated by the teleportation of hyper-entangled states, a high capacity quantum weak blind signature (QWBS) scheme is developed via logistic chaotic maps. Three participants jointly accomplish the task in two degrees of freedom entangled system …

Xiaoping Lou, Wensheng Tang, Xiaoxiao Chen

17-07-2018 | Issue 2/2019

Implementing open government: a qualitative comparative analysis of digital platforms in France, Italy and United Kingdom

Open government is spreading throughout the world as a policy agenda oriented to foster transparency, participation and collaboration. Despite its increasing relevance in policy documents, there has been a scarce interest in deepening the analysis …

Emiliana De Blasio, Donatella Selva

01-05-2018 | Titel | Issue 5/2018

E-Payment — So gelingt die Implementierung

Mit der Projektinitialisierung wurden klare Projektziele definiert, die als strukturierende Leitplanken das Projekt begleiten sollten: ▪ Gewährleistung eines durchgängig medienbruchfreien, elektronischen Verwaltungsvorgangs. Kein Kunde soll fürdie …

Peter Liebscher, Andreas Wolf

01-04-2018 | Steuerung | Issue 4/2018

Was die Digitalisierung von Verwaltungsprozessen bringt

Im Rahmen einer Anwenderumfrage wurden Nutzer von Formular-Management-Systemen (FMS) auf Bundesebene zu qualitativen und quantitativen Nutzungsaspekte der mittels FMS digitalisierten Verwaltungsprozesse befragt. Der Beitrag stellt die …

Prof. Dr. Ulrich Lohmann, Markus Schulmeyer

01-02-2018 | Strategie | Issue 1-2/2018

„Ein Projekt muss Chefsache sein“

Seit fünf Jahren prämiert das Software-Unternehmen Axians Infoma innovative E-Government-Projekte. Drei Preisträger und Finalisten des Infoma-Innovationspreises 2017 erläutern ihre Projekte und ihre Erfolgsfaktoren.

Springer Fachmedien Wiesbaden

01-12-2017 | Issue 12/2017

Experimental realization of quantum cheque using a five-qubit quantum computer

Quantum cheques could be a forgery-free way to make transaction in a quantum networked banking system with perfect security against any no-signalling adversary. Here, we demonstrate the implementation of quantum cheque, proposed by Moulick and …

Bikash K. Behera, Anindita Banerjee, Prasanta K. Panigrahi

30-11-2017 | Issue 5/2018

A key agreement authentication protocol using an improved parallel Pollard rho for electronic payment system

An improved protocol with a key agreement authentication using parallel Pollard rho algorithm for electronic payment system is proposed in this paper. The protocol employs a two step of key agreement and authentication with parallel Pollard rho …

O. R. Vincent, O. M. Lawal

01-11-2017 | Digital | Issue 11/2017

Neue Chancen für den ländlichen Raum

Digitalisierung im ländlichen Raum eröffnet den Kommunen neue Chancen, indem infrastrukturelle Nachteile gegenüber den städtischen Ballungsräumen verringert und die Vorzüge kleiner Gemeinden gestärkt werden. Der Beitrag zeigt die konkreten …

Andreas Betz, Thomas Höhn

01-10-2017 | Digital | Issue 10/2017

„Digitalisierung muss ganzheitlich gedacht werden“

Die Digitalisierung bietet der öffentlichen Verwaltung noch viele ungenutzte Potenziale. Dabei sollten die Prozesse zunächst genau analysiert und optimiert werden, um eine wirkliche digitale Wertschöpfung zu generieren. Im Interview erläutert Rolf …

Springer Fachmedien Wiesbaden

01-10-2017 | Digital | Issue 10/2017

Veränderungswille als Basis für Digitalisierung

In kommunalen Verwaltungen gibt es inzwischen viele innovative und wegweisende Digitalisierungsprojekte. Über ihre Erfahrungen bei der Entwicklung und Umsetzung neuer Workflows und Prozesse sowie die Rolle der Führung diskutierten Vertreter aus Städten und Kommunen beim 10. Praxis-Roundtable. 

Springer Fachmedien Wiesbaden

01-09-2017 | Service | Issue 9/2017

Vergabeverfahren — Gewinnt nicht immer der Billigste?


Vergabeverfahren für öffentliche Aufträge haben einen schlechten Ruf. Sie werden als aufwendig und zeitraubend kritisiert, und am Ende müsse ja doch immer das billigste Angebot angenommen werden. Die ersten beiden Kritikpunkte mögen zutreffen …

Dr. Karsten Lisch

01-09-2017 | Vertrieb | Issue 9/2017

Autobauer suchen nach neuen Wegen

Viele der weltweit führenden Fahrzeugproduzenten kommen aus Deutschland. Doch die Hersteller stehen unter Druck, ausgelöst durch Skandale und die Digitalisierung. Sie müssen ihr Image verbessern und technische Probleme lösen.

Carmen Mausbach

01-07-2017 | Issue 3/2017

On the international research-to-practice conference on modern problems and tasks of information-security assurance (SIB’2017)

This article considers the results of a conference held at the Moscow University of Finance and Law in April 2017. The conference had three sections: Information Security Assurance Technologies, Data Protection Hardware and Software, and Upcoming …

V. V. Arutyunov

01-07-2017 | Digital | Issue 7-8/2017

Die Verwaltung durchleuchten


Mit der Methode des Verwaltungsscreenings lassen sich auch bei komplexen Herausforderungen die relevanten Handlungsfelder transparent und effektiv identifizieren und priorisieren.

Gaby Beckmann

01-06-2017 | Issue 6/2017

Analyses and improvement of a broadcasting multiple blind signature scheme based on quantum GHZ entanglement

A broadcasting multiple blind signature scheme based on quantum GHZ entanglement has been presented recently. It is said that the scheme’s unconditional security is guaranteed by adopting quantum key preparation, quantum encryption algorithm and …

Wei Zhang, Daowen Qiu, Xiangfu Zou, Paulo Mateus

01-06-2017 | Issue 1/2017

Formal analysis and offline monitoring of electronic exams

More and more universities are moving toward electronic exams (in short e-exams). This migration exposes exams to additional threats, which may come from the use of the information and communication technology. In this paper, we identify and …

Ali Kassem, Yliès Falcone, Pascal Lafourcade

09-05-2017 | Original Article | Issue 3/2017

Prioritizing and Ranking the Big Data Information Security Risk Spectrum

Big data research brings in a lot of research interest and excitement from both industry and academia. While several research works have addressed the characteristics, technology and business application of big data, less literature has addressed …

S. Vijayakumar Bharathi

27-04-2017 | Issue 1/2017

An Improved E-Payment System and Its Extension to a Payment System for Visually Impaired and Blind People with User Anonymity

Electronic payment systems have become increasingly popular due to the widespread use of the internet-based shopping and banking. Such systems should at least guarantee users’ anonymity during the transaction, fair exchange of goods and offer …

An Braeken

01-04-2017 | State-of-the-Art | Issue 2/2017

Information and communication technology in green logistics: status quo and research gaps

The purpose of this paper is to determine the status quo of research on applications of information and communication technology (ICT) in green logistics (GL) and offer recommendations for future research. We determine that research about …

Volker Frehe, Frank Teuteberg

22-03-2017 | State-of-the-Art | Issue 2/2017

Information and communication technology in green logistics: status quo and research gaps

The purpose of this paper is to determine the status quo of research on applications of information and communication technology (ICT) in green logistics (GL) and offer recommendations for future research. We determine that research about …

Volker Frehe, Frank Teuteberg

22-03-2017 | Original Article | Issue 2/2017

Adaptive leadership in water utility operations: the case of Uganda

This paper explores how adaptive leadership and associated tactics can enable a utility to confront challenges and improve water utility performance. We find that well-designed tactical plans based on individual performance agreements (IPAs) are …

Silver Mugisha, Sanford V. Berg

03-03-2017 | Issue 1/2017

A BGP session takeover method for high availability based on virtualization technique

Recently, the improvement in the data communication networks in terms of availability and reliability is emerging as a critical issue. In this context, the high availability and reliability of routers that control data flow and routing path …

Hwasung Kim, Sangil Kim, Hoyong Ryu, JaeHyung Park, Jinsul Kim

01-03-2017 | Digital | Issue 3/2017

E-Payment in öffentlichen Verwaltungen

Immer mehr Verwaltungen bieten Leistungen online an. Auch elektronisches Bezahlen gewinnt zunehmend an Relevanz. Dadurch verbessert sich der Service für die Bürger und die Verwaltung optimiert ihre Prozesse.

Sebastian Plog

25-02-2017 | Original Paper | Issue 5/2017

Digital Finance and FinTech: current research and future research directions

Since decades, the financial industry has experienced a continuous evolution in service delivery due to digitalization. This evolution is characterized by expanded connectivity and enhanced speed of information processing both at the customer …

Peter Gomber, Jascha-Alexander Koch, Michael Siering

01-02-2017 | Digtal | Issue 1-2/2017

Das Bayerische Bürgerkonto — Möglichkeiten und Potenziale

Eine Studie der Innovationsstiftung Bayerische Kommune hat sich mit dem Bürgerkonto als Authentifizierungskomponente beschäftigt. Sie stellt Potenziale für Kommunen, Bürger und Wirtschaft dar und gibt Handlungsempfehlungen zum Einsatz dieser …

Prof. Dr. Isabel John, Prof. Dr. Gabriele Saueressig

01-02-2017 | IT | Issue 2-3/2017

IT Trends

Springer Fachmedien Wiesbaden

01-12-2016 | Research | Issue 1/2016 Open Access

A secure billing protocol over attribute-based encryption in vehicular cloud computing

The integration of cloud computing into vehicular ad hoc networks (VANETs) has allowed the possibility of offering multiple services to the vehicle owners ranging from safety to entertainment services. The ubiquitousness of cloud computing …

Lewis Nkenyereye, Youngho Park, Kyung Hyune Rhee

04-11-2016 | Issue 2/2018

Design of electronic payment system based on authenticated key exchange

This paper proposes an electronic payment system based on authenticated key exchange protocol. In this scheme, an effective owner tracing mechanism is introduced to identify a malicious customer. Moreover, every participant can mutually …

Susmita Mandal, Sujata Mohanty, Banshidhar Majhi

01-11-2016 | Digital | Issue 11/2016

Knöllchen per QR-Code bezahlen

Springer Fachmedien Wiesbaden

01-10-2016 | Issue 10/2016

Fault-tolerant quantum blind signature protocols against collective noise

This work proposes two fault-tolerant quantum blind signature protocols based on the entanglement swapping of logical Bell states, which are robust against two kinds of collective noises: the collective-dephasing noise and the collective-rotation …

Ming-Hui Zhang, Hui-Fang Li

28-09-2016 | Issue 4/2017

A Fairness-Enhanced Micropayment Scheme

The micropayment scheme is widely used in the electronic payment, where the transaction value is tiny, meanwhile, the number of transactions is very huge. Recently, Liu and Yan proposed a lightweight micropayment scheme to achieve the efficiency …

Yining Liu, Quanyu Zhao, Gao Liu, Liang Chang, Jian Shen

21-09-2016 | Issue 4/2017

The acceptance of ‘intelligent trade shows’: Visitors’ evaluations of IS innovation

Trade Shows (TSs) provide “high-quality information,” as thousands of specialists and experts are gathered in one place at one time. Thus, information technology systems become essential for TSs. This study explores the characteristics of TSs’ …

Sunyoung Hlee, Jimin Lee, Daeseop Moon, Changsok Yoo

26-08-2016 | Issue 3/2017

An Electronic Transaction Mechanism Using Mobile Devices for Cloud Computing

In recent years, various electronic payment mechanisms have been proposed for cloud computing. However, the related works have high computation and communication costs so they are not really suitable for cloud environments. To solve this problem …

Jen-Ho Yang

11-08-2016 | Issue 3/2017

A New Privacy Aware Payment Scheme for Wireless Charging of Electric Vehicles

Electric vehicles (EVs) can be considered as a revolution in the combustion industry with significant improvement in fuel utilization and decrease in pollution compared to combustion engines. However, by decreasing the size of the battery to …

Zeinab Rezaeifar, Rasheed Hussain, Sangjin Kim, Heekuck Oh

08-07-2016 | Issue 3/2017

ESIV: an end-to-end secure internet voting system

Nowadays, with the growing popularity of e-Government services, security of client platforms and violation of citizen e-rights are of great concerns. Since Internet-voting protocols have no control over voter-side platforms, bribery/coercion and …

Nafise Mohammadi Shakiba, Mohammad-Ali Doostari, Mostafa Mohammadpourfard

01-06-2016 | Issue 6/2016

Improvement of a quantum broadcasting multiple blind signature scheme based on quantum teleportation

Recently, a broadcasting multiple blind signature scheme based on quantum teleportation has been proposed for the first time. It is claimed to have unconditional security and properties of quantum multiple signature and quantum blind signature. In …

Wei Zhang, Daowen Qiu, Xiangfu Zou

01-06-2016 | Issue 6/2016

Quantum cheques

We propose the idea of a quantum cheque scheme, a cryptographic protocol in which any legitimate client of a trusted bank can issue a cheque, that cannot be counterfeited or altered in anyway, and can be verified by a bank or any of its branches.

Subhayan Roy Moulick, Prasanta K. Panigrahi

25-05-2016 | Communication | Issue 2/2017

Investigating ICT infrastructure to develop an information society in India

The information society (IS) can be defined as a society that will witness creation, storage, processing, and distribution of information as major source of economic and cultural activity. IS has also been defined in social, economic …

Kashmiri Lal

24-05-2016 | Issue 6/2017

Design and Performance Evaluation of Two Approaches to Obtain Anonymity in Transferable Electronic Ticketing Schemes

Electronic tickets demonstrate, without the use of paper, the possession of the right to access or use of a service. In this scenario, the security and privacy achieved in the paper-based system must be preserved in the electronic ticketing …

M. Magdalena Payeras-Capellà, Macià Mut-Puigserver, Jordi Castellà-Roca, Julio Bondia-Barceló

08-04-2016 | Research Article - Computer Engineering and Computer Science | Issue 8/2016

Provably Secure Pairing-Free Identity-Based Partially Blind Signature Scheme and Its Application in Online E-cash System

The blind signature scheme permits the user to acquire a signature from the signer; however, the message and the final signature are unknown to the signer. In any partially blind signature (PBS) scheme, the signer is allowed to explicitly …

SK Hafizul Islam, Ruhul Amin, G. P. Biswas, Mohammad S. Obaidat, Muhammad Khurram Khan

01-04-2016 | E - Government + Multimedia | Issue 4/2016

Bürgerkonten sind für E-Government kein starker Treiber

Vergleich mit anderen Strategien zur Steigerung der Online-Nutzung

Immer wieder wird bemängelt, dass die Nutzung von E-Government-Angeboten in Deutschland nicht signifikant gesteigert werden kann. Neuester Trend, um die Nutzung zu verbessern, ist die Einrichtung von Bürger- oder Servicekonten. Ein Vergleich mit …

Prof. Dr. Herbert Kubicek

03-03-2016 | Original Article | Issue 1/2017

Factors influencing adoption of e-payment systems: an empirical study on Iranian customers

Internet technology has influenced the banking systems because of its capability to enhance performance of financial operations. A major concern of Internet banking systems is the customers’ perception of security and trust. This study presents an …

Maryam Barkhordari, Zahra Nourollah, Hoda Mashayekhi, Yoosof Mashayekhi, Mohammad S. Ahangar

01-03-2016 | Empirical article | Issue 1/2016

Revisiting media selection in the digital era: adoption and usage

This study presents an empirical analysis of the usage of limited media resources, gratification of user expectations, complementarity between different types of media, and the competitive relationship of media, based on new media in China …

Yunchu Huang, Chang-Gyu Yang, Heon Baek, Sang-Gun Lee

01-03-2016 | Issue 1/2016

The role of risk in e-retailers’ adoption of payment methods: evidence for transition economies

We use logit analysis to exploit a self-collected dataset on the payment and delivery options offered by the vast majority of B2C websites in five Central Asian transition economies. Specifically, we conduct a supply-side test of (elements of) the …

Leo Van Hove, Farhod P. Karimov

01-03-2016 | Issue 1/2016

A secure and efficient authenticated encryption for electronic payment systems using elliptic curve cryptography

The use of e-payment system for electronic trade is on its way to make daily life more easy and convenient. Contrarily, there are a number of security issues to be addressed, user anonymity and fair exchange have become important concerns along …

Shehzad Ashraf Chaudhry, Mohammad Sabzinejad Farash, Husnain Naqvi, Muhammad Sher

01-11-2015 | IT | Issue 12/2015

Wundertechnik mit Tücken

Deutsche Kreditinstitute setzen biometrische Anwendungen noch selten ein. Einige Geldhäuser experimentieren, verweisen aber auf die fehlende Reife von Verfahren und auf Unklarheiten beim regulatorischen Rahmen. Datenschutzprobleme erschweren ebenfall

Marvin Oppong

01-11-2015 | Construction Management | Issue 7/2015

Paradigm shift in main contractor-subcontractor partnerships with an e-procurement framework

Subcontractors play an important role in the successful completion of construction projects. Recent changes within the business environment have shifted subcontracting toward a more advanced principal of partnership: between a main contractor and …

Shin-Jo Eom, Sang-Chul Kim, Won-Suk Jang

01-08-2015 | Issue 8/2015

A new quantum blind signature with unlinkability

Recently, some quantum blind signature protocols have been proposed. However, the previous schemes cannot satisfy the unlinkability requirement. To overcome the drawback of unlinkability in the previous schemes, we propose a new quantum blind …

Wei-Min Shi, Jian-Biao Zhang, Yi-Hua Zhou, Yu-Guang Yang

01-07-2015 | E - Government + Multimedia | Issue 7-8/2015

Stadt Kaiserslautern: Mobile Bezahlfunktion sichert Einnahme von Verwarngeldern

Die rheinland-pfälzische Stadt ging im vergangenen Jahr eine Kooperation mit PayPal, der TraffGo Road GmbH und der EurOwiG AG ein. Ziel ist es, Bürgern die Möglichkeit zu geben, Verwarngelder mobil zu bezahlen. Mit dem Bezahllotsen, der

Boris Wolter

17-06-2015 | Theme Section Paper | Issue 4/2016

Feature Nets: behavioural modelling of software product lines

Software product lines (SPLs) are diverse systems that are developed using a dual engineering process: (a) family engineering defines the commonality and variability among all members of the SPL, and (b) application engineering derives specific produ…

Radu Muschevici, José Proença, Dave Clarke

01-06-2015 | Issue 6/2015

Cryptanalysis and improvement of a quantum communication-based online shopping mechanism

Recently, Chou et al. (Electron Commer Res 14:349–367, 2014) presented a novel controlled quantum secure direct communication protocol which can be used for online shopping. The authors claimed that their protocol was immune to the attacks from …

Wei Huang, Ying-Hui Yang, Heng-Yue Jia

01-06-2015 | E - Government + Multimedia | Issue 6/2015

Kommunale Verwaltung auf dem Weg in die digitale Zukunft

Stadt DÜren verbessert Über die Digitalisierung ihr Dienstleistungsangebot

Der Abbau von MedienbrÜchen und die durchgängige Digitalisierung von Verwaltungsabläufen gehören zu den wesentlichen Faktoren eines effizienten E-Governments. Unerlässliche Voraussetzung dafÜr ist die elektronische AktenfÜhrung. In dies

Dagmar Mirbach

01-06-2015 | Schwerpunkt | Issue 3/2015

Die IBAN — eine kritische Sicht

Deutsche Verbraucherschützer und die deutsche Bankwirtschaft hatten vor der Aktion gewarnt, selbst im Vorstand der Bundesbank war sie strittig. Der Bundesfinanzminister wandte sich dagegen und plädierte dafür, die IBAN nur im Auslandsza

Prof. Dr. Peter Mertens

01-04-2015 | Issue 2/2015

E-Commerce und Datenschutzrecht im Konflikt

Der Aufsatz behandelt Rechtsfragen zum Einsatz moderner Marketingformen. Aus rechtlicher Sicht werden Webtracking, Geolokalisierung und Social Plugins besprochen. Zudem wird eine Übersicht über die Integration von E-Payment-Lösungen gegeben.

Patricia Lotz

01-04-2015 | Issue 4/2015

Cost and energy aware service provisioning for mobile client in cloud computing environment

Currently, mobile devices are becoming the popular instrument for accessing the cloud environment. Mobile devices are resource and energy limited; they can rely on cloud computing resource to perform computationally intensive operations such as …

Li Chunlin, Li LaYuan

20-03-2015 | Issue 2/2016

Self-Service Technologies and e-Services Risks in Social Commerce Era

Social commerce as a subset of e-commerce has been emerged in part due to the popularity of social networking sites. Social commerce brings new challenges to marketing activities. And social commerce transactions like e-commerce transactions can be

Mauricio S. Featherman, Nick Hajli

01-02-2015 | Special Section Paper | Issue 1/2015

Synchrony and asynchrony in conformance testing

We present and compare different notions of conformance testing based on labeled transition systems. We formulate and prove several theorems which enable using synchronous conformance testing techniques such as input–output conformance testing (ioco&

Neda Noroozi, Ramtin Khosravi, Mohammad Reza Mousavi, Tim A. C. Willemse

01-01-2015 | E - Government+Multimedia | Issue 1-2/2015

Die E-Rechnung ist mehr als eine IT-technische Umstellung

Besondere Herausforderungen für kommunale Verwaltungen und Eigenbetriebe

„Die Mitgliedsstaaten stellen sicher, dass die öffentlichen Auftraggeber […] elektronische Rechnungen empfangen und verarbeiten […]“ (Artikel 7). Die Union kann Eingriffe in die Verwaltungsorganisation der Mitgliedsstaaten nicht vornehm

Prof. Dr. Gunnar Schwarting

01-12-2014 | Issue 4/2014

Towards a framework for monitoring cloud application platforms as sensor networks

With the continued growth in software environments on cloud application platforms, self-management at the Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) level has become a pressing concern, and the run-time monitoring, analysis and detection of critical situations …

Rustem Dautov, Iraklis Paraskakis, Mike Stannett

01-12-2014 | IT + Organisation | Issue 12/2014

Schlüssel für neue Geschäftsmodelle


Momentan profitieren Paypal und DKB gleichermaßen von der Kooperation. Paypal kann seinen Kundenservice und seine Leistungen durch eine stärkere Integration des Kundenkontos weiter verbessern, während die DKB vom innovativen Image und d

Christof Innig, Oliver Hommel

01-11-2014 | Issue 3/2014

Public IT service strategy for social information security in the intelligence all-things environment

In the area of public information service, information leakage through an insider is occurring frequently in recent. Considering the difficulty in tracking security breach incidents upon using cutting-edge technology instead of technology-centered …

Jinho Yoo, Hangbae Chang

01-11-2014 | Issue 3/2014

An enhanced smartphone security model based on information security management system (ISMS)

As the penetration of smartphones increases rapidly, in the occurrence of security threats in smartphones, smartphone security technologies are not sufficient, and moreover, the security technologies and measures that can be applied to smartphones …

Jong Hyuk Park, Ki Jung Yi, Young-Sik Jeong

01-11-2014 | Issue 3/2014

Correlating messages from multiple IM networks to identify digital forensic artifacts

In recent years the usage of instant messaging (IM) has increased manifold. Recent reports show that law enforcement organizations are making requests for instant messaging information as a result of involvement in criminal activity. There can be …

Muhammmad Yasin, Firdous Kausar, Eisa Aleisa, Jongsung Kim

01-10-2014 | Regular Contribution | Issue 5/2014

Wirelessly lockpicking a smart card reader

With more than 300 million cards sold, HID iClass is one of the most popular contactless smart cards on the market. It is widely used for access control, secure login and payment systems. The card uses 64-bit keys to provide authenticity and …

Flavio D. Garcia, Gerhard de Koning Gans, Roel Verdult

01-09-2014 | Issue 9/2014

Cryptanalysis of a sessional blind signature based on quantum cryptography

A digital signature is a mathematical scheme for demonstrating the authenticity of a digital message or document. A blind signature is a form of digital signature in which the content of a message is disguised (blinded) before it is signed to …

Qi Su, Wen-Min Li

01-09-2014 | E - Government + Multimedia | Issue 9/2014

Mobiles E-Government: Aktuelle Lösungen als Treiber des klassischen E-Governments

Vor dem Hintergrund der vielerorts strukturellen Haushaltsdefizite und der Folgen des demographischen Wandels wird es in Zukunft immer wichtiger werden, die Bürger aktiv in die Gestaltung des Gemeinwesens einzubeziehen und sie dafür zu

Dirk Arendt, Marc Groß

01-08-2014 | Issue 8/2014

Security of a sessional blind signature based on quantum cryptograph

We analyze the security of a sessional blind signature protocol based on quantum cryptograph and show that there are two security leaks in this protocol. One is that the legal user Alice can change the signed message after she gets a valid blind …

Tian-Yin Wang, Xiao-Qiu Cai, Rui-Ling Zhang

01-07-2014 | IT + Organisation | Issue 7-8/2014

Sicherheit nach Maß


Dabei sind gute Services ein Kundenkriterium bei der Auswahl von Kreditinstituten: „Die Mobile-Banking-Möglichkeiten werden in Zukunft ausschlaggebend dafür sein, welches Institut der Kunde wählt“, sagt Marika Lulay, COO bei GFT. Beim P

Eva-Susanne Krah

01-07-2014 | Issue 7/2014

Design, implementation, and performance analysis of a secure payment protocol in a payment gateway centric model

Many mobile payment systems have emerged in the last few years which allow payments for services and goods from mobile devices. However, most of them have been based on a scenario where all the entities are directly connected to each other …

Jesús Téllez Isaac, Sherali Zeadally

01-06-2014 | Issue 6/2014

A broadcasting multiple blind signature scheme based on quantum teleportation

Using the quantum teleportation, a broadcasting multiple blind signature scheme is proposed. Different from classical multiple signature and current quantum signature schemes, which could only deliver either multiple signature or unconditional …

Yuan Tian, Hong Chen, Shufan Ji, Zhengping Han, Haigang Lian, Xiaojun Wen

01-05-2014 | Issue 5/2014

Cryptanalysis of enhancement on “quantum blind signature based on two-state vector formalism”

Recently, Yang et al. (Quantum Inf Process 12(1):109, 2013) proposed an enhanced quantum blind signature based on two-taste vector formalism. The protocol can prevent signatory Bob from deriving Alice’s message with invisible photon eavesdropping …

Qi Su, Wen-Min Li

01-04-2014 | Research Article - Computer Engineering and Computer Science | Issue 4/2014

QoS Prominent Bandwidth Control Design for Real-time Traffic in IEEE 802.16e Broadband Wireless Access

IEEE 802.16e is a broadband wireless access technology that provides high-speed data transmission whilst offering Quality of Service (QoS). To preserve the network QoS, the IEEE 802.16e Medium Access Control (MAC) layer of IEEE 802.16e classifies and…

Kuokkwee Wee, R. Mardeni, S. W. Tan, S. W. Lee

01-03-2014 | Research Article - Computer Engineering and Computer Science | Issue 3/2014

A Model for Detecting Customer Level Intentions to Purchase in B2C Websites Using TOPSIS and Fuzzy Logic Rule-Based System

The perception of people and attitude towards e-commerce and B2C websites significantly affect their intention to make purchase online. The technique for order preference by similarity to ideal solution (TOPSIS), one of the multi-criteria decision ma…

Mehrbakhsh Nilashi, Othman Bin Ibrahim

01-02-2014 | Research Article - Computer Engineering and Computer Science | Issue 2/2014

Assessment of Internet Banking Adoption: An Empirical Analysis

Internet banking (IB) has become a new advancement for the banking consumers and its adoption has become a significant measure of success, which needs to be analyzed. Therefore this study investigates the influence of perceived benefit (PB), perceive…

Rahmath Safeena, Abdullah Kammani, Hema Date

01-01-2014 | Issue 1/2014

A sessional blind signature based on quantum cryptography

In this paper, we present a sessional blind signature protocol whose security is guaranteed by fundamental principles of quantum physics. It allows a message owner to get his message signed by an authorized signatory. However, the signatory is not …

Siavash Khodambashi, Ali Zakerolhosseini

01-12-2013 | Issue 4/2013

End-to-end security scheme for Machine Type Communication based on Generic Authentication Architecture

Machine Type Communication (MTC) and its related services have become the new business growth-point of mobile communication. However, application market with the size of about a hundred of million makes end-to-end security facing grand challenges …

Wujun Zhang, Yueyu Zhang, Jie Chen, Hui Li, Yumin Wang

01-12-2013 | Case study | Issue 4/2013

Using the balanced scorecard on supply chain integration performance—a case study of service businesses

Supply chains are indispensable to corporations that seek to serve suppliers and customers better, to boost organization performance, to strengthen competitiveness, and to achieve continuous success. Currently, corporations place great emphasis on …

Hsin Hsin Chang, Chung-Jye Hung, Kit Hong Wong, Chin-Ho Lee

01-12-2013 | Issue 12/2013

E - Government + Multimedia

Die IT-Dienstleister der öffentlichen Hand stehen vor der großen Herausforderung, mit den von ihnen verwalteten Mitteln für IT-Infrastrukturen zu haushalten und neben den Umweltressourcen auch die öffentlichen Mittel scho

Robert Helfenbein

01-12-2013 | Issue 12/2013

A proxy blind signature scheme based on quantum entanglement

Using the correlation states of the GHZ triplet, a proxy blind signature scheme is presented. Existing classical proxy signatures cannot guarantee the security with the emergency of quantum computing technology, current quantum signature schemes …

Yuan Tian, Hong Chen, Gao Yan, Jingfeng Tian, Xiaojun Wen

01-09-2013 | Original Paper | Issue 3/2013

A smart citizen healthcare assistant framework

This paper focuses on the development of a citizen-oriented lifelong healthcare assistant system, which will support not only health Care Delivery Organizations (CDOs) but also health care providers. In other words this work proposes an u_Health …

Stella C. Christopoulou

01-09-2013 | Original Article | Issue 3/2013

Performance of e-invoicing in Spanish firms

The aim of this paper is to analyze firm performance when using e-invoicing on a regular basis. We propose that the habit acquired using this information technology (IT) is an important antecedent of users’ perceptions, since it allows them to …

Blanca Hernandez-Ortega, Julio Jimenez-Martinez

01-08-2013 | Issue 8/2013

Improving the security of arbitrated quantum signature against the forgery attack

As a feasible model for signing quantum messages, some cryptanalysis and improvement of arbitrated quantum signature (AQS) have received a great deal of attentions in recent years. However, in this paper we find the previous improvement is not …

Ke-Jia Zhang, Wei-Wei Zhang, Dan Li

01-07-2013 | Strategie + Management | Issue 7/2013

Europas Chancen nutzen

Kommentar: Zahlungswege im Web

Die Zahlungswege werden dieser Entwicklung folgen, denn was elektronisch vertrieben wird, wird auch elektronisch bezahlt. Aus diesem Grund kommt dem E-Payment eine große strategische Bedeutung zu. Wer die Zahlungsabwicklung im Internet

Professor Dr. Franz-Christoph Zeitler

01-07-2013 | Issue 4/2013

Effective detection of sophisticated online banking fraud on extremely imbalanced data

Sophisticated online banking fraud reflects the integrative abuse of resources in social, cyber and physical worlds. Its detection is a typical use case of the broad-based Wisdom Web of Things (W2T) methodology. However, there is very limited …

Wei Wei, Jinjiu Li, Longbing Cao, Yuming Ou, Jiahang Chen

01-06-2013 | Issue 6/2013

Attack and improvements of fair quantum blind signature schemes

Blind signature schemes allow users to obtain the signature of a message while the signer learns neither the message nor the resulting signature. Therefore, blind signatures have been used to realize cryptographic protocols providing the anonymity …

Xiangfu Zou, Daowen Qiu

01-04-2013 | Issue 4/2013

Cryptanalysis of an inter-bank E-payment protocol based on quantum proxy blind signature

We analyze the security of an inter-bank E-payment protocol based on quantum proxy blind signature, and find that there is a security leak in the quantum channels of this protocol, which gives a chance for an outside opponent to launch a special …

Xiao-Qiu Cai, Chun-Yan Wei

01-04-2013 | Märkte & Expansion | Issue 4/2013

Fit für die Auslandsexpansion

welche Chancen und Hindernisse sich bei einer Auslandsexpansion von Webshops ergeben können,

José Martinez-Benavente

01-03-2013 | Issue 3/2013

Im Frühjahr startet Yapital

Springer Gabler Wiesbaden

01-03-2013 | Strategie + Management | Issue 3/2013

Immer mehr Bank-Wettbewerber im Online-Payment aktiv


In den Niederlanden haben sich Anfang 2006 die großen Banken ABN AMRO, Fortis, Postbank — die 2009 in der ING Bank aufging — Rabobank und SNS-Bank zusammengeschlossen und den Online-Überweisungsdienst iDEAL etabliert. Innerhalb von nur

Anja Kühner

01-01-2013 | Issue 1/2013

An inter-bank E-payment protocol based on quantum proxy blind signature

Security and anonymity are essential to E-payment systems. However, with the increasing computing power, existing E-payment systems will gradually become insecure. In this paper, we propose an inter-bank E-payment system which is based on quantum …

Xiaojun Wen, Yongzhi Chen, Junbin Fang

01-12-2012 | Good Practice | Issue 12/2012

Bezahlmöglichkeiten im Internet — schnell, sicher und datenschutzkonform?

Im Internet einzukaufen ist bequem — und zunehmend beliebt. Doch beim Bezahlen der Ware gibt der Kunde viele personenbezogene Daten preis, wie bspw. seine Kreditkartendaten weiter, häufig ohne zu wissen, was der Internet-Händler oder einer seiner Die…

Stephanie Iraschko-Luscher, Pia Kiekenbeck

01-11-2012 | Issue 6/2012

Targeted data generation for application testing on databases

Applications that process large datasets are a widely used type of software. Particularly, these applications address data integration problems in the field of enterprise application integration. These problems are solved using special tool …

E. A. Kostychev, V. A. Omel’chenko, S. V. Zelenov

01-10-2012 | Invited Paper | Issue 4/2012

Logic Programming and Burden of Proof in Legal Reasoning

In legal reasoning, there are a lot of interesting problems related with techniques of informatics. We propose a research field called juris-informatics to hope that we could make a great success like bio-informatics to introduce various …

Ken Satoh

01-09-2012 | Original Paper | Issue 3/2012

Interpretive structural modeling for E-electricity utility service

Service quality has been recognized as one of the major factors for an organization's sustainability. It is one of the driving forces for an organization’s achievement. Service quality may be represented by the comparison between customers’ …

Suchismita Satapathy, Saroj K. Patel, Amitabha Biswas, Pravudatta Mishra

01-07-2012 | Thema | Issue 4/2012

Elektronisch Einkaufen

Ein Überblick
Dr. Ernst Stahl, Dr. Georg Wittmann

01-06-2012 | Long paper | Issue 2/2012

The accessibility of Saudi Arabia government Web sites: an exploratory study

This study is intended to provide an exploratory evaluation of Saudi Arabia government Web sites based on the Web Accessibility Guidelines 2.0 provided by the W3C. The results indicate that the Saudi government Web sites have made many of the …

Hend S. Al-Khalifa

01-06-2012 | Strategie & Innovation | Issue 6/2012

Gewinn ohne Risiko

Um sich beispielsweise von vornherein in Bezug auf bonitätsschwache Kunden oder Online-Betrüger abzusichern, ist es ratsam, grundsätzlich die vollständigen Kundendaten zu erheben und diese anschließend zu verifizieren. Bestandskunden la

Johannes F. Sutter

01-03-2012 | Issue 1/2012

A Low Computational-Cost Electronic Payment Scheme for Mobile Commerce with Large-Scale Mobile Users

The electronic transactions on wireless mobile networks, which are also called mobile commerce, become more and more popular in recent years. In mobile commerce, the electronic payment is the most important component and thus many electronic …

Jen-Ho Yang, Chin-Chen Chang

01-02-2012 | Issue 1/2012

Bitcoin — das Open-Source-Geld

Im Mittelpunkt des Beitrags steht das Open-Source-Währungsprojekt Bitcoin. Beleuchtet werden die zugrunde liegenden konzeptuellen Elemente, die technische Umsetzung dieser neuen Form von elektronischem Geld sowie die Bitcoin-Community. Zudem erfolgt …

Prof. Dr. Clemens H. Cap

01-01-2012 | Issue 1/2012

Automatisierungs- und Regelungstechnik

01-11-2011 | Issue 4/2011

E-commerce: protecting purchaser privacy to enforce trust

It has been well documented that lack of trust between commercial entities and purchasers can restrict the potential of e-commerce. This may be because the purchaser is required to provide personal information to the commercial entity, which may …

Giannakis Antoniou, Lynn Batten

01-10-2011 | Issue 5/2011

A multiparty quantum proxy group signature scheme for the entangled-state message with quantum Fourier transform

A novel multiparty quantum proxy group signature scheme is proposed based on the discrete quantum Fourier transform in order to improve the efficiency and the security of quantum signature for an n-dimensional quantum message, in which the …

Jinjing Shi, Ronghua Shi, Ying Tang, Moon Ho Lee

01-07-2011 | E-Government + Multimedia | Issue 7-8/2011

Stadt Ingolstadt: Vorreiterrolle beim nPA — Pilotprojekt Bürgerservice-Portal

Der nPA, der im November 2010 eingeführt wurde, ersetzt künftig die Unterschrift auf dem Formular. Mit ihm kann sich der Nutzer einfach, eindeutig und sicher gegenüber den Behörden ausweisen. Auf diese wesentliche Neuerung setzt das Bür

Springer Fachmedien Wiesbaden

01-04-2011 | Zahlungsverkehr + Kartengeschäft | Issue 4/2011

Wer macht das Rennen?

Kontaktloses bezahlen

Near Field Communication (NFC) ist ein Übertragungsstandard, um Daten über sehr kurze Strecken, meist unter zehn Zentimetern, kontaktlos auszutauschen, und basiert auf dem Funkübertragungsstandard RF. Entwickelt wurde die Technik 2002 v

Anita Mosch

01-04-2011 | Issue 4/2011

Mattel, Inc.: Global Manufacturing Principles (GMP) – A Life-Cycle Analysis of a Company-Based Code of Conduct in the Toy Industry

Over the last 20+ years, multinational corporations (MNCs) have been confronted with accusations of abuse of market power and unfair and unethical business conduct especially as it relates to their overseas operations and supply chain management. The…

S. Prakash Sethi, Emre A. Veral, H. Jack Shapiro, Olga Emelianova

01-08-2010 | Issue 7-8/2010

OVE Nachrichten

01-03-2010 | Issue 1/2010

Virtual Governance Networking Policies: A Comparative Analysis

Networks have become an increasingly important mode of public governance. ICT mechanisms, especially virtual systems will potentially establish this idea. This paper is based on a comparative analysis of three cases which are chosen to be particularl…

Fatemeh Didehvar, Hassan Danaeefard

01-03-2010 | Issue 1/2010

Improving e-payment security using Elliptic Curve Cryptosystem

The use of e-commerce has been associated with a lot of skepticism and apprehension due to some crimes associated with e-commerce and specifically to payment systems. The secure socket layer (SSL) protocol is trusted in this regard to secure …

O. R. Vincent, O. Folorunso, A. D. Akinde

01-01-2010 | IT + Organisation | Issue 1/2010

Weniger Risiken und bessere Geschäfte


Noch erwirtschaftenen viele Banken ihre Gewinne hauptsächlich über die Kapitalmärkte. Risikomanagement ist hier ein wichtiger Sicherheitsfaktor, da die Luft bei stark überbewerteten Aktienkursen dünn wird. IT-Systeme leisten nicht immer professionell…

Hadi Stiel

01-06-2009 | Regular Contribution | Issue 3/2009

Generalized XML security views

We investigate a generalization of the notion of XML security view introduced by Stoica and Farkas (Proceedings of the 16th International Conference on Data and Applications Security (IFIP’02). IFIP Conference Proceedings, vol. 256, pp. 133–146.

Gabriel Kuper, Fabio Massacci, Nataliya Rassadko

01-05-2009 | Issue 5/2009

OVE Nachrichten

01-01-2009 | E — Government + Multimedia | Issue 1-2/2009

Landesamt für Gesundheit und Soziales Berlin: E-Government-Projekte zur Verbesserung des Service

01-12-2008 | E — Government + Multimedia | Issue 12/2008

Freistaat Thüringen: Zu jeder Zeit Zugriff auf aktuelle Geodaten

01-11-2008 | Rubriken | Issue 11/2008

DuD Report

01-03-2008 | Issue 2/2008

A new efficient ID-based proxy blind signature scheme

In a proxy blind signature scheme, the proxy signer is allowed to generate a blind signature on behalf of the original signer. The proxy blind signature scheme is useful in several applications such as e-voting, e-payment, etc. Recently, Zheng, et al…

Ming Yang, Yumin Wang

01-02-2008 | Issue 1/2008

Analyse der IT-Unterstützung des Supplier Relationship Management

Die Umsetzung aktueller Managementkonzepte wie Customer und Supplier Relationship Management (CRM, SRM) erfordert eine systematische Analyse, inwieweit die jeweiligen Konzepte durch die bestehenden Anwendungssysteme eines Unternehmens unterstützt wer…

Prof. Dr. Jörg Becker, Christian Heitmann, Dr. Ralf Knackstedt

01-02-2008 | Issue 1/2008

The quantity-Quality trade-Off of children In a developing country: Identification using chinese twins

Testing the trade-off between child quantity and quality within a family is complicated by the endogeneity of family size. Using data from the Chinese Population Census, we examine the effect of family size on child educational attainment in China. W…

Hongbin Li, Junsen Zhang, Yi Zhu

01-01-2008 | E-Government+Multimedia | Issue 1-2/2008

Zentraler Online-Zugang zu allen Landeseinrichtungen

Seit Anfang Dezember ist das Projekt „Hessenportal“ erfolgreich abgeschlossen. Damit haben es Bürger, Wirtschaft und die Verwaltung des Bundeslandes ab sofort wesentlich leichter. Denn intern und extern steht nur ein Portalsystem zur Verfügung, mit d…

Stefanie Schmidt

01-12-2007 | Issue 6/2007

The nature and determinants of exclusivity rights in international technology licensing

Existing research on international licensing focuses on firm decisions related to the choice of licensing versus alternative modes of entry into foreign markets, the timing of licensing within the technology life cycle, and appropriate compensation s…

Marshall S. Jiang, Preet S. Aulakh, Yigang Pan

01-11-2007 | E-Government+Multimedia | Issue 11/2007

Zurück in die Zukunft


Schon seit mehr als 30 Jahren befasst sich die Verwaltungsinformatik mit Problemen, die wir auch heute noch wälzen. Wann kommen die Lösungen? Ein Blick zurück.

Dr. Hanno Thewes

01-10-2007 | ORIGINAL ARTICLE | Issue 7-8/2007

Security systems of point-of-sales devices

Security is a systematic issue which covers product design, implementation, logistic, manufacture and management. With the exponential growth of electronic business in recent years, the security of e-payment which is an important part of e-supply cha…

Chunlei Yang, Guiyun Tian, Steve Ward

01-01-2007 | IT/TK + Banktechnologie | Issue 1/2007

Hausbanken als Sparringspartner

E-Payment ist im Web-Vertrieb auf dem Vormarsch. Geschäftskunden suchen dabei die Beratung der Banken. Doch die sind dafür nicht immer gut gerüstet, wie ein Report zeigt. …

Eva-Susanne Krah

01-06-2006 | Issue 1/2006

Next Generation of Wired and Wireless Networks: The NavCom Integration

Future architectures in the 4G vision will be based on the key-concepts of wireless and wired technology convergence as well as integration of systems, networks and services. Special attention is paid to the integration scenarios between …

Marina Ruggieri

01-12-2005 | Issue 4-5/2005

e-coupons: An Efficient, Secure and Delegable Micro-Payment System

In this paper, we propose a new efficient and secure micro-payment scheme, named e-coupons, which can provide the users the facility of delegating their spending capability to other users or their own devices like Laptop, PDA, Mobile Phone, and …

Vishwas Patil, R. K. Shyamasundar

01-12-2005 | Regular Paper | Issue 6/2005

Steganographie und Wasserzeichen – Aktueller Stand und neue Herausforderungen

Digitale Mediendaten (z. B. Bild-, Ton-, Videodaten oder aber auch symbolische Repräsentationen) haben in den letzten Jahren stark an Bedeutung gewonnen. Sie öffnen neue Märkte und Anwendungsfelder, erfordern aber gleichzeitig auch neue Sicherheitsme…

Jana Dittmann, Elke Franz, Antje Schneidewind

01-07-2005 | IT/TK + Banktechnologie | Issue 7/2005

Mehr Effizienz durch SB-Banking

Die Zukunft der Filale von Banken und Sparkassen — dieses Thema war in Berlin bei dem International Management Seminar von Wincor-Nixdorf Leitmotiv.

Bernhard Rudolf

01-04-2005 | WI — Für Sie gesurft | Issue 2/2005

Digital Rights Management

This article presents a selection of Internet links which provide a sound introduction to Digital Rights Management Systems (DRMS). First, links to scientific papers, information portals, organizations companies and consortia are presented to give a …

Lic. rer. pol. Raphael Engelberger, Lic. rer. pol. / MIM Marc Fetscherin, Dr. Dirk Günnewig

01-01-2005 | Issue 1-2/2005

A Conceptual View of Web-Based E-Learning Systems

Starting from a general framework for web-based e-learning systems that is based on an abstraction layer model, this paper presents a conceptual modelling approach, which captures the modelling of learners, the modelling of courses, the personalisati…

Klaus-Dieter Schewe, Bernhard Thalheim, Aleksander Binemann-Zdanowicz, Roland Kaschek, Thomas Kuss, Bernd Tschiedel

01-10-2004 | Banking | Issue 10/2004

Der Mensch als primärer Faktor

Ein sachlich stimmiges Konzept ist Grundvoraussetzung für den erfolgreichen Verkauf von Produkten der betrieblichen Altersversorgung. Doch das allein genügt nicht. …

Martin Vogdt

01-09-2004 | Issue 2/2004

A Survey of Mobile Transactions

Transaction support is crucial in mobile data management. Specific characteristics of mobile environments (e.g. variable bandwidth, disconnections, limited resources on mobile hosts) make traditional transaction management techniques no longer …

Patricia Serrano-Alvarado, Claudia Roncancio, Michel Adiba

01-03-2004 | Beiträge | Issue 1/2004

Das Mobiltelefon als Geldbörse der Zukunft — Chancen und Potentiale des Mobile Payment (M-Payment)

Mobile Payment eröffnet durch seine vielseitige Einsetzbarkeit neue Chancen bei der Gestaltung von Absatzkanälen. Dabei müssen die angebotenen Lösungen jedoch bestimmten Anforderungen gerecht werden. Der vorliegende Beitrag geht auf diese Anforderung…

Harald Elmar Hohenberg, Stefan Rufera

01-02-2004 | WI - Schlagwort | Issue 1/2004

SRM — Supplier-Relationship-Management

Dipl.-Kfm. Jörn Große-Wilde

01-01-2004 | Marketing | Issue 1-2/2004

Das Internet als Dreh- und Angelpunkt


Das Internet ist 24 Stunden am Tag und sieben Tage in der Woche »geöffnet«. Damit wird es zum idealen Kontaktkanal für Ihre Kunden und auch Ihre Mitarbeiter. …

Thomas Baaken, Frank Lasogga

01-04-2003 | Banking | Issue 4/2003

Bankgeschäfte immer und überall

In den kommenden Jahren werden mobile Bezahlsysteme weiter an Bedeutung gewinnen. Ihren Durchbruch verhindern jedoch bislang verschiedene Gründe.

Edgar Lange

01-01-2003 | Issue 1-2/2003

Lorsque la sécurisation des paiements par carte bancaire sur Internet conduit à une concurrence entre les banques et les opérateurs de réseau

Dans cet article, nous nous interrogeons sur l’issue de la concurrence entre deux protocoles de sécurisation des paiements par carte bancaire conçus, d’une part, par les banques et, d’autre part, par les opérateurs de réseau. Nous montrons que le …

David Bounie

01-01-2003 | Issue 1-2/2003

Lorsque la sécurisation des paiements par carte bancaire sur Internet conduit à une concurrence entre les banques et les opérateurs de réseau

Dans cet article, nous nous interrogeons sur l’issue de la concurrence entre deux protocoles de sécurisation des paiements par carte bancaire conçus, d’une part, par les banques et, d’autre part, par les opérateurs de réseau. Nous montrons que le …

David Bounie

01-11-2002 | Regular contribution | Issue 3/2002

Compliant cryptologic protocols

Literally, the word compliance suggests conformity in fulfilling official requirements. This paper presents the results of the analysis and design of a class of protocols called compliant cryptologic protocols (CCPs). The paper presents a notion …

Ed Dawson, Kapali Viswanathan, Colin Boyd

01-08-2002 | Issue 1-2/2002

Electronic Finance: Reshaping the Financial Landscape Around the World

In recent years, the emergence of electronic finance—especially online banking and brokerage services, and new trading systems—has reshaped the financial landscape around the world. This paper reviews these developments and finds that they are …

Stijn Claessens, Thomas Glaessner, Daniela Klingebiel

01-05-2002 | Issue 4/2002

An anonymity-revoking e-payment system with a smart card

An untraceable offline e-payment system can offer a degree of customer anonymity; however, it also presents criminals with opportunities, such as laundering money, corruption, and kidnapping. In this paper, we improve on the e-payment system with …

Yang Bo, Liu Dongsu, Wang Yumin

01-02-2002 | Branche + Unternehmen | Issue 2/2002

Zukunft des E-Payment in Deutschland

Niels Diezmann

01-12-2000 | WI - Für Sie gesurft | Issue 6/2000

Das Tor zur IT-Sicherheit im Web:

Uwe Jendricke

01-07-2000 | Issue 1/2000

Digital payment systems for Internet commerce: The state of the art

This paper presents a comprehensive survey of digital payment systems for Internet-based electronic commerce. A new taxonomy and classification covering most, if not all, Internet payment methods, schemes and protocols is introduced. A set of …

Octavian Ureche, Réjean Plamondon

01-05-2000 | Issue 3/2000

A secure, real-time stock market protocol

Stock markets constitute the largest electronic commerce market in the world. The tremendous growth in trading volume and the need for fast and accurate transaction execution has made the stock market one of the most technology friendly markets.

Srividhya Subramanian, Mukesh Singhal

01-04-2000 | Issue 4/2000

Product Marketing and Channel Management in Electronic Commerce

Marketing managers developing strategies to market products on the Internet are faced with important issues. We suggest that the use of Web advertising, virtual store-fronts and virtual communities provides innovative opportunities for marketers …

Chandrasekar Subramaniam, Michael J. Shaw, David M. Gardner

01-05-1999 | Issue 3/1999

Electronic Commerce and the Future for SMEs in a Global Market-Place: Networking and Public Policies

This paper explores three inter-related issues: globalisation; the role of small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs); and electronic commerce (e-commerce). A central question is whether e-commerce offers advantages to SMEs that may facilitate …

Patrizia Fariselli, Christine Oughton, Christian Picory, Roger Sugden
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