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2022 | Book

Ecommerce Reimagined

Retail and Ecommerce in China

Author: Sharon Gai

Publisher: Springer Singapore


About this book

This book offers a practical guide to Chinese ecommerce markets for businesspeople and scholars. China represents a $5.6 trillion retail market, with the highest ecommerce penetration rate in the world. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, brands are investing more in growing online sales. Written from the heart of the world’s largest e-commerce platform, Ecommerce Reimagined: Retail and Ecommerce in China is a book that aims to satisfy the growing need of entrepreneurs and businesses hoping to tap into China’s market and provide context to students and academics who post an interest in learning about how ecommerce has shaped the Chinese retail space.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1. Setting the Scene
This chapter first begins the book as an overall primer for the reader to teach them about the digital ecosystem in China. Since there is no Google, Facebook, or Netflix, I will highlight, instead, the important equivalents. It will describe the creation of Alibaba, its evolution from the B2B, C2C and B2C businesses, diving deeper into the platform and the making of a Tmall store. It will also set the scene in terms of teaching the reader the other important internet players in China including apps owned by Tencent and Bytedance. Finally, it touches on the law that was recently passed in 2021 to break down the walled garden between apps, paving way to the interoperability of the internet ecosystem in China.
Sharon Gai
Chapter 2. Frameworks and Concepts
This chapter seeks to teach readers the frameworks that operates in Chinese ecommerce. It describes the basics of China ecommerce through several theoretical concepts including the Golden Triangle, the eight consumer profiles, merchandising, and marketing in and out of the app. It further explores equations used in ecommerce and the differences between the old and new equation.
Sharon Gai
Chapter 3. Emerging Trends
This chapter will first begin to teach readers about the biggest trend that developed in China in the recent years, livestreaming. I will later touch on the emerging trends in China such as new retail, sheconomy and blind boxes. Perhaps what is most unique to China’s retail scene is the number of new innovations emerging in this space. The pace with which brands and competitors develop needs to be at the forefront of rising consumer demands. As each trend is mentioned, I will be providing more context on the cultural context of China to elucidate the sociological reasons why a trend as this has developed.
Sharon Gai
Chapter 4. Application
This chapter will show you how to formulate a viable ecommerce strategy in China, how to best work with the platform, how to choose a TP, highlight the implications of ecommerce on society and the environment, and things to know beyond China. The Tmall model is also applied to other platforms. As Alibaba expands to other countries, and new marketplaces sprout up, the Tmall model will be replicated to other markets.
Sharon Gai
Ecommerce Reimagined
Sharon Gai
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Springer Singapore
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